Where to Buy Korean Makeup in Korea

In this article, we’ll talk about Korean makeup and where to find them!

One of the best parts about being human is having the freedom and ability to mix up your everyday look using different types of makeup. There are always new types of makeup to try – the long list of new glitter, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascara that people can use to update and change their look is seemingly never-ending.

Different types of makeup and skincare products

Remember, even though a lot of these places have English names, most of their products won’t! You’ll have to know some Hangul, the Korean alphabet, to find what you want.

If you can’t read Hangul yet, it’s possible to learn in about 90 minutes, so what are you waiting for? We also have other great resources for everything Korea.

Where to buy Korean makeup

So, where can one buy makeup in Korea? The next time you find yourself interested in tracking down some new makeup in Korea, keep reading below for some shops that are worth checking out!

The Face Shop (더페이스샵)

The Face Shop is one of the largest beauty retailers in South Korea – they’ve opened over nine hundred stores in twelve years! Over the past decade, the brand has had the opportunity to decide what’s important to its overall mission as a company, and as a result, they’ve come to focus on offering products to its customers that are as natural as possible.

Korean Makup The Face Shop
Image source: Http://www.westfield.com.au

Obviously, The Face Shop is doing something right – their products are in such high demand that they’ve had to expand to other continents to keep their customers happy. The next time you pass through The Face Shop, check out their top-rated Extreme Volume Mascara-Lash Stretch and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

Etude House (에뛰드하우스)

Etude House, owned by Amore Pacific, is another big player on the Korean makeup scene. Part of a company that has been around for fifty years, Etude House has hundreds of stores throughout Korea and is immensely popular.

Korean Makup Etude House
Image source: http://etude.wordpress.com

K-Pop sensations such as 2NE1 and SHINee have been proud spokespeople of Etude House, which definitely speaks to the brand’s popularity and quality. The next time you feel like changing up your look, stop by and see what you find!

Innisfree (이니스프리)

Innisfree is similar to The Face Shop in that they are very concerned with presenting products to their customers that incorporate natural ingredients. Interestingly enough, the brand is named after a line in a romantic poem from hundreds of years ago, which adds an air of mysticism to their concept.

Korean Makeup Innisfree
Image source: http://alibaba.com

Innisfree markets products to both men and women, and some of their more popular products are all-natural cleansing clay masks. Check out Innisfree the next time you’d like to incorporate some all-natural beauty products into your daily routine!

Banila Co. (바닐라코)

Banila Co., owned by the larger company F&F, is a booming Korean cosmetics company and has over eighty stores across the continent of Asia.

Korean Makeup BanilaCo
Image source: http://cathyjoy.com

Banila Co. makes an amazing CC cream, which is short for color correcting cream and evens out natural imperfections in skin complexion. Incorporate their CC cream for a subtle way to update your beauty look!


Missha is an all-around holistic beauty brand – they create upscale hair, makeup, and skin products meant to make both male and female customers feel glamorous and pampered. In the early 2000s, Missha began as an online brand, offering beauty products only through online ordering.

Korean Makeup Missha
Image source: http://www.prettyandcute.com

It very quickly exploded in popularity, and less than eleven years later, the brand partnered with global giant UNICEF and gained over five million members in total. They even have a location on Fifth Avenue in New York City, one of the most notorious streets for upscale shopping in the world!

Tony Moly (토니모리)

Tony Moly, which means “putting style into packaging,” was launched in 2006 and has not stopped growing since.

Korean Makeup Tony Moly
Image source: http://www.tonymoly.com

Tony Moly has locations in multiple countries, including Russia and the Philippines, and its popularity has been augmented by its many fashionable K-Pop spokesmodels. Try out Tony Moly’s top-rated lipstick for a fun way to incorporate color into your look in a subtle way!


MilkyDress is best known for an interesting product; unlike the cosmetics we’ve discussed in this article so far – their crowning glory is a skin-brightening lotion meant to whiten the skin tone naturally and ease away imperfections.

Korean Makeup MilkyDress
Image source: http://www.ebay.com

They also have a slew of popular cleansers and moisturizers meant to maintain the skin’s natural integrity and keep it feeling its best! Use a combination of MilkyDress’ skin products for a glowing complexion and skin that feels good to the touch.

Skinfood (스킨푸드)

Skinfood has a unique angle when it comes to creating beauty products – rather than focusing on the outward look of a product, Skinfood aims to create products with similar nutritional content as food, believing that the products that we put on our body should mirror the products that we use to sustain our body.

Korean Makeup Skinfood

The brand uses traditional foods in its beauty products (think fruits, vegetables, etc.), but it also uses some exotic food ingredients like salmon in its beauty concoctions. Though non-traditional, their technique is proving to be wildly popular – they’ve opened over nine hundred stores since the company got its start!

Nature Republic (네이처리퍼블릭)

Nature Republic is another cosmetic brand dedicated to offering natural products to its fans, believing that the entire process of making a product is important to the guest experience.

Korean Makeup Nature Republic
Image source: http://www.ramuken.com.my

Nature Republic is popular in multiple Asian countries and is endorsed by K-Pop giant EXO. Pick up some Nature Republic beauty products and feel good about making a difference in the world – while looking good!

It’s Skin

It’s Skin is a Korean cosmetic brand that focuses on keeping the skin healthy and happy. However, this isn’t just any skin brand – It’s Skin uses 21% snail cream in its products, believing that there is a scientific basis for snail cream keeping skin elastic and glowing.

Korean Makeup It's Skin

Feeling adventurous? Stop by It’s Skin and let us know what you think!

Wrap Up

You may have noticed that a lot of cosmetic brands have K-pop spokesmodels. If you’re interested in K-pop, it can be a great source for studying Korean!

Do you have a favorite Korean makeup brand not on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. But what if you are black lol, will they have differnt shades, because there is light brown, dark brown, brown and black

    1. Hi, DO! It’s true that Korean makeup companies have released only bright tones for their main customers in Korea. Different shades of foundations are expected for international sales! ^^

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