K-Drama Words and Phrases: Dr. Romantic

At 90 Day Korean, we love Korean dramas, so why not use them in your studies? We’re big fans of studying Korean but also doing it in a fun and interesting way. Whether it’s studying with television, music, or movies, learning through a medium you enjoy is a surefire way to learn Korean fast! So for that reason, we’re going to start an article series of some of our favorite dramas and words you can look for to supplement your Korean studies while you watch.

Profile pictures of the actors from the Korean drama Dr Romantic

So get comfy and grab a pen and pad because we’re reviewing the 2016 hit drama “Dr. Romantic.”

Let’s get started!

How to say “Dr. Romantic” in Korean

The Korean title for Dr. Romantic is 낭만닥터 김사부 (Nangman deokteo Kim sabu).

낭만닥터 김사부 Dr. Romantic Overview

This drama takes place in a hospital where a former surgeon hid after certain rumors about him spread in the medical industry. Dr. Kim stepped down from his post and disappeared from the public eye for many years. Before he went into hiding, Dr. Kim rescued a young boy who had attacked several doctors and nurses in the hospital because he believed his father would not have died if they had helped him first instead of a VIP patient.

Dr. Kim taught him that if he wanted to take revenge, he must be a better person and beat those people with his skills as a doctor. Years passed, and the boy became a doctor, and as an intern, he met a female resident doctor who also went into hiding after she had an accident. This was a life-changing experience for her. She injured her wrist which is a death sentence for the career of a surgeon.

These three people are cast in a far-flung hospital where the importance is not on advanced medical equipment but on the medical practitioner’s skill. They are joined by people who have their own agendas and backstories that led them to work in that hospital.

Why you should watch it

This is not your ordinary medical drama with fancy advanced medical equipment and hospital facilities. This is a medical drama where emphasis is placed on medical skills, and knowledge is given far more importance than the resources available. The story also showcases the reality of politics in the medical industry. Another factor that makes this drama really good is the fact that every character has their own story to tell. The writers didn’t miss a chance to dive into their individual backstories.

Every character is given an ample amount of time to be explored in the drama. Aside from the story, the entire cast of Dr. Romatic is enjoyable to watch. The main character is played by none other than renowned veteran Han Suk-kyu. He lives up to his name as a skilled master of his craft as he portrays the role of Dr. Kim. Yoo Yeon-Seok and Seo Hyun-jin play alongside Han Suk-kyu as the main characters of this drama.

If you’re wondering about the romance line, it’s to be had in the roles of Yoo Yeon-Seok and Seo Hyun-jin. This drama also gives a spotlight to rookie actor Yang Se-jong. With the combination of its great story, pace, and cast, it’s no wonder this drama got an average of 20% in viewership ratings.

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Episode 1 Overview

The drama kicks off with the story of a boy begging for the attention of doctors and nurses in a hospital to save the life of his father. Unfortunately, he is ignored, and this causes his father to die. Afterward, he sees a doctor coming out from the operating room, delivering good news to the family of a VIP patient he just operated on. Hearing this angers the boy, who attacks the doctor blaming him for his father’s death since they came in before the VIP patient. He creates chaos in the hospital until he’s restrained.

When the boy regains consciousness, he hears a doctor telling him that taking revenge through violence won’t bring him any comfort. He tells him that if he wants to take revenge, he must become a better person and beat them through his efforts as a person.

A collection of pictures a of a boy in school uniform, doctors, and nurses inside the hospital
Image Source: Screenshots from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2016, Samhwa Networks

Cut to the present, the boy Kang Dong-joo is now a doctor taking his internship in the hospital where his father died. He is very focused on becoming a good and skilled doctor that he doesn’t pay any heed to seniority or having amicable relationships with others. He’s put assigned to the team of an experienced female doctor, Yoon Seo-Jung. However, one event will make Kang Dong-joo admire Yoon Seo-Jung not just as a doctor but also as a woman.

Picture of the character of doctor Kang Dong-joo staring at someone
Image Source: Screenshots from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2016, Samhwa Networks

Korean Words and Phrases: Dr. Romantic Episode 1

K-Drama Vocabulary (한국어)
Romanization English Meaning
응급실eunggeupsilemergency room
K-Drama Phrases (한국어)RomanizationEnglish Meaning
상관없잖아요sanggwaneopjanayoI don’t care.
니가 바뀌지 않으면, 아무것도 바뀌지 않아niga bakkwiji aneumyeon, amugeotdo bakkwiji anaIf you don’t change then nothing will change.
우리 엄마가 먼저왔는데요uri eommaga meonjeowanneundeyoBut my mom came first.

Episode 2 Overview

In this episode, Seo-Jung discovers that she hurt her wrist, which could affect her ability to perform surgeries. She’s told the harsh reality that she cannot fully recover from her injury and won’t be able to perform surgeries again. Also, in this episode, Kang Dong-joo officially joins the surgery department of the hospital where he was once an intern.

He was the top scorer in the certification examination, that allowed him to join that department. However, his rival, Do In-bum, also joins the same hospital. He is the son of the director, who was also the doctor who Kang Dong-joo attacked and blamed for his father’s death.

Picture of Doctor Kim looking at Yoon Seo-jung lying on the hospital bed and doctor Kang Dong-joo
Image Source: Screenshots from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2016, Samhwa Networks

The battle between Kang Dong-joo and the Do’s (both father and son) begins in tandem. The first battle leads to Kang Dong-joo being sent to a far-off hospital. He is so frustrated that when he arrives at Doldam hospital, he can’t contain his emotions. He is disappointed and disgusted with the environment of the new hospital he’ll be working in.

This leads to arguments and confrontations with Dr. Kim as he has a different perspective, that of being a doctor and treating patients. Kang Dong-joo is used to the practices of big hospitals, while Dr. Kim has almost the opposite approach and beliefs, placing more faith in skill than technology. In Doldam, he also reunites with Seo-Jung again.

Pictures of Director Do and the introduction of doctor Kang Dong-joo and Do In-bum to their fellow doctors
Image Source: Screenshots from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2016, Samhwa Networks

Korean Words and Phrases: Dr. Romantic Episode 2

K-Drama Vocabulary (한국어)
RomanizationEnglish Meaning
오른쪽oreunjjokright side
K-Drama Phrases (한국어)RomanizationEnglish Meaning
잘해보자jalhaebojaLet’s do well/ Let’s do this.
열심히 하겠습니다yeolsimhi hagetseumnidaI’ll work hard.

Episode 3 Overview

In this episode, Seo-Jung is on the opposite side of the operating table to undergo wrist surgery. Dr. Kim, Dong-joo, and Nurse Oh are all part of the team that will perform the surgery. It’s not surprising since Doldam Hospital doesn’t have the staff for it to be anyone else. While Dr. Kim is performing the surgery, Kang Dong-Joo is mesmerized by how fast and skilled he is. He is able to finish the most critical part of the surgery within 30 minutes, just like he planned. Nurse Oh also impresses Dong-joo by knowing immediately all the things Dr. Kim would ask of her.

When the operation is finished, Dong-joo approaches Dr. Kim and asks him who he really is. However, this conversation leads to an argument between the two. Because of Dong-joo’s arrogance, he is left embarrassed by the words of Dr. Kim. Sometime later, he calls his senior at his previous hospital and informs him that he met Seo-Jung in Doldam hospital and asks him to look into the background of a person called Dr. Kim. However, he’s unable to gain any information about him.

Doctor Kim and Kang Dong-Joo arguing with each other
Image Source: Screenshots from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2016, Samhwa Networks
Doctor Kim performing a surgery while Kang Dong-joo is assisting him
Image Source: Screenshots from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2016, Samhwa Networks

Korean Words and Phrases: Dr. Romantic Episode 3

K-Drama Vocabulary (한국어)
RomanizationEnglish Meaning
처음cheoeumfirst time
방금banggeumjust now
수술방susulbangoperating room
외과oegwadepartment of surgery
대학병원daehakbyeongwonuniversity hospital
K-Drama Phrases (한국어)RomanizationEnglish Meaning
시작하시죠sijakasijyoLet’s start
13분 남았습니다13bun namatseumnida13 minutes left.

Wrap Up

We won’t go over all the episodes (to avoid spoilers!), but hopefully, you learned a good amount of Korean vocabulary from this article. If you’d like to learn more medical-related Korean vocabulary, here’s the article for you.

If you haven’t watched Dr. Romantic yet, we suggest you do it real soon! This K-drama now has 3 amazing seasons that you can enjoy and learn Korean from.

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