K-Drama Words and Phrases: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

This article will show you the Korean Words and Phrases used in the hit TV romantic-comedy, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo.

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Illustration from Weightlifting Fairy and the Cast of the Series

So heat your popcorn and grab a pencil because we’re reviewing the 2016 hit drama 역도요정 김복주 (Yeokdo Yojeong Kim Bokjoo) or in English, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo.” Let’s get started!

역도요정 김복주 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo Overview

The K-drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” focuses on the lives of university students, particularly Kim Bokjoo. She is majoring in weightlifting and she happens to be the ace of the department. It also portrays the aspirations and struggles that young people nowadays are going through. Kim Bokjoo and her friends try to reach for their goals. And as they go through the process, they also discover love along the way.

Kim Bokjoo found herself in love with the older brother of her school mate Jung Joonhyung who was her elementary friend. Kim Bokjoo used to be fat and was already strong when they were still in elementary school, she used to defend Joonhyung from bullies. When Joonhyung found out that Kim Bokjoo likes his brother, he starts to make fun of her. But, one day he finds himself falling in love with her.

Why should I watch it?

Like any other coming-of-age drama, Kim Bok Joo gives off a good vibe for audiences of all ages. Anyone can relate to the story since it discusses a pigment of what everyone is going through or has gone through in life. If you feel that you need something light and pleasant to watch after a stressful day or week, you can be assured you’ll feel good while watching this drama.  

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is the second drama that Lee Sungkyung and Nam Joohyuk are together, but they play the lead character this time. They are visually perfect for each other. They have showcased their cuteness, playfulness, and great chemistry through this drama. As they have a close relationship in real life, they were able to translate it onto their characters.

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo Episode Overview

The series kicks off with Kim Bokjoo and Jung Joonhyung in a competition in their respective sports. Kim Bokjoo won a gold medal in an international weightlifting competition, while Jung Joonhyung won in the swimming preliminary.

Image Source: Screenshots from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo 2016, TV Series, Chorokbaem Media

In this episode of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, both the main characters get into a misunderstanding and fight with each other as a result. There is also issues between the different sports departments that become evident, such as the students from rhythmic gymnastics department against the women from the weightlifting department.

Korean words and Phrases: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

K-Drama Vocabulary (한국어)RomanizationEnglish Meaning
K-Drama Phrases (한국어)RomanizationEnglish Meaning
네 알겠슴다, 수고하셨습니다ne algetseumda, sugohasyeotseumnidaYes, I understand, great job.
와..영광이지wa..yeonggwangijiIt’s indeed an honor.
근데 나 너 어디서 봤나?geunde na neo eodiseo bwanna?But, where did I see you?
혹시 메시 좋아하세요?hoksi mesi joahaseyo?By any chance, do you like Messi?

So now that you know some words and phrases from the series Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, check it out and learn even more! Let us know how you like it, and let us know what your favorite Korean dramas are in the comments below.

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