All of the Strategies and Tactics 1000s of Students Have Used to Have Korean Conversations in 3 Months, Distilled into Easy-to-Follow Lessons, Cheat Sheets and Challenges


How to Have a Korean Conversation

in the Next 90 Days

Want to know how?

A lot of the best Korean speakers are bright people who put in hundreds of hours of practice.

We've talked to many of them in person and we'll tell you our biggest "secret."

Don't make learning Korean just a hobby you spend 20 minutes a week on. Get serious about it!

"WHAT?! No Magic Study or Memorization Tricks?"

Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly work that way.

Sure, there are techniques to focus and help things stick in our brain better. But it still takes work!

You've heard stories about how Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to mastery of their sport. They train for hours upon hours every day until they are the absolute best in the world at what they do.

A lot of these top Korean speakers took a similar approach, and have spend thousands upon thousands of hours mastering their Korean abilities.

Want to be as good as them?

Well, until recently, you had two options:

  1. Drop everything in your life and study Korean for 10-12 hours a day for a year or two in a full immersion environment where you can practice with native speakers on a daily basis
  2. Pay thousands of dollars of tuition at a university or private academy

But if you're a beginner, neither of these options are ideal.

Most of us have jobs and other obligations, and can't give up our lives. Secondly, most of us can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on language learning.

The solution?

The Only Korean Language Program Designed Exclusively for Beginners who are Tired of Wasting Time with Free, Jumbled, Watered-Down Content

From our experience, there are two types of Korean learners:

  • Hobbyists: Those who are happy to pick up a word or phrase here and there. They like the language, and don't care if nothing comes of it. If they learn it, great, but if they don't end up able to hold conversations, that's fine too.
  • Serious Learners: Korean learners who have a defined goal or end-point in mind. In other words, they're not learning entirely just for fun. They expect results.

The problem is, most of the Korean learning content out there is for the Hobbyists. It's scattered, it is not presented in a logical order, and it can be overwhelming if there is no outline of how to go through it all, or guidelines for what Koreans actually use.

There’s something to be said for following a step-by-step approach, in that it really does give you a solid place to start, and then helps you gather momentum in your language learning. It gives you a plan of action.

But the problem with most courses is that there is no sense of timing involved - you just start learning and then keep going at a random pace. Do you go on to Chapter 2 tomorrow, next week or next month? Usually we just get to it “whenever I have the time”, and the project gets ignored.

But no one is offering anything like that. Until now:

What You Get: A Step-by-Step Plan to Learn Korean (Everything You Need)

This is a full, step-by-step approach to learning Korean and we're teaching everything we know about learning the language efficiently.

Most programs only teach grammar and vocabulary, and we cover that in our program too, but we also dive deep into getting a Korean name, memorization techniques & mnemonic devices, study techniques, and psychology.

In fact, most students are blown away by how much we give them. Weekly lesson sets, each with:

  • A Quicklaunch Guide which breaks down exactly how to tackle the week, breaking it down so you understand exactly what to do
  • Pictures, checklists, mini quizzes and process maps - everything you need to take action and get results fast.
  • Clear, to-the-point lessons which give you real life examples. In other words, no more wondering what to do. Instead of stumbling around by yourself, you'll be able to get hand-holding, learn from us and do it yourself.
  • Fun Challenges that give you missions for real-life application. Follow them and check them off as you go through them to get weekly practice without it seeming like hard work!

The course costs $47 a month but this week, we are giving you Inner Circle access at a 43% discount and coaching, too. We'll talk about that next.

  • 11+ Fun, Unique Lesson Types that Are Fun, Easy to Learn and Hard to Forget!

  • Get a Bundle of Lessons Delivered Straight to Your Inbox, Each and Every Week!

  • Get Accountability and Unlimited Email Support from a Native Korean Coach!

  • Fun "AudioBytes" Vocabulary MP3s To Perfect Your Pronunciation

What to Expect

Each lesson includes pages of step-by-step written instruction in a fun and interactive voice (just like a teacher). Vocabulary lessons come with audio so you can listen along. Here's a quick rundown of what lesson types are included:

  1. FundaMentals: Critical parts of the Korean language + drills and exercises for practice
  2. Plug 'N Play Pieces: Practical Korean you can read over and go out and use immediately
  3. 80/20 Vocabulary: Pareto’s 80/20 Principle in action -- the most commonly used words in Korean
  4. Flash Vocabulary: Familiar-sounding Konglish words with a focus on correct Korean pronunciation
  5. XPress Phrases: Korean Phrases you can use immediately + full breakdowns
  6. ThematicLingo: Fun, themed vocabulary that’s easy to learn together
  7. ReadnRight: Sentences, dialogues and phrases from different scenarios
  8. Pen-to-Paper:Learn to write Hangeul with proper technique then go on to text and type!
  9. Synthesis: Put your knowledge to the test in our weekly roundups designed to test your abilities
  10. AudioBytes: Fun mp3 files that have you speaking along for faster encoding of vocabulary and phrases!
  11. Lost Challenges: Fun, themed challenges that get you focusing on application of what you’re learning

The regular price of these materials is $47 a month, but again, it's all yours for just $27.


A lot of our team members were beginners once too, and know what it's like not to be able to afford all of the courses and books you need to learn everything. We're giving you a step-by-step library of Korean wisdom all in one place, and it'll be here waiting for you when you need it.

And what if you have a question not answered in the lessons?

We've got you covered there, too.

What You Get: Insider Access to a Personal Coach and Unlimited Support

Ever wish you had a Korean friend you could just contact whenever you needed?

Well, now you can.

As part of your membership, you get access to a personal Korean coach who knows Korean grammar inside out.

Ask them anything you need.

If you want feedback on your sentences you've written, they'll correct them for you. If you want an opinion on your accent, they'll tell you what they think. If you run into confusion in the lessons, they'll be right there to answer it for you.

A lot of our team members were beginners once too, and know what it's like not to be able to afford all of the courses and books you need to learn everything. We're giving you a step-by-step library of Korean wisdom all in one place, and it'll be here waiting for you when you need it.

And what if you have a question not answered in the lessons?

We've got you covered there, too.

The best part is, this is a free benefit we offer to our members. Instead of paying us hundreds or thousands of dollars for one-to-one coaching or private lessons, you can email us up, get your questions answered and corrections given, and you pay absolutely nothing extra.

In general, we do everything we can to help you. We want you to feel like you have the support you need every step of the way.

How is This Different from Other Membership Programs Teaching Korean?

The biggest difference:

Everything we give you in the Inner Circle is focused and hand-picked, then presented in the right order.

No digging through thousands of files or pages or lessons at all different levels and trying to decide on the next logical step. No sitting in front of your computer for hours listening to presenters go on tangents, or watching videos for hours on end.

Instead, we give you a clear weekly roadmap, all of which can be accomplished in 5 hours, teaching you all the important things you need to do and nothing else.

Another difference:

We have different strengths. None of our competitors teach using psychology and stories, nor are they as good at breaking things down clearly.

They may be better at other things: fancy gizmos for voice recording and self-analysis, for example. We don't have that. We are happy to listen to your voice personally and give you feedback, however.

We don't do a lot of super formal Korean, either. If you want to learn that (and you know you have a need for it), you're better off looking elsewhere. Most Koreans don't talk like that, however.

We only release trainings and lessons on the key parts of the language. We don't want to overwhelm you, and we don't want you wasting time studying grammar points that are rarely used or outdated.

Here's the Real Proof

Here are just a few words from some of our students:

Life in Korea is totally different for me now. I used to be of those guys fumbling around with a mix of English and Korean whenever I'd try to communicate. Now I can talk in Korean with confidence when I order food, ask questions at a store, or talk with Koreans. I'm not a natural language learner, but it was quite easy using 90 Day Korean's teaching methods. It's been a lot of fun, and I've recommended their program to all my friends. It's easy and it works.

Evan Bleker
Net Net Hunter

I am really liking the lessons. So far I am learning all the material presented in the week that it is presented. I enjoy studying the lessons every chance I get. I have printed off the study pages and study them throughout the week, writing and speaking the words. Now when I hear English words that I know in Korean, I always think about the Korean translation!

Deb Jordan Inner Circle Member

First of all I would like to thank you. I really like how 90 Day Korean teaches Hangeul. Your weekly lessons are very helpful to me. You have a technique how we can catch up on the lessons weekly even if I don't have a teacher beside me. I don't what else to say because I'm very satisfied with your lessons. Thank you, 90 Day Korean.

Almirah Estola, Inner Circle Member

The program is a nice way to start building a foundation with Korean and I appreciate the emails. They help me stay on track! The flexibility/"choose your own adventure" aspect of the program is also ideal for my busy work schedule. Thank you all at 90 Day Korean!

Taylor Smith, Inner Circle Member

I am enjoying this so much as I think that the format that you have in place is the best I have seen yet in understanding Korean

Scott Blackwells Inner Circle Member

I really loved your take on conjugation. I was able to retain the rules better this time than my first round of self-study last year. Thank you so much for presenting the lessons in the simplest form possible. Even the Native Korean number system which I hated so much seemed easier this time around with 90 Day Korean's help.
You guys are friggin' awesome. More power. Thank you so so much!♥

Pam Del Prado Inner Circle Member
Maricon Bonita, Inner Circle Member

Hi! Thank you for having this fun way of learning Korean language! I actually planned to learn the language long ago but seeing your challenge and process, it made me study almost everyday!

Janine Bernabe, Inner Circle Member

OH my! Hi Teacher YooJin! 🙂 Thank you for your help, I'm learning a lot from your 90 Day Korean, I can already read some words as if I'm a five year old child!

Everything You Need for the
Price of a Cheap Dinner

Imagine for a moment that you wanted to get together with a Korean friend to practice Korean.

“Can you teach me Korean?” you ask.

“Sure,” they say. “If you’ll buy the coffee, I’ll practice with you."

Would you take them up on it?

Now imagine this same friend would meet you whenever you wanted, prepared lessons in advance, and would answer all of your questions for you and all you needed to do was buy them coffee once a week?

Well, that’s essentially the deal we're offering with the Inner Circle. Your membership fee to access the course and a personal Korean coach is just $27 per month – about the same price as buying coffee for two a few times.

Why so cheap?

In the past, we've charged premium prices for in-person lessons and private tutoring, and we were booked right up. So we created a better way to give tutoring and lessons to more students. And we still cap our registration to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

So it isn't about math. It’s about something else entirely:

Learning. Real results.

Right now, there isn’t a place for serious students to learn. Sure, the web is overflowing with Korean grammar points and words, but nearly all of it is targeted at hobbyists who could care less about really learning Korean to the point where they can actually speak the language fluently.

But students of the Inner Circle are different.

They view Korean learning as a launchpad for moving to Korea, to communicating with the in-laws, to getting a new job, advancing their career, finding someone they care about, understanding their favorite shows or music, or opening the gateway to a new culture.

If you feel you would benefit from our materials, we invite you to join us.



Warning: The Most Expensive Advice

is the Advice You Don't Take

You might be thinking, "Well, I'm just getting started. Maybe I'll tinker around by myself for a while and then I'll come back to this later."

But that's a mistake. Here's why:

Learning will take you ten times as long. You'll run into a simple problem, and you'll spend days or weeks trying to figure it out. You might also focus on the wrong things, and have to backtrack or spend weeks trying to even start over.

The Inner Circle can save you from some of that. Not all of it, learning anything is a struggle, but what if we saved you just a few days of frustration and searching every month? Is that worth $27?

Plus, we're not only offering a spot in the program, we're also giving you $20 a month off the regular price if you decide to stay in ($27/month vs. $47/month).

If you wait, you'll also have to pay full price for your first month, and pay the regular monthly price of $47.

And when you think of it:

If you're not willing to commit $27 a month to hitting your goals, is learning Korean really a serious goal for you?

University programs might cost $6000 dollars a semester, and academies you might spend $1000 a month. Private tutors can cost $40-80 dollars per hour.

This program, on the other hand, is just $27 a month. Granted, we don't have the fancy classrooms or those hats with the little tassels, but stick with it and do the exercises we give you, and you'll learn just as much.

So, are you in this to win it or not?

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