How to Write Korean New Year’s Resolutions

With the start of the new year, New Year’s Resolutions come right after!

Sure, the end of the year is great for partying, drinking, and having fun with families and friends. But each new year brings its own challenges and personal goals, and it’s that time of year to ready ourselves for self-improvement!

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That’s right, now that the holiday season is behind us, it’s time to pledge how we plan to better ourselves and set our New Year’s resolutions – in Korean! So get ready to sit back, evaluate what you have done during the past year and what you plan to change in the year to come.

This post teaches you how to write the most common New Year’s resolutions in Korean. If, after writing these, you’re super pumped to start learning the language, we have great advice for that here.

새해 복 많이 받으세요 (saehae bok mani badeuseyo)! That’s how we say Happy New Year in Korean!

What is “New Year’s Resolution” in Korean?

Here’s the Korean way to say “New Year’s Resolution:”

(saehae gyeolsim)

새해 (saehae) means “new year”. 결심 means “resolution” or “determination.”

You can also say “New Year’s Resolution” as:

(saehae mokpyo)

Now, let’s head on to the common New Year’s Resolutions listed by many.

Korean New Year’s Resolution #1

Thinking of heading to Korea? Maybe you already live there and want to improve your quality of life. Or, possibly you want to understand your favorite Korean drama series without the subtitles!

Whatever the reason, use this one to help motivate you towards your Korean language learning goals. The keywords to remember here are 한국어 (hangugeo | Korean language) and the verb 배우다 (baeuda | to learn).

(jeoneun hangugeoreul baeul geoyeyo)

I will learn Korean

Korean New Years Resolutions - Learn Korean

Korean New Year’s Resolution #2

Slim down your waistline or fit into your favorite swimsuit for summer with the help of this Korean resolution! The word 살 (sal) means “fat,” and 빼다 (ppaeda) means “to lose”.

(jeoneun sareul ppael geoyeyo)

I will lose weight

Korean New Years Resolutions - Lose Weight

Korean New Year’s Resolution #3

Your piggy bank will thank you for this resolution! Stash those coins, and decide how you will use your new fortune.

(jeoneun doneul jeogeum hal geoyeyo)

I will save money

Korean New Years Resolutions - Save Money

Korean New Year’s Resolution #4

There are a number of ways to get this Korean New Year’s resolution rolling. You can eat slower, eat vegetables with every meal, only eat between certain hours—lots of ways to change for the better!

(jeoneun sikseupgwaneul bakkul geoyeyo)

I will change my eating habits

Korean New Years Resolutions - Eating Habits

Korean New Year’s Resolution #5

Boost your energy, your confidence, AND your metabolism at the same time. Put this resolution somewhere you can see it every day to keep that motivation going strong.

(jeoneun gyuchikjeogeuro undong hal geoyeyo)

I will exercise regularly

Korean New Years Resolutions - Exercise Regularly

Korean New Year’s Resolution #6

We’ve got so much to be thankful for in our lives, so it feels so good to give back. How can you volunteer in the new year?

(jeoneun jawon bongsareul hal geoyeyo)

I will volunteer

Korean New Years Resolutions -Volunteer

Korean New Year’s Resolution #7

Become a more well-rounded person, or take up something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. Write down in detail what you want to do–the more you explain, the better.

(jeoneun saeroun chwimireul gajil geoyeyo)

I will take up a new hobby

Korean New Years Resolutions - New Hobby

Korean New Year’s Resolution #8

Save yourself some money, and kick that habit once and for all. Your body (and loved ones) will thank you!

(jeoneun dambaereul kkeuneul geoyeyo)

I will quit smoking

Korean New Years Resolutions - Quit Smoking

Korean New Year’s Resolution #9

There’s a quote by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones that says, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” How will you change your reading habits?

(jeoneun chaegeul jaju ilgeul geoyeyo)

I will read more often

Korean New Years Resolutions - Read More Often

Korean New Year’s Resolution #10

There are lots of Korean Love Holidays–who will you spend them with next year?

(jeoneun namja chingureul sagwil geoyeyo)

I will get a boyfriend

Korean New Years Resolutions - Boyfriend

Korean New Year’s Resolution #11

Mom will love this one! Make this a resolution, and make some great memories with that special someone. Also, here’s an article on how to say “girlfriend” in Korean.

(jeoneun yeoja chingureul sagwil geoyeyo)

I will get a girlfriend

Korean New Years Resolutions - Girlfriend

Korean New Year’s Resolution #12

Make sure your 여권 (yeogwon | passport) is up to date with plenty of pages because you’re going to need it with this Korean resolution!

(jeoneun saeroun goseul yeohaeng hal geoyeyo)

I will travel to new places

Korean New Years Resolutions - Travel

Korean New Year’s Resolution #13

Feeling unappreciated? Or maybe you want to finally pursue that dream job. Jot this resolution down if you’re ready to make the move!

(jeoneun saeroun jigeobeul gajil geoyeyo)

I will get a new job

Korean New Years Resolutions - New Job

Korean New Year’s Resolution #14

It’s tough to put down the remote control when your favorite drama or sitcom is on, but there’s so much else to do in the world. Use this resolution to motivate you to free up some time and start working towards those lifelong goals!

(jeoneun tellebijeon boneun geoseul juril geoyeyo)

I will watch less TV

Korean New Years Resolutions - TV

Korean New Year’s Resolution #15

Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family are going to be thrilled with this one!

(jeoneun gajokgwa hamkke deo maneun siganeul bonael geoyeyo)

I will spend more time with my family

Korean New Years Resolutions - Family

Korean New Year’s Resolution #16

You’ve made it to #16, so you’ve proven you’re a diligent person. But can you do better? Only you can decide!

(jeoneun deo bujireon hae jilgeoyeyo)

I will be more diligent

Korean New Years Resolutions - Diligent

Korean New Year’s Resolution #17

Good feelings, bad hangovers. Tired of wasted days and pounding headaches because of alcohol? Toss some moderation into the mix, and make this resolution a “must” for the new year!

(jeoneun sureul juril geoyeyo)

I will drink less alcohol

Korean New Years Resolutions - Alcohol

Wrap Up

Well, there you have it! Those were the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and how to write them in Korean.

The new year brings so many possibilities. Some of us might meet that special someone. For others, it may be about a decision to study Korean no matter what it takes to meet our language study goals. Whatever that goal may be, we have made the decision today to change your life and learned some Korean in the process!

Take the one New Year’s resolution that resonates most with you, download the picture, and share it on your social media to help others hold you accountable and give yourself motivation.

Share your chosen resolution on social media, and also let us know which one you chose in the comments below.

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  1. I’m already learning Korean so I don’t really wanna say ‘I will learn Korean’, so how do you say, ‘ I will learn more Korean’ or ‘I will continue learning Korean’ ?

    1. Hi, Olli! You can say ‘한국어 더 열심히 공부할 거예요’ (I will study Korean harder) or ‘한국어 계속 공부할 거예요’ (I will continue learning Korean) ^^

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