Top 5 Korean Language Exchange Sites (and why you should be using them)!

Last Updated on June 15, 2020 by 90 Day Korean
A woman in a grey shirt smiling and talking to another smiling woman in a pink shirt

Going to Korean language exchanges is one of the best ways to up your Korean conversation skills. Not only is it lots of fun, but you’re likely to make some friends in the process!

As you improve your listening skills, movies and music will start to make a lot more sense.

Korean language exchanges are an amazing tool for anyone interested in learning the Korean language or learning about Korea – they allow you to practice what you’ve learned in a friendly, casual, and educational environment that adds a fun new element to the learning process.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite five Korean language exchange sites, and categorized them based on their most useful features to help you find a site that will be an ideal fit for you and your unique learning style. Let’s get started!

A woman in a grey shirt smiling and talking to another smiling woman in a pink shirt

Korean Language Exchange Site #1 –

Best for learners using a language exchange for the first time


It doesn’t get much more straightforward than the language exchange that can be found on From the aesthetics – clean, crisp, white background color with black font and straightforward tabs – to the content, IAmInKorea is a great forum for any Korean learner who is just diving into the world of language exchanges.

The site is updated regularly with new posts and replies, so there are always people from around the world to engage with. They also have easy to navigate sections that can be found by clicking the tabs at the top of the page – whether you’re looking to ask a general language question, you want to translate something to Korean, or you’d like to help a Korean speaker learn your native language, IAmInKorea has something for you.

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Korean Language Exchange Site #2 – MyLanguageExchange

Best for learners who’d like a consistent Korean pen pal


MyLanguageExchange is great at what they do – rather than typical forums where individual users post threads and wait for responses from a bunch of different individuals, MyLanguageExchange makes the language exchange experience personal.

On this site, each user has a profile complete with details like a profile picture, spoken languages, languages they would like to learn, location, and a general description. These details ensure that users are able to find unique pen pals that match each other’s language learning style, fostering ongoing, educational friendships rather than one-off responses in a forum.

Check out MyLanguageExchange if you think you would benefit from keeping in touch with a Korean speaker while embarking on your journey to learn Korean – you won’t regret it!

Korean Language Exchange Site #3 – Craigslist

Best for learners looking to hire a Korean professional


While Craigslist may not be the first site that comes to mind when thinking “language exchange,” it’s actually an incredible practical forum if you’re seeking something a bit more advanced than the typical pen pal.

Need something professionally translated to Korean? Look no further than the Seoul Craigslist, which hosts thousands of tutors, teachers, and interpreters that are willing to help out students in the process of learning Korean, either informally as a pen pal or professionally as a contractor.

There are also plenty of other workshops and exchange groups hosted on the Seoul site. For example, there is currently a live posting inviting individuals living in Korea to join a spring photography workshop, where you can presumably practice your Korean AND cultivate your photography skills! Don’t let the barebones aesthetic scare you off – you’d be surprised at what you can find on Craigslist.

Korean Language Exchange Site #4 – MeetUp’s Language Exchange Café

Best for learners who want to meet Korean speakers in person


Remember the days when we were told that we should never, ever meet people on the internet because they might be waiting for us with a chainsaw? Thankfully, those days are long behind us, and when we dropped the paranoia we gained innumerable opportunities to learn from the knowledge of internet strangers.

MeetUp’s Language Exchange Café is a glowing example of the good that can come from like-minded internet strangers coming together. The group hosts meetings each day of the week in cities across Korea and each meeting is meant to be a fun, safe environment for speakers of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese to learn and practice a new language. Nothing beats learning a new language with the help of people that are as committed to broadening their horizons as you are. Be sure to check out the next meetup near you and tell us about it in the comments below!

Korean Language Exchange Site #5 – Facebook’s Korean Language Exchange

Best for learners who want to keep their learning streamlined and all in one place


The best part about Facebook’s massive list of Korean language exchange pages is that you don’t have to do any additional work to take advantage of the millions of Korean speakers on the internet that are looking to practice and improve.

You don’t have to join a new site or create a separate account to find a Korean pen pal. This particular language exchange is everyday Facebook users that are posting in search of Kakao friends or Skype friends to help them practice Korean or English, depending on their native language. There is almost no effort required – just click the link and press “like” and you’ll begin seeing the language exchange posts showing up in your newsfeed. Low maintenance, much?

Korean Language Exchange Site Wrap Up

Learning the Korean language is an exciting process, but it can certainly be frustrating and lonely at times if you’re not connected to a solid support network that can help you navigate it and celebrate your successes with you. Be sure to check out these sites and let us know which one is your favorite – and let us know in the comments below if we’re forgetting your go-to Korean language exchange site!