Korean pet names – Cute ways to call your furry friends

This article features Korean pet names. You might be dreaming of getting your own pet and are currently planning on what to name one. Or you’re hoping to give your pet a unique name that not everyone in your neighborhood has named their pet already.

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If you have an interest in South Korea or Korean culture, perhaps discovering popular pet names could give you inspiration for your future pet’s name.

If, however, you are not here for cute Korean names for your pet but are instead looking for terms of endearment, you can visit our article on the topic. Some of these terms of endearment can make for quite cute and unique pet names, too!

What are Korean pet names?

These are names based on Korean words that you can call your pets. Just like you’d expect from a country with such a rich history and culture, even pets are given names full of meaning.

And even if you don’t live in South Korea yourself and aren’t adopting your pet from there, you can still give your pet a beautiful and meaningful Korean name. Especially as most pet names in South Korea are kept short, they make for an excellent and adorable pet name anywhere in the world!

Like many other countries in the world, Koreans also love to have pets. They may not be as accustomed to having pets yet as many European countries as well as North America, but their popularity is on a continuing rise. Many Korean celebrities and K-pop idols are also known to be pet lovers.

Especially small dogs and cats are quite popular in the cities, whereas some bigger dogs may be housed by families in the countryside. It’s also rather common to give pets cute names that have some type of meaning in the Korean language.

List of Korean pet names

People can be very creative when it comes to naming their pets. It can be something beautiful that translates as “star,” but it can also be something cute in a more fun way, such as “tofu.”

Below we’ve introduced you to some Korean pet names for cats and dogs that could match your pet’s appearance or personality perfectly. If a unique pet name is what you’re after, perhaps one of these popular Korean names for pets could be it!

Adorable Korean Names for Pet Cats

Do you plan to get a cat? We bet your new little sassy furball would love to be given one of these cat names.

Great Names for Male Cats

Let’s start with the list of names for male cats below.

복실 (bokshil) fluffy
대 (dae) greatness
대형 (daehyeong) honorable
어둠 (eodum) dark
건 (geon) strength
교수 (gyosu) professor
해머 (haemeo) hammer
하늘 (haneul) sky, heaven, great, vast
환 (hwan) shining, bright
화성 (hwaseong) Mars
이상한 (isanghan) weird
정석 (jeongseok) great, eminent
경 (gyeong) brightness
멧돼지 (metdwaeji) wild boar
민호 (minho) brave, heroic
미순 (mi sun) kindness
사자 (saja) lion
사랑이 (sarangi) emperor
성자 (seongja) holy
슬기 (seulgi) wisdom
시로 (shiro) white
태양 (taeyang) sun
우영 (uyeong) glory, honor
유진 (yu jin) precious, valuable

Great Names for Female Cats

Below are different names to give your female cat. If you have noticed so far, these names are also adjectives to describe them.

보미 (bomi) beautiful, pretty
봉차 (bongcha) ultimate girl
충실한 (chungsilhan) faithful
달콤한 (dalkomhan) sweet
하은 (haeun) kindness, mercy
하늘 (haneul) sky, heaven, great, vast
지아 (jia) wisdom, knowledge
남선 (namseon) pure, honest
평화 (pyeonghwa) peace
사탕 (satang) candy
석영 (seokyeong) petal, flower
설탕 (seoltang) sugar
딸 (ttal) daughter
양미 (yangmi) pink
예진 (yejin) precious, valuable
여신 (yeosin) goddess
영미 (yeongmi) eternity

Cute Korean Dog Names

Here are some adorable Korean dog names if you want to give them a name for your pet dog! They will love having been given a meaningful and unique name. No matter what dog breed they have, these names will be great choices!

Male Korean Dog Names

If you have a new dog, below are male Korean dog names that you can choose from.

안종 (anjong) tranquility
바다 (bada) ocean
봉 (bong) a mythical bird
본화 (bonhwa) glorious
초 (cho) handsome
충애 (chungae) noble, love
대심 (daehim) the greatest mind
달 (dal) moon
행운이 (haenguni) lucky
하루 (haru) one day
힘 (him) strength, force)
현 (hyeon) virtuous
혜리 (hyeri) charming
지호 (jiho) brave, wisdom
민준 (minjun) clever, talented
미소 (miso) smile
남자친구 (namjachingu) boyfriend
나무 (namu) tree
누리 (nuri) world
성빈 (seongbin) star, planet
슬기 (seulgi) wisdom
수원 (suwon) defender, protecter
우영 (uyeong) honor, glory
운명 (unmyeong) destiny
왕자님 (wangjanim) prince

Female Korean Dog Names

If you have a female dog, you can choose a female Korean dog name below.

아민 (amin) lovely
애차 (aecha) loving daughter
애라 (aera) love
애기야 (aegiya) baby
애인 (aein) sweetheart
애지 (aeji) affection
애숙 (aesuk) love
보미 (bomi) beautiful
봄 (bom) springtime
봉차 (bongcha) ultimate girl
봉주 (bongju) symbol of joy
창복 (changbok) light of sun
초아 (choa) beautiful
춘희 (chunhui) spring girl
단비 (danbi) welcomed rain
두부 (dubu) tofu
은비 (eunbi) kindness, mercy
가람 (garam) river
건 (geon) strength
금희 (geumhui) bright
공주님 (gongjunim) princess
고운 (goun) soft
귀요미 (gwiyomi) cutie
규리 (gyuri) star
규석 (gyuseok) sky
혜 (hye) wisdom, intelligence
지아 (jia) wisdom, knowledge
매희 (maehui) rose
말리 (malli) jasmine
민 (min) clever, quick-minded, responsive
새벽 (saebyeok) dawn, daybreak
수 (su) noble, kind, charitable
예진 (yejin) valuable
예다솜 (yedasom) lovely
여보 (yeobo) darling
여자친구 (yeojachingu) girlfriend
여리 (yeori) elegant
용 (yong) brave
유빈 (yubin) young child
유진 (yujin) precious
융민 (yungmin) soft

Gender Neutral Names for Dogs

Whether you own a boy or a girl dog, here are some gender-neutral Korean dog names that you can use.

Some of them are also based on Korean food names. For a wider list of food names in Korean, you can refer to this article.

버들 (beodeul) willow
빛나 (bitna) shine
빛나라 (bitnara) light
보배 (bobae) treasure
하늘 (haneul) sky, heaven, great, vast
해원 (haewon) beautiful garden
환 (hwan) shine, happines
이든 (ideun) beautiful
인정 (injeong) benevolence
인나 (inna) graceful, delicate
자기야 (jagiya) honey, baby
잡채 (japchae) stir-fried noodles
진 (jin) jewel
김치 (gimchi) kimchi
민성 (minseong) jade
미르 (mireu) dragon
미연 (miyeon) clouds
명 (myeong) brightness
냉면 (naengmyeon) cold noodles
산들 (sandeul) gentle wind
상 (sang) forever
서진 (seojin) omen
석영 (seokyeong) flower
서리 (seori) frost
신정 (sinjeong) spirit
소희 (sohui) splendid
소하 (soha) small
소주 (soju) Korean rice wine
수 (su) excellence
떡볶이 (tteokbokki) spicy rice cake

Wrap Up

And there, you’ve got numerous different options to name your pet! Among them, which ones do you think would be cute to give as your pet’s name? Let us know below in the comments!

Now that you’ve got your pet’s name discovered, perhaps you’d like to get to know more about yourself by reading about the Korean theory for blood type personality. You might also be curious about Korean names that you can choose from for yourself. If so, we have separate articles for common Korean names, and also how to create your own Korean name!

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