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Are You a Beginner Korean Learner Who Wants to Find the Best Way to Take Your Learning to the Next Level?

You've seen your options, but there are more possibilities:

  • Easier Retention

  • Faster Learning

  • A Clear Blueprint to Your Chosen Goals

Let's Break it Down...

Most people fail to learn Korean because the standard materials are not fun, aren't useful in everyday life, lack clear explanations and their methods don't stick...

PLUS most learners don't have clear goals or support!

Progress at Your Own Pace

Receive the materials on a weekly basis but go through them at your own pace. You won't be constricted by others' schedules, since you can set your own!

Save on Time and Transportation

Direct access to the materials from anywhere so you never have to worry about commuting to classes. Learn from home!

Always Stay on Target

Stay motivated and on track by setting clear goals before you get started. Afterwards, you'll get regular check-ins from your assigned personal language learning coach! Ask any questions you need and have unlimited access to support so you're never left in the dark. It's like having your own personal motivator on your team!

Study With Easy-to-Learn, Hard-to-Forget Materials

Our methods use psychological methods of learning and the 80/20 rule so you retain the information and learn only what you need to know! Never waste time studying unnecessary rules or words and get clear explanations for all lessons. It's like having a personal tutor right on your laptop!

...and do it all for a fraction the cost of university courses, private tutors, or even commuting to free classes several times a week!

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90 Day Korean Inner Circle:

This guide is by far the simplest and most practical Korean language reading guide that I've ever seen. Everything is laid out simply and logically with easy to understand explanations. Well done!
Evan Bleker
Evan Bleker Expat Evan, EvanBleker.com

Who is This For?

Take a look through and see if this describes you!

  • You have a goal of learning Korean, but don't wish to take it to an "academic level." You just want to be able to communicate clearly and interact with Koreans in everyday situations! In other words, you're not trying to pass a high level Korean test, but want to learn things that are applicable to everyday life.
  • You're interested in learning as quickly as possible and only what you need to learn. None of the boring stuff! Did you know that most Korean learning programs focus on formal speech and that's not how Koreans normally talk?
  • You want to learn in a fun and memorable way.
  • You are not that concerned with perfection, but just want to communicate how the average Korean does, slang and all.
  • You feel that you would benefit from accountability in your learning from a coach and mentor who checks in with you from time to time.

If you're looking at the requirements and thinking "that's me", then we want to hear from you!

Still Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ below and don't hesitate to email us with ask us
your questions - anything you want!

[email protected]


  • q-iconWhat makes your method more effective?

    Imagine having a personal coach emailing you with reminders to stick with your commitments. Imagine fun daily challenges so that you stay motivated. Never lose interest in your learning again. Our methods use the 80/20 Principle and psychological methods of learning to ensure you retain information and learn it faster!

  • q-iconWhen can I start learning?

    We are going to dive right into the program immediately after registration! You’ll receive an email immediately after sign-up and will receive your first set of lessons soon after! You’ll also get your first audio lesson, challenges and 90 Day Korean Toolkit with lots of helpful tools for learning Korean fast! 

  • q-iconWhat exactly am I signing up for?

    As a subscriber to this group, you’ll receive lessons with meticulously hand-picked content using the latest in language learning techniques. You also get a personalized coach assigned to you, and fun challenges! Learn from anywhere, anytime, and have me and have full personalized support anytime you need it. This is not just an online course. We send you lessons every week, you download them, learn them at your own pace, and ask us questions whenever you need support so we keep you moving along!

  • q-iconWhy are you capping registration at 20 new students?

    Our team has been teaching similar materials one-to-one and in small groups, but this is our big launch online. A smaller group allows us give dedicated personalized support to our members whenever they need it and keep the experience more personalized. We hope to keep groups small so we can deliver better materials and support to all our members so they learn Korean fast!

  • q-iconWhat if I change my mind or want to cancel?

    Not a problem. If you are unhappy with the materials or these aren’t the best Korean language learning materials you’ve come across, email us ([email protected]) for an immediate refund. Please just give us one piece of critical feedback on how we can improve and we’ll have your money back to you immediately. Similarly, you can discontinue your membership at any time by sending us an email and we’ll stop your payments right away! You can also adjust your autopayment settings yourself easily! 

  • q-iconCan I pay without using Paypal?

    Sure you can! If you are in Korea, we can give you bank account information for direct transfer options. Just send us an email ([email protected]) and we can have you up and running quickly and easily.