Korean Level Test – A way to gauge your language skills

Have you taken a Korean level test before? If you haven’t tested your knowledge of Korean in a while, maybe it’s high time you took a level test to best understand how far into your learning journey you actually are.

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Oftentimes, if you want to study Korean courses with a structured program – be that an online program like ours or at a language school in Korea – you need to complete a level test first. It may sound like a dull idea, but more than anything else, it is helpful to you. So, actually, you should be quite excited about the chance of getting to take one!

What is a Korean level test?

As the name entails, it gauges your skills in a particular language, in this case, Korean. Each test may not be identical, but typically, each of them tests your understanding of the language’s grammar and the diversity of your vocabulary, each question getting progressively difficult.

The format is often multiple-choice questions. There is usually also a section that tests your reading comprehension skills.

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In some cases, such as in TOPIK, there will also be sections for listening comprehension and writing abilities. And if you want to sign up for courses in a Korean language school, you often will have an interview that will measure your ability to converse in Korean.

Though this can sound overwhelming and nerve-wracking, it is quite a useful test to take. The worst thing you’d want to do, especially if you are paying big money for the course, is to land in a class that’s just a repetition of everything you already know or to end up taking a course at a level too high for your skills.

A level test may be useful to take, even if you’re primarily studying on your own. With its help, you can gain a proper understanding of the exact point from where to continue your learning journey, especially if you have been on a break from studying Korean.

90 Day Korean Level Test

If you’re curious about your current level of Korean skills, then taking a Korean level test is the best step.

You can try taking one here:

Remember, taking a level test doesn’t require you to get a perfect score. Instead, it will help you determine where to start on your Korean learning journey.

Let us know how you did in the comments below!

Tips on taking a Korean language level test

Now that you have a better understanding of what level tests are let’s go over some quick tips you can employ to prepare for one. Technically, the same techniques can apply to any type of language exam, but it’s good to refresh your mind on provenly successful tactics.

1) Give equal amounts of time to practicing each skill

Instead of simply scrolling through vocabulary lists, also do some conversation and listening practices. Perhaps create a cohesive timetable that has dedicated sections for each area you might get tested on.

Of course, focus on rehashing what you’ve already studied before rather than trying to learn copious amounts of new things before a level exam.

2) Make the language a part of your everyday life

This shouldn’t be a tough one to do if it’s a tactic you are employing with your language studies in general already. It’s an excellent way to complete your listening and reading comprehension practices, for example, and one of the most fun ways to prep up your language skills.

3) Utilize flashcards

To best memorize the vocabulary learned thus far prior to taking a Korean level exam, create stacks of flashcards that will be easy to take a look at during any random moment of the day, such as during a commute.

While it won’t serve you well to learn much new vocabulary prior to this test, it would also suck to get placed on a lower Korean language level just because you happened to forget a couple of odd words here and there.

4) Recheck your grasp of grammar

Do go over all of the Korean grammar you’ve studied so far in your language journey. Deeply reflect on whether there are still crucial grammar concepts you lack understanding.

In some cases, a simple revision will do and carry you over to a Korean language skills test. But sometimes, you may even come to realize your understanding of some specific grammar patterns is lacking enough that a lower placement may be better for you after all.

What comes next after taking a Korean level test?

If you already know your test results, the next step is to start learning Korean again. A method that is proven to be effective is our 90 Day Korean Membership Program.

With our Inner Circle program, you can learn Korean online in a fun and effective way from the beginning of your language journey until you are well into your intermediate-level learning.

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What’s in the Inner Circle program?

Starting from Module 1 until Module 4, you get to move at your own pace, utilizing all the materials available to you. It’s up to you whether you’d like to receive coaching and homework checks from us, too. The lessons are easy and memorable, and you also get to utilize audio files for pronunciation practice.

Overall, we currently have four modules consisting of 3-month courses. By the end of them, you’ll know not only the basics of Korean but also how to navigate conversations in everyday life like a native speaker. If you go for a VIP membership, you’ll also get additional help from a Korean coach.


Can I still join the membership without taking a Korean proficiency test?

If you haven’t taken any level exam or online test prior to signing up for the membership, that’s totally fine! This membership gives you full access to the program, so you can skip the lessons that you are already familiar with. You can easily navigate through the modules until you find the lessons that fit your level.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what to expect when taking a level test, you will be more prepared to take one. This way, you’ll get more accurate results! If you’ve tried a level test before, let us know about your experience by leaving a comment below.

In the meantime, if you’d like to hone your Korean skillsΒ or just want to learn more about the language and culture, check out the articles in our blog (it’s completely free!).

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