Korean Furniture – Vocabulary for items in the house

In this article, we’ll learn about Korean furniture. You might already know the word for “house” in Korean and have some more knowledge on the types of homes available in South Korea, and we’ve even managed to cover some of the rooms you can find in a home; it’s time to look at the interior a little further: furniture!

Different rattan furniture

Of course, these things are not exclusively found in houses. If you own a business or shop, you’ll be able to identify these things there, too!

You’ll learn plenty of words for Korean furniture and perhaps also a little bit more about what kind of furniture and household items are common to find in a typical Korean home. And once you know the vocabulary, you can learn some useful phrases for Korean furniture, too!

What is “furniture” in Korean?

The word for furniture in Korean is 가구 (gagu). You can use this term whenever you are talking about furniture in general. However, do use specific terminology when you want to refer to a specific piece of furniture.

Knowing these terms is useful. You might be in a shop located in Seoul, and you need to go shopping for furniture and house decor, crafts, or accessories that go with it. You can also easily ask if a certain item is in stock. For the price or when they go on sale, learning about Korean numbers will also be a great help!

As a customer, it can also be helpful if you’re browsing a website for these. Even if the site is in Korean instead of English, you can browse easily, search for your preferences, and complete transactions more quickly. If you need a quick review of the Korean alphabet, you can head on to this page first.

Common furniture words in Korean

Right below, you can find a variety of words related to furniture items in Korean.

“Chair” in Korean

The word for “chair” in Korean is 의자 (euija). You can use it regardless of the type of chair you’re talking about. However, you may also add some specifications if you’d like.

For example, you can say 컴퓨터 의자 (keompyuteo euija) when talking about a computer chair. And with the dining chair, you can say 식탁 의자 (siktak euija). However, in both cases, you can also simply say 의자 (euija).

“Sofa” in Korean

The word for “sofa” in Korean is 소파 (sopa). This is the word you’ll use also when you are talking about couches.

“Bed” in Korean

The word for “bed” in Korean is 침대 (chimdae). A sofa bed would be called 소파 겸용 침대 (sopa gyeomyong chimdae) in Korean, sometimes said 침대 겸용 소파. It may also be possible to shorten it as 침대소파 in daily conversation, and people would understand what you mean. A bunk bed is often called 2단 침대 (2dan chimdae) in Korean.

“Table” in Korean

The word for “table” in Korean is 탁자 (takja). However, you can also say 테이블 (teibeul). In addition, if you are specifically talking about a table you will eat a meal on, you may say 식탁 (siktak) or 밥상 (bapsang). When you are referring to a desk, you’ll want to use the below piece of vocabulary instead.

“Desk” in Korean

The word for “desk” in Korean is 책상 (chaeksang). More specifically, this refers to a writing desk. So, for example, a desk you will have in your room on which you will use a computer or a laptop or perhaps write or read something on.

“Bookshelf” in Korean

The word for “bookshelf” in Korean is 책장 (chaekjang). It may also be used to say bookcase. You may also use the word 책꽂이 (chaekkkoji) for bookshelf and bookcase. The word for book stand is 서가 (seoga). Additionally, the word 서가대 (seogadae) may also be used in reference to bookshelf.

“Closet” in Korean

The word for “closet” in Korean is 옷장 (otjang). This same word means wardrobe and dresser in Korean as well.

List of vocabulary for Korean furniture

To add, here is a quick list of the different kinds of Korean furniture you’ve just learned – and more divided into categories!

Korean Furniture in the Bedroom 

Below is the usual furniture you’ll find in a bedroom.

Bed frame 상광 (sanggwang)
Divan 디방 (dibang)
Dressing table, vanity 화장대 (hwajangdae)
Folding bed 접는 침대 (jeomneun chimdae)
Mattress 매트리스 (maeteuriseu)
Nightstand Nightstand

Korean Furniture in the Living room

Here are some of the furniture found in the living room. This is usually a common area where people in the house can gather.

Coffee table 탁자 (takja)
Ottoman 오토만 (otoman)
Rocking chair 흔들의자 (heundeuruija)

Korean Furniture in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, you’ll normally find big furniture for storing kitchen utensils or appliances. If you’d like to learn the words for these, we have a list of cooking-related vocabulary here.

Cupboard 찬장 (chanjang), 장롱 (jangneung)
Kitchen cabinet 부엌 찬장 (bueok chanjang)

Korean Furniture in Baby’s room/Nursery

If you have a baby at home, you’ll also recognize and find the terms below useful.

Cradle 요람 (yoram)
Crib 유아 침대 (yua chimdae)

Here is an additional list of words you may find useful to know when discussing Korean furniture and Korean homes.

Armchair 안락의자 (allaguija)
Bedding 침구 (chimgu)
Bench 벤치 (benchi)
Cabinet 캐비닛 (kaebinit)
Carpet 카페트 (kapeteu)
Chest 궤 (gwe)
Chest of drawers 서랍장 (seorapjang)
Curtain 커튼 (keoteun)
Drawer 서랍 (seorap)
Fan 선풍기 (seonpunggi)
Folding screen 병풍 (byeongpung)
Lamp 램프 (laempeu)
Mirror 거울 (geoul)
Playpen 아기 놀이울 (agi noriul)
Safe 금고 (geumgo)
Shelf 선반 (seonban),
시렁 (sireong)
Showcase 진열장 (jinyeoljang)
Sideboard 사이드보드 (saideubodeu)
Side table 사이드 테이블 (saideu teibeul)
Stool 스툴 (seutul)
Swing chair 스윙 체어 (seuwing cheeo)
Trashcan 휴지통 (hyujitong)
Dress room 분장실 (bunjangsil)
Pantry 식료품 저장실 (singnyopum jeojangsil)
Door 문 (mun)
Floor 바닥 (badak)
Stairs 계단 (gyedan)
Wall 벽 (byeok)
Window 창문 (changmun)

Here are some sentences that may help you get inspired to make a few of your own. Creating sentences around these words is a great way to memorize and understand the new vocabulary for Korean furniture!

그는 매일 밤 소파에서 잠이 들어요. (geuneun maeil bam sopaeseo jami deureoyo.)

He falls asleep on the couch every night.

안타깝게도, 우리 집에는 책장을 놓을 공간이 없어요. (antakkapgedo, uri jibeneun chaekjangeul noeul gonggani eopseoyo.)

Sadly, there is no space for a bookshelf in our home.

내 옷장에는 수백 벌의 옷이 있지만, 입을 옷을 찾을 수가 없어. (nae otjangeneun subaek beorui osi itjiman, ibeul oseul chajeul suga eopseo.)

I have hundreds of clothes in my closet but can never find anything to wear.

우리의 새 집에 필요한 필수 가구는 뭐예요? (uriui sae jibe pillyohan pilsu gaguneun mwoyeyo?)

What are the essential furniture to buy for our new home?

What is the interior of a Korean home like?

In comparison to many Western homes, you may notice that a Korean home really stresses practicality, minimalism, and earthly tones. It’s important for any room to maintain harmony, and, in contrast to Chinese interior styles, not many decorative objects are to be found.

Tables are often low, and bed frames aren’t as common, especially in traditional-style homes. In fact, in many homes, it is still common to sleep on the floor still. Of course, many modern homes look similar to what any modern home around the world might look like.

Wrap Up

What kind of furniture can be found in your house? Let us know in Korean below in the comments section!

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