Korean Snacks: 24 You Must Try!

What does watching a movie such as Korean movies, waiting for a dinner reservation, and studying the Korean language have in common? All three activities become way more enjoyable when you incorporate Korean snacks into the mix!

Snacks are one of the essential pleasures of life, and as you’re studying the Korean language and learning more about Korean culture, I’m sure you’re wondering what South Korea has to offer the snack world.

Korean Snacks

We’ll tell you all about what’s out there so you can get your snack on!

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Where to Buy Korean Snacks

If you’re in Korea, most of these can be found at the local 편의점 (pyeonuijeom | convenience store).

If you are living outside of Korea, you might be able to find them at a local Korean supermarket. Additionally,  we added the links to the titles whenever we found them available. You can order the Korean snacks and have them delivered to your home.

For a combination box of snacks, check out the last item on this list.

Different Korean Snacks

Korean snacks are like nothing you’ve experienced before – Koreans take snacking very seriously and have come up with some of the tastiest treats under the sun. Read on for a list of Korean snacks you have to try immediately and try not to get too hungry as you’re reading!

We provide the Korean names of the sweets in this article in the Korean Hangeul. If you can’t read Hangeul, it is possible to learn Hangeul in just ninety minutes.

Korean Snack #1: Orion Choco Pie

(오리온 초코파이 | Orion chokopai)

This is one of the most famous of all Korean snacks. It’s pretty much impossible to meet a Korean who doesn’t know about choco pies. They’re an integral part of Korean society, similar to a national symbol. The pronunciation is similar to how you’d say it in English, so it’s easy to say the title. Many Korean words are like this.

Orion Choco Pie box in a supermarket

There are several different brands, but Orion is the go-to for most people. It’s a yellow sponge cake with a marshmallow on the inside and chocolate on the outside. They come in different size boxes, from 2 choco pies up to 60. Be warned: They are so delicious that once you start eating them, it’s difficult to not eat the entire box!

You would like these if you like: marshmallows and chocolate pie

Korean Snack #2: Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks

(인절미 라이스볼 | injeolmi raiseubol)

Are you a fan of Cheetos? Yeah, we thought so. Azuki Bean rice ball snacks are a quintessentially Korean alternative to Cheetos puffs – light, fluffy, and full of crunch; these snacks are full of flavor and are hard to stop eating. Rather than the salty, cheesy flavor of Cheetos, however, these puffs are slightly sweet and have a unique flavor reminiscent of peanut butter.

Korean Snacks 2 Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks
Photo credit: http://travelerdaily.com

Give these a try you need a snack that will give you a satisfying crunch and a ton of flavor. You would like these if you like those peanut butter crunch cookies by Keebler you ate as a kid

Korean Snack #3: Kkokkalcorn 

(꼬깔콘 | Kkokkalcorn)

Remember bugles, the delicious cone-shaped snacks that are best eaten after you put one on each finger and pretend they’re really claws? You’re in for a treat! Koreans have their very own cone-shaped corn snack called kkokkalcorn, and they are just as satisfying (and fun) as bugles.

Korean Snacks 3 Kkokkalcorn
Photo credit: http://panasiafood.net

Pick up a bag the next time you need some help procrastinating, load up your fingers, and have some fun while snacking!

You would like these if you like: bugles, distractions, being silly

Korean Snack #4: Pepero

(빼빼로 | Pepero)

Have you ever loved a snack so much that you thought it deserved its own holiday? Well, that’s how Koreans feel about Pepero because it DOES have its own holiday.

Boxes of Lotte Pepero in a Korean supermarket in Seoul

These delicious chocolate-covered sticks are a Korean favorite, and rightfully so. There are tons of varieties incorporating milk chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, and peanut butter – what more could you possibly ask for in a snack? Give Pepero a try the next time you’re in the mood for an easy-to-eat dessert, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

You would like these if you like: anything dipped in chocolate

Korean Snack #5: Chocolate Corns 

(초코콘 | chokokon)

We’ve got another option for the Cheetos lovers reading this post – Korean chocolate corns are pretty much a chocolate version of traditional cheese puffs. Sweeter than the Azuki Bean rice ball snacks above, these corn puffs are perfect for chocolate lovers who won’t settle for anything less than true indulgence.

Korean Snacks 5 Chocolate Corns
Photo credit: http://junkfoodguy.com

Pair these up with some Pepero for an unbeatable chocolate feast! You would like these if you like: anything and everything chocolate

Korean Snack #6: Lotte’s Kancho Choco Biscuits

(칸쵸 초코 | kanchyo choko)

These light and flaky chocolate-filled cookies are a dream come true for any dessert lover. There’s just a hint of milk chocolate inside so they’re not super-rich, and they’re tiny enough that you can pop one (or six…) in your mouth and eat them on the go.

Pink container of Lotte kancho

They also have adorable pictures printed on each individual cookie, so this snack serves as a great pick me up if you’re stress eating and need to cheer yourself up. Pick up a box or container the next time you’re in the mood for a dessert that is quick, easy, and is guaranteed to make you smile.

You would like these if you like: Milano sandwich cookies, happiness

Korean Snack #7: Dried Squid

(해오징어 | haeojingeo)

Alright, hear me out. Dried squid as a snack? I know it probably sounds a little outlandish, but this delicious seafood snack is similar to beef jerky in texture and is utterly delicious if you enjoy squid in its other variations.

Korean Snacks 7 Dried Squid
Photo credit: http://diytrade.com

Like beef jerky, the texture takes a little getting used to, but this snack is perfect if you want to munch on something salty but need something more substantial (and full of protein) than chips and rice snacks. Take a walk on the wild side and pick up some dried squid – you’ll be converted after your first bite! You might also want to have this as a snack while watching Squid Game!

You would like this if you like: calamari, beef jerky

Korean Snack #8: Honey Butter Chips

(허니버터칩 | heonibeoteochip)

Honey butter chips have taken Korean by storm: since their release, the chips have been sold out nearly everywhere, and when they’re in stock people buy them by the box to make sure they don’t run out right away!

Picture of a pack of Honey Butter Chip snack

If you do happen to stumble upon a bag of honey butter chips in the wild, be sure to snatch them up – these chips are insanely delicious and popular enough that celebrities have exclusive bags sent directly to them to advertise and post selfies with. Let the hunt begin!

You would like these if you like: we don’t even know, because we haven’t been able to find a bag! Presumably, honey butter.

Korean Snack #9: Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate

(가나 밀크 초콜릿 | gana milkeu chokollit)

As a chocolate lover, I’m a firm believer that sometimes, there’s no better snack than straight-up milk chocolate. If you’re also a believer in the magical properties of chocolate, look no further – Lotte Ghana is one of the most popular brands of chocolate in Korea, and for good reason!

Ghana milk chocolate
Photo credit: http://junkfoodguy.com

Chocolate didn’t become big in Korea until the mid-twentieth century when it was introduced via the Westerners who were posted up for the Korean War. Lotte introduced Ghana milk chocolate to the world in the mid-1970s, and the rest is history!

The reason Ghana is so popular (aside from being delicious) is the love that is put into the chocolate-making technique – rather than just slapping together some subpar chocolate, Lotte developed a micro-grinding technique that breaks the particles in the chocolate down to tiny pieces, resulting in a smooth and delicious chocolate bar. Give it a try for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

You would like these if you like: good old-fashioned chocolate, with an emphasis on the ‘good

Korean Snack #10: Crab Chips

(꽃게스낵 | kkotge seunaek)

Whether it’s chilled, grilled, or shaped into a cake, I think we can all agree that crab is amazing in all of its many forms. That being said, of course, crab chips are delicious – who wouldn’t love a snack that focuses on the crunchy, fried goodness of a chip as well as the salty and slightly sweet flavor profile of crab?

Crab chips
Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Slightly sweeter than shrimp snacks, crab chips are more reminiscent of Old Bay than straight-up salty seafood, and you will definitely pick up on some interesting flavor notes while you’re enjoying this snack. You should be warned, though – if you eat one, there’s no way that you’ll be able to stay away from the rest of the bag.

Pick up a bag of crab chips the next time you’re craving a crunch that packs a flavor punch, and don’t be ashamed if you finish the entire bag in one sitting! It’s an achievement that sets serious snackers apart from the rest.

You would like this if you like: snacking on chilled crab cocktail just as much as you like putting back a bag of potato chips by yourself. No shame!

Korean Snack #11: Pumpkin Monaca 

(호박모나카 | hobak monaka)

It’s that time of year again… the weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and you’re about to be slapped in the face with pumpkin flavor taking over a wide variety of food, drinks, and candles. If you happily jump on the pumpkin train every fall, then this is the snack for you!

Pumpkin monaca
(Photo credit: http://snackfoodshop.com)

Light and fluffy on the outside, these rice-based biscuits are filled with a thick and sweet pumpkin center. They’re so sweet, in fact, that they come individually wrapped – probably to deter you from eating more than one or two in a sitting. Don’t let a snack company tell you how to live your life, though!

Embrace the pumpkin love and dig into a bag of these snacks while you enjoy the shift in seasons. I personally recommend eating these while sitting on a park bench amidst a bunch of orange leaves, but whatever floats your boat.

You would like these if you like: pumpkin spice lattes, jumping in piles of leaves

(빼빼로 화이트 쿠키 | ppaeppaero hwaiteu kuki)

I’ve already shared with you one of the most famous Korean snacks, Pepero – if you’re a fan of classic Pepero, you MUST try the Pepero white cookie sticks.

Reminiscent of Hershey’s cookies and cream snacks that are super popular in the Western world, these Pepero snacks are coated in white chocolate and chocolate cookie pieces, so they have a bit more texture than classic, chocolate-dipped Pepero.

Two styles of boxes of Lotte Pepero White Cookie at Seoul Supermarket

The white chocolate is also a bit sweeter than the milk chocolate coating that they use, so be prepared for a sweet treat the next time you’re snacking on these! Pick up a pack of white cookie sticks the next time you’re out and about and looking for an easy-to-eat dessert.

You would like these if you like: Oreos, or anything cookies and cream flavored

Korean Snack #13: Lotte’s Happy Promise Custard Cakes

(행복 카스타드 | haengbok kaseutadeu)

How can you not love a snack with “happy promise” in the name? Lotte’s Happy Promise custard cakes are exactly as delightful as they sound – they feature a light and fluffy sponge cake filled with rich and sweet custard, so they’ll fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

Lotte custard cakes
Photo credit: http://worldofsnacks.com

These cakes are versatile, and they’re perfect as a breakfast treat or an end of the day dessert indulgence. Pick up some Happy Promise custard cakes and treat yourself – you deserve it!

You would like this if you like: any type of Little Debbie’s snack cakes

Korean Snack #14: Orion Dr. You Original Diget 

(다이제 | daije)

These snacks are deceptively delicious. On the package, you get the words “Dr. You”, “whole wheat”, and “digestive biscuit.” It must be something healthy with little taste, right?

Then you get hit with a surprise–these things are tasty! It’s just the right mix of flavor and crunchiness, all mixed into a relatively healthy treat.

Whole wheat digestive biscuit

If you really want to amp up your biscuit game, then try out the chocolate-covered version on the left in the picture above.

Pick up a pack of these treats the next time you’re in a snacking mood and want to feel good after indulging – you’ll thank me later.

You will like this snack if you like: biscuits or wheat thins.

Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!

Korean Snack #15: Ace Chocolato 

(에이스 초코라또 | eiseu chokoratto)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you can’t decide between snacking on something sweet and snacking on something with a little more substance? The next time you find yourself in that predicament, pick up a pack of Ace Chocolato.

Korean snacks
Photo credit: http://blog.sina.com.cn

This snack combines a classic flaky cracker with sweet, creamy milk chocolate, so it does the trick whether you’re craving dessert or something starchy. Also, as an added bonus, the milk chocolate is in the shape of a mountain — how cool is that?!

You will like this snack if you like: crackers, chocolate, and being indecisive about the type of snack you’re in the mood for

Korean Snack #16: Custard Sweet Gold

(카스타드 스위트 골드 | kaseutadeu seuwiteu goldeu)

Lotte has done it again with sweet gold, a sweet potato-based custard treat that will leave you reaching for another as soon as you’re done. We’re not sure if it’s the delicious, pillowy sweet potato pie or the dense and decadent custard filling, but there is something about this snack that we just can’t get enough of.

Lotte is responsible for producing a bunch of the tastiest Korean snacks, and this is no exception!

Snack Custard Sweet Gold (카스타드 스위트 골드)

The best (or worst) part about this snack is that they typically come in a box of twelve, so if you pick up a box, you’ll be set with delicious snacks for a while. That does rely on you having dessert self-control though, which is not something we can say for ourselves.

You will like this snack if you like: pumpkin pie — the taste is very reminiscent of this popular dessert

Korean Snack #17: Goguma Kkang

(고구마깡 | gogumakkang)

Sweet potato fries are all the rage right now — something about combining the incredible experience of eating crisp, freshly cooked french fries with a super healthy vegetable like the sweet potato is not only delicious but also makes you feel less guilty for eating fries in the first place.

That being said, there will be times when you need a snack but can’t slip out to track down freshly fried sweet potatoes. Fear not! Goguma kkang is here to save the day. These delicious sweet potato chips are exactly as delicious as they sound — they’re slightly salted and seasoned and feature the distinct flavor of sweet potato as well as a crunch that will satisfy your snack craving in no time.

Picture of a pack of Sweet Potato snack

Keep a bag of goguma kkang on hand the next time you have a busy day at work or school so you’re ready with a delicious snack that can tide you over until you break away. This snack has also been around way longer than the sweet potato fry trend, so it won’t be difficult to find when you’re in Korea.

You will like this snack if you like: sweet potato fries, snacks that toe the savory/sweet line

Korean Snack #18: Korean Sweet Cakes 

(찹쌀약과 | chapssal yakgwa)

As I’m sure you’re aware, all of the most delicious snacks in life are full of some form of sugar, flour, or oil. We’re excited to inform you that Korean sweet cakes are full of all three of those delicious ingredients!

Photo credit: http://bukalapak.com

Light and flaky in texture, Korean sweet cakes are a great alternative to traditional cookies and candies if you’re in the mood for something quick and sweet. They’re also an extremely affordable dessert option, and you can find them pretty much anywhere.

Pick up a pack of these sweet cakes the next time you need to get your blood sugar up while you’re on the go! You won’t be disappointed.

You would like these if you like: vanilla wafers

Korean Snack #19: Premium Ghana Chocolate 

(프리미엄 가나 초콜릿 | peurimieom gana chokollit)

As you know by now, Ghana chocolate is a huge phenomenon in Korea amongst chocolate lovers — its creamy, sweet taste truly cannot be beaten. However, there’s a time and a place for eating a huge candy bar, and sometimes you’re in the mood for a dessert that’s a little less of a commitment.

Korean snacks
Photo credit: http://amazon.com

If you find yourself in the mood for a quick dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth that doesn’t require you to purchase a whole chocolate bar, consider picking up some Premium Ghana Chocolate. This chocolate is bite-sized and individually wrapped, so it’s a perfect mini dessert that you can enjoy day after day.

This chocolate also makes a great gift due to its lovely box, so if there’s someone special in your life that you’d like to show some appreciation to, get them Ghana! Chocolate is one of the many languages of love, after all.

You will like this snack if you like: Hershey’s kisses

Korean Snack #20: Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips

(신당동 떡볶이 | sindangdong tteokbokki) 

If you’ve had the pleasure of exploring Korea, then chances are you’re already well acquainted with the beauty (and, occasionally, curiosity) that is Korean street food. One of the biggest crowd-pleasers when it comes to Korean street food is tteokbokki, which is a dish featuring stir-fried rice cakes with chili paste and other flavors ranging from fish cakes to egg.

Korean snacks

Tteokbokki is absolutely delicious — something about the texture of the rice cakes with the flavor of the sauce used in the stir fry makes it difficult to stay away from. These tteokbokki chips are perfect if you’re craving tteokbokki but can’t break away from your desk or if you don’t feel like leaving your house.

The flavors you’ll find in the street food version of tteokbokki really come through in the chips, making this snack a must-have for any street food lover’s pantry.

You will like this snack if you like: spice and Korean street food, or flaming hot Cheetos

Korean Snack #21: Seaweed Crisps

Korean name: (김스낵 | gimseunaek)

Seaweed is another food that has been on the international stage lately as a trendy menu item. Well known for the superfood properties that make it full of nutrients, seaweed is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a huge variety of meals and snacks.

Picture of a pack of Roasted Seaweed Snack

These Seaweed Crisps highlight all of the best parts of seaweed — its light, crisp texture when dried, its savory profile, and the health benefits that come with its consumption. They also come in a variety of delicious flavors, so there’s something for every snack lover.

Give the Korean BBQ flavor a try the next time you see it in a store — the combination of Korean barbecue spice with seaweed’s distinct texture and flavor notes make it difficult to put down!

You will like this snack if you like: feeling good about yourself while you’re snacking. Yay, seaweed!

Korean Snack #22: Korean Waffle Mate

(와플메이트 | wapeulmeiteu)

What makes a perfect mid-morning snack? Something light and tasty that pairs perfectly with your cup of coffee, of course! Look no further — Korean Waffle Mate is a glorious snack that goes perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

These flaky biscuits have a very slight sweetness because they’re made with honey, and if you dip them in your morning coffee, they become so soft that they’ll dissolve in your mouth.

Korean waffle snacks
Photo credit: http://hellosubscription.com

This snack is also perfect for an early-day craving because it’s light enough that if you’ve had a large breakfast (or if you have a large lunch coming up), it’ll satisfy your snack craving without making you too full or ruining your appetite.

Also, although we’ve been singing the praises of waffle mate paired with a hot beverage, they’re also fantastic on their own, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a cup of coffee handy.

Incorporate Waffle Mate into your morning routine and start the day off right!

You will like this snack if you like: those little Madeline cookies that are great paired with coffee

Korean Snack #23: Lotte Anytime Milk Mint

(애니타임 밀크민트 | aenitaim milkeuminteu)

These are really something special. It has a combination of flavors that are truly difficult to describe, but the closest would be to call it a mint covered in a thick delicious milk coating.

Bag of Lotte Anytime Milk Mint (애니타임 밀크민트)
Photo Credit: http://www.Amazon.com

This snack is great if you’re worried about your breath but not a huge fan of overpowering mints. The mints in these are very “cool,” and the sweet milk coating eases you into the minty center. Or, if you don’t have the patience for that then you can start munching on them right away and be bombarded by the instant mint freshness mixed with the sugary coating.

There are not many places you can find mints like these, so they’re certainly worth trying! Check out all the different flavors available.

You will like this snack if you like: mints and sweet candies

Korean Snack #24: Lotte Vegetable Crackers

(야채 크래커 | yachae keuraekeo)

Before the word “vegetable” scares you away, let us tell you a thing or two about this delicious Korean snack. Vegetable crackers are intriguing — first of all, their name is about as straightforward as you can get. These are absolutely crackers infused with a variety of vegetable flavoring.

However, that being said, there’s something absolutely delicious about the buttery texture of the crackers and the slightly savory and relatively faint taste of vegetables ranging from bell peppers to carrots to scallions.

Korean snacks
Photo credit: http://ebayshopkorea.com

These crackers also don’t look like they should necessarily be vegetable crackers — in appearance, they look like Ritz crackers, and you wouldn’t know that they have a delectable vegetable kick until you’ve already bitten into one.

If you’re looking for a savory snack that will satisfy you, Vegetable Crackers should definitely be on your radar, whether for their addictive texture or their great taste. Pick up a box for your cupboard the next time you’re out and about and see what all of the fuss is about!

You will like this snack if you like: buttery crackers or wafers

Wrap Up

You might be wondering where the Korean beverages are. We have a separate article dedicated to Korean drinks right here! Do you have a favorite Korean snack that isn’t on this list? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

If you want to learn how to read Korean to help you with the names of Korean food and snacks, you can check our full guide here. Once you know the Korean alphabet, reading these Korean food names will come naturally!

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