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Top 30 Korean & Konglish Jokes

Ready for some laughs?

Here’s a list of some of the top Korean jokes. Most of them are a mix of Korean and English, so it helps if you know at least some basic Korean.

We’ve also tossed in some pictures to help you remember these Korean jokes more easily.

Can you explain the meanings of these jokes? Once you understand them, try them on your Korean friends or with Korean students in the classroom. You might get some mixed results with some, but overall you’re sure to get a lot of laughs!

The side benefit to learning these Korean jokes is that often times they’ll help you remember Korean words. It’s a great way to learn Korean fast–and in a fun way!

If you can’t read Hangul (the Korean Alphabet) yet, you can download a free guide here and be reading in about 60 minutes.

Let the games begin!

Caution: Don’t drink milk while reading these jokes. There’s a high chance that milk will shoot out from your nose from laughter!

Korean Joke #1Korean joke beans

Q: What is the biggest bean in the world?

A: 킹콩!

Korean Joke #2Korean joke vampire

Q: What does a vampire drink in the morning?

A: 코피!

Korean Joke #3Korean joke lettuce

Q: Where does a lettuce go for worship?

A: 상추외리!


Korean Joke #4Korean joke cute guy no ears

Q: What do you call a cute guy with no ears?

A: 귀없다!


Korean Joke #5Korean joke scary water

Q: What do you call scary water?

A: 괴물!


Korean Joke #6Korean joke toaster

Q: What noise does a toaster make?

A: 빵!


Korean Joke #7Korean Joke Racetrack

Q: What do Koreans smoke at the horse racetrack?

A: 말보로


Korean Joke #8Korean joke australia

Q: Where do Australians keep their money?

A: 호주머니

Korean Joke #9Korean joke robots

Q: Who is the hairiest robot?

A: 털미네이터!

Korean Joke #10Korean jokes ice cream

Q: Why couldn’t the ice cream cones cross the road?

A: 차가와서!


Korean Joke #11

Korean Joke Mexico

Q: What country has the biggest noses in the world?

A: 멕시코!

Korean Joke #12

Korean Joke Cookies

Q: What did the cookie say to his friends when he was ready to go?

A: 과자!

Korean Joke #13

Korean Joke Watermelon

Q: What should do you do if a watermelon sues you?

A: 수박!

Korean Joke #14

Korean joke pear

Q: Why did the pear go to the hospital?

A: 배아파서

Korean Joke #15

Korean joke reporter

Q: What do you call a new reporter who interviews the sun?

A: 해리포터

Korean Joke #16

Korean joke mosquito

Q: Why did the mosquito go to the hospital?

A: 모기아파서


Korean Joke #17

Korean joke pig guitar

Q: What do you call a pig who plays the guitar?

A: 포크무시크!


Korean Joke #18

Korean joke coffee

Q: What do you call a coffee that can’t move?

A: 모카!


Korean Joke #19

Korean joke real estate agent

Q: What’s a real estate agent’s favorite mountain to hike?

A: 부동산!


Korean Joke #20

Korean joke grandfather love

Q: Where does a Korean grandfather look for love?

A: e-할머니!


Korean Joke #21

Q: What is a robot’s favorite food? 

A: 비빔밥!

Korean Joke #22


Korean joke broken motorcycle

Q: What do you call a broken motorcycle? 

A: 못타 사이클!


Korean Joke #23

Korean joke 5 year old onion

Q: What do you call a 5 year old onion? 

A: 오년!


Korean Joke #24


Korean joke bag groceries

Q: Which celebrity used to bag groceries? 

A: 짐캐리 


Korean Joke #25

Q: What did the boneless fish say? 

A: 오 마이 가시!


Korean Joke #26

Korean joke apologetic fruit

Q: What is the most apologetic fruit? 

A:  사과!


Korean Joke #27

Korean joke oceans favorite number

Q: What’s the ocean’s favorite number? 

A:  십!


Korean Joke #28

Korean joke sheep language

Q: What language do sheep speak? 

A: 양말!


Korean Joke #29

Q: How much does a Korean blanket cost? 

A: 이불!


Korean Joke #30

Korean joke 4 arm country

Q: Which country has 4 arms? 

A: 네팔! 


What is your favorite Korean joke? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list!

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  • Genevieve Aiwonegbe

    My favorite korean joke was 오 마이 가시 😂😂, I here it in dramas now I finally know how to spell it, and also 사과, because its and apple and an apology