Strawberry bingsu Korean ice cream

Korean Ice Cream to Cool You Down

If you read about the delicious ice cream shops in Korea, then you might have gotten inspired to head out and give them a try.

Strawberry bingsu Korean ice cream

However, we know there will be days when you really want to eat ice cream but would rather stay local. It may be because of the sweltering hot weather, because you’re in the middle of a movie, or because you still have to give mom a call, and it’s almost bedtime where she is.

We’ve got you covered!

Top 10 Korean Ice Cream Brands To Try

Below we’ve listed some amazing Korean ice cream options you can pick up at the convenience store or supermarket nearest to your house the next time you’re out. These Korean ice cream delicacies come in all shapes, forms, and flavors–and all for an incredibly affordable price.

Get ready to cool down and find the sweet side of Korean culture with these tasty treats!

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Korean Ice Cream #1: Ice cream cake Ppangttoa

In Korean: 빙그레 빵또아 (binggeure ppangttoa)

Bbangddoa is a cookie and cream ice cream sandwich, where the parts around the ice cream are made of soft bread. The transition in flavor from bread to cookie and cream ice cream is extra smooth and tasty.

Binggeure Bbangddoa 01

Cookie lovers might not be disappointed in the cookie to ice cream ratio on this one, but overall it’s a fantastic ice cream sandwich!

Korean Ice Cream #2: Lotte Food Dwaejibar

In Korean: 롯데푸드 돼지바 (rotdepudeu dwaejiba)

Cookie crust on the outside, strawberry jam surrounded by vanilla ice cream on the inside. The Dwaejibar is pretty light for an ice cream snack. This is also one of the most popular ice cream snacks among both locals and foreigners in Korea.

Korean Ice Cream 2 Lotte Food Dwaejibar

Korean Ice Cream #3: Binggeure Doraemong & Cho

In Korean: 빙그레 도라에몽 엔초 (binggeure doraemong encho)

Based on the sheer determination of the author’s dog to photobomb every picture of the ice cream bar, this is perhaps the most delicious ice cream introduced to you on this list.

Korean Ice Cream 3 Binggeure Doraemong & Cho

Chocolate crust and almond crumbs on the outside, vanilla ice cream on the inside, with full-on chocolate at its core, any chocolate lover would love this ice bar! Perhaps the ice cream bar with that would taste most similar to the ice cream bars sold in Europe.

Korean Ice Cream #4: Lavelee Everlasting Spring – Yogurt Wild Blueberry Icemilk Bar

In Korean: 영원한 봄 (yeongwonhan bom)

The title says everything you need to know about the flavor and composition of the ice cream bar. While not exactly your traditional popsicle, it’s not as soft as its creamy equivalents either.

Korean Ice Cream 4- Lavelee Everlasting Spring - Yogurt Wild Blueberry Icemilk Bar

Health fanatics will love that there are actual dried blueberries in the ice cream bar. Thankfully, it melts slowly, so you won’t have to worry about it melting all over your hands.

Korean Ice Cream #5: Jelly Belly Ice Jelly

In Korean: 아이스젤리 (aiseujelli)

One thing that you can always count on in Korea is that they are continuously innovating when it comes to food, whether it’s dessert or the main meal. This “jelly” ice cream – which really isn’t jelly at all – is no different.

Korean Ice Cream 5 - Jelly Belly Ice Jelly

If you hold the Ice Jelly up to your nose, you’ll notice the distinct scent of popcorn. Once you finally have it hit your lips and you’ve taken a bite, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the soft texture of the ice cream.

As you eat it, you may have trouble identifying the flavors, though there is definitely a hint of popcorn in there somewhere. This ice cream is perhaps the most surprisingly tasty entry on this list!

Korean Ice Cream #6: Binggeure Cham Bungeo Ssamanko

In Korean: 빙그레 참붕어싸만코 (binggeure chambungeossamanko)

This Korean fish ice cream sandwich has vanilla ice cream and red bean syrup as its filling. You have perhaps seen the popular fish-shaped red bean treats sold at street vendors all over Korea. Now you can get the ice cream version at any convenience store as well!

Korean Ice Cream 6 - Binggeure Cham Bunggeo Ssamankho

This is the perfect option for those who don’t want to miss out on the trend. It’s a delicious ice cream-eating experience, but some might not be big fans of red bean syrup. This is because the flavor of the syrup, with a consistency closer to that of jam, doesn’t have a strong taste of red bean in it.

Korean Ice Cream 6.1 - Binggeure Cham Bunggeo Ssamankho

Korean Ice Cream #7: Lotte Food Tiramisu

In Korean: 롯데푸드 티라미수 (rotdepudeu tiramisu)

Layered just like any other tiramisu dessert, it’s best eaten with all four parts mixed together. Starting from the top, the layers are as follows: Cocoa powder, cheese ice cream, espresso syrup, and cake batter. It’s a tiramisu cake and cheese ice cream coming together to create a magnificent at-home dessert experience.

Korean Ice Cream 7.1 - Lotte Food Tiramisu

Indeed, for a 2,500won convenience store ice cream, the quality is top-notch. Do be careful with the cocoa powder on top, though. Because of its texture, like with any other tiramisu treat, it might sprinkle around.

Korean Ice Cream 7.2 - Lotte Food Tiramisu

Korean Ice Cream #8: Lavelee Agmabingsu (Devil’s Shaved Ice)

In Korean: 악마빙수 (angmabingsu)

The top layer is rich in chocolate, but the separate layers of chocolate and mint below are an interesting mix of shaved ice and ice cream.

Lavelee Agmabingsu

If you are a fan of Korean bingsu in general, then you’re likely to find your taste buds match well with Agmabingsu. However, if you’d rather just eat a more traditionally textured ice cream, then this might not be the dessert for you.

Korean Ice Cream #9: Guseul Ice Pop ‘n Shot

In Korean: 구슬 아이스 팝앤샷 (guseul aiseu pabaensyat)

This grape-flavored ice cream treat consisting of small pops is the perfect snack on a hot summer day.

Guseul Ice Pop n ShotKorean ice pops are especially easy to eat for those whose teeth might be sensitive to the coldness of regular ice cream. The bottom half is an orange-flavored popsicle.

Korean Ice Cream #10: Melon Flavored Ice Bar

In Korean: 빙그레 메로나 (binggeure merona)

Last but not least, a melon-flavored popsicle.

Korean Ice Cream 10 - Binggeure Melona

You might expect it to be more like flavored ice, but it’s actually rather creamy. Another easy-to-eat treat to cool down your body under the sweltering heat!

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve been introduced to all these Korean ice cream treats go on ahead and try them out. Let us know what your personal favorites are in the comments below!

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