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Just applying strategies from the first section of this guide helped me remember Korean words in just 5 minutes that I had been struggling with. My advice is grab this right now!

Shawn Cowan Shawn Cowan
Student, Taiwan

What's Included

  • Included: The How-To Guide

    The main guide teaches mnemonic devices, the psychology of memorization, and presents 90 Day Korean’s own CLIPS™ Process for memorizing Korean words easily

  • Included: Video Walkthrough

    You’ll also get a video walkthrough which teaches you to use the CLIPS™ Process and our own stories to create your own D-I-Y visual associations and add them to the flashcard deck

  • Included: Pictures, Links & Associations

    You get hand-drawn visual associations for common Korean nouns plus links you can use to tie it back to the Korean word so you’ll never forget

  • Included: Stories

    The guide goes into a narrative which tells mnemonic-filled short stories you can use to make associations to the target word for easy memorization

  • Included: Anki™ Flashcards

    You’ll receive a custom Anki™ Flashcard deck with all of the 200+ vocabulary words we teach in this Memorization Pack and instructions on how to add your own pictures

  • Chapter 6: Doodle Pages

    A D-I-Y booklet for drawing your own visual associations according to our own CLIPS™ Process so you can add them into your flashcard deck

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