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Online Korean course

The 6 Best Online Courses for Learning Korean

If you’re in the process of learning the Korean language, you’ve probably already considered all of the obvious ways that knowing Korean will enrich your life, like the fact that you’ll be able to watch Korean dramas without subtitles, or listen to your favorite k-pop songs and know the meaning! Plus if you choose to…

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korean emoticons

Korean Emoticons: The Ultimate Guide

Intro to Korean Emoticons Okay, show of hands. Who has ever seen a symbol or emoticon in a Korean text message that they couldn’t understand the meaning of? When you first saw the two upward lines (^^) in a conversation, did you think the person was referencing a previous part of the conversation? Were you totally confused? No, you’re…

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how to write korean new year's resolutions

How to Write Korean New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, or 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (that’s how we say Happy New Year in Korean)! Sure, the end of the year is a great for partying, drinking and having fun with out families and friends. But each new year brings its own challenges and personal goals, and it’s that time of year to ready…

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