Korean phone number – All you need to know (+how to get one)

Do you have your Korean phone number? If you do, you’d know that they follow this format:

Mobile phone number: 010-6200-0000

Telephone number: 02-9600-0000

In this article, we’ll tell you all about South Korean phone numbers, their format, and some examples.

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We will also give you some information on how you can actually get a South Korean phone number!

What Do Korean Phone Numbers Look Like?

We have already given you some information on Korean phone numbers in our article on Korean numbers. Drawing from that article, you might already know that there are two types of phone numbers in Korea: mobile phone and telephone.

In both cases, Sino-Korean numbers are used to spell out the phone numbers. In that linked article, you can also learn some useful phrases related to Korean phone numbers.

Example of Korean Phone Number

Here are examples of phone numbers used for mobile and telephones in the Seoul region:

Mobile phone number: 010-6203-3087

Telephone number: 02-9674-5122

What is the area/country code in South Korea?

The South Korea country code is +82. You can use it with both mobile phone and telephone numbers. For refreshment, here is how adding in the area code modifies the numbers:

For cell phone numbers, the number goes from 010-6203-3087 to +82-10-6203-3087.

While the telephone number goes from 02-9674-5122 to +82-2-9674-5122.

So, thankfully, not too difficult for you to remember quickly! However, do note that the area codes for Ulsan and Busan are 52 and 51, respectively, as opposed to 82 for South Korea’s capital, Seoul code. However, in total, the number consists of 10 digits, still, so there will be one digit less in the middle section.

How to call Korean phone numbers

There are two ways to call Korean phone numbers, depending on where you are calling from.

Let’s use the example number above: 02-9674-5122

If you’re calling within South Korea, you can use the number as is:


However, if you’re calling South Korea from outside the country, you need to replace “0” with the country code “+82” so it should look like this:

Free Korean Phone Numbers Guide

How many digits are there in a Korean phone number?

Each mobile or cell phone number in South Korea consists of 11 numbers. On the other hand, telephone numbers have 10 digits each. Below, we’ll also tell you more about the specific formats used for mobile and telephone numbers in South Korea.

Korean Mobile number format

For the 11-digit mobile numbers, they start with the three-digit codes 010 before moving on to an 8-number combination that is unique to each number.

Sometimes it is possible to choose the last four digits yourself, but the middle four are always automatically generated.

Korean Telephone number format

For telephones, the numbers usually start with the combination 02. You likely won’t find many households that still carry a landline phone, but many government offices and other businesses still have telephone numbers like this.

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How do I get a phone number in Korea?

If you are in South Korea, it’ll be advantageous for you to have a local number, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. There are three ways you can get your own phone number in South Korea. We’ve listed them below.

Alien Registration Card

The process of getting yourself equipped with a South Korean phone number is easier when you are staying in the country for more than three months and will get the Alien Registration Card as well as a local bank account; however, it is not impossible without one, either.

With the ARC, you can walk into any Korean phone store (with Gwanghwamun’s KT Olleh being especially popular among foreigners) and register for a phone plan, either with a contract or a pre-paid option.

Data-only plans

In some cases, it may also be beneficial to get a local phone with the number as well. It is also possible to get a data-only plan if you wish. The cheapest plans start from just 12,000won. With a data plan added on, the plans often start from 30,000won.

SIM card rental

And if you happen to only be visiting for less than three months, you can rent a SIM card – and even a whole cell phone! – at the airport. You can order it online and pick it up from the airport upon arrival.

Free Korean Phone Numbers Guide

Is a Korean phone number necessary when visiting only?

Even if you are in South Korea for just one week, it may be handy to rent a sim card and have a local phone number in your possession.

Especially if you are coming in for a longer visit or have been living in South Korea for some time, having a phone number in South Korea will be quite essential. During the height of the pandemic, for example, each incoming foreigner was even required to possess a local phone number.

Why should one get a Korean phone number?

When you are equipped with a local phone number, daily life in the country will be so much easier for you. For example, sometimes, your foreign number may not work properly in the country. Meanwhile, with local Korean phone numbers, you can easily connect with people over the phone.

You may also be unable to register for some services without a local phone number and can only get a data plan with a local number. That means, without a local number, you’ll be stuck relying on spotty wi-fi internet and may not have the option to reach out or be reached out to everywhere, even in the city!

In cases like this, you’ll realize how convenient calling or sending SMS to people you know can be!

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Can I get a Korean phone number if I’m outside Korea?

Of course, if you are not in South Korea, you will not need their local number. There are ways these days to get a virtual phone number for South Korea or any other country from wherever in the world you are.

For example, Call Hippo offers virtual phone service. However, although available and cheaper compared to a traditional international call, services like these are mostly used for business purposes only.

What to do after learning about Korean phone numbers

Now that you know about Korean phone numbers and how to get one, here are some next steps you can take:

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Since you’re already prepared to make phone calls, you might want to learn how to use phone call phrases next. We have a section for this in our Korean phrases article.

Free Korean Phone Numbers Guide

Wrap Up

In this article, you learned what Korean phone numbers look like, how to call them whether you’re inside or outside Korea, and what you need to get one.

What else would you like to know about phone numbers in South Korea? Let us know below in the comments!

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