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Korean Valentine’s Phrases You Will Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or 해피 발렌타인 데이 in Korean.

We’ve got all the Valentine’s Day Korean phrases you’ll need to express yourself to that special someone this February 14th.

Before we kick off the Korean Valentine’s Day Korean Phrase festivities, there are three critical things you should know. Read them over so you know how to use the Valentine’s Day Korean phrases properly.

Lastly, check the very bottom of the page to keep the romantic times rolling all year round!

This article uses a lot of Korean words in Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. If you haven’t learned Hangeul yet you can learn the entire alphabet in about 90 minutes!

Valentine’s Day Phrase Rules

1. Ladies First

In Korea, women give chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day as a sign of affection. The men who receive the chocolate are supposed to give the woman a non-chocolate gift on March 14th (White Day).

2. Missing “You”

One thing that confused people about the Korean language is that the pronoun “you” isn’t used often to refer the other person.

For example, the phrase “I miss you” is “보고 싶어요” in Korean. The “I” and “you” are implied.

You may see the word “당신” used in phrase books or in the dictionary, but it sounds a bit strange. It’s somewhat of an outdated term. Usually Koreans don’t use the word “you” to refer to the other person very often.

If you need to specify that you are referring to the other person, it’s better to use that persons name or title. But which one to use? That brings us to #3!

3. Name That Name

The Korean language follows a social hierarchy that is based on age. What that means is that they use different forms of the language for people who are younger, the same age, and older than them.

If you’re dating someone older than you, you need to call them by the appropriate title (오빠 or 누나). If your partner is the same age or younger than you, then you can use that person’s name.

For all of the Valentine’s Day Korean expressions below, use these rules and plug in the correct term for your partner. Be sure to add these to your flash card vocabulary for easier reference later!

For females:

  • To older man: “오빠” 
    • Example: “좋아해요” becomes “오빠 좋아해요”
  • To younger man: Use his name
    • Example: “좋아해요” becomes “지훈 좋아해요”

For males:

  • To older woman: “누나”
    • Example: “좋아해요” becomes “누나 좋아해요
  • To younger woman: Use her name
    • Example: “좋아해요” becomes “민지 좋아해요”


Valentine’s Day Korean Phrases

English한국어 (Korean)
Happy Valentine's Day!해피 발렌타인 데이!
I made this Valentine's chocolate for you발렌타인 초콜릿 선물 만들었어요
Shall we eat this Valentine chocolate together?같이 발렌타인 초콜릿 먹을 까요?
Here’s a Valentine's card card I wrote for you발렌타인 카드 썼어요
I’m your secret admirer나는 <이름> 을/를 짝사랑하고 있어요

Meeting and Matchmaking

English한국어 (Korean)
Do you have Valentine's Day plans?발렌타인 데이에 계획 있어요?
Shall I set you up on a blind date?소개팅 해줄까요?
Shall we go on a date together?우리 데이트 할까요?
Shall we get dinner together sometime?언제 우리 같이 저녁 먹을까요?
Are you available ________?________에 시간 있어요?
Shall we go for a short walk?잠깐 산책할까요?
Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?우리 사귈래요?

Caring Compliments

English한국어 (Korean)
You are handsome!잘 생겼어요!
You are pretty!예쁘네요!
You are so cute!너무 귀여워요!
You look great!멋지네요!
You are so sweet!정말 친절하네요!
You are the man of my dreams내가 꿈꾸던 남자예요
You are the woman of my dreams내가 꿈꾸던 여자예요

Lovey Dovey Expressions

English한국어 (Korean)
I like you좋아해요
I like you a lot많이 좋아해요
I want to see you보고 싶어요
I love you사랑해요
I love you a lot많이 사랑해요
I love you too나도 사랑해요
I want to hug you안아주고 싶어요
I will give you a hug안아줄게요
I want to kiss you뽀뽀하고 싶어요
Kiss me please뽀뽀해 주세요
I want to be with you같이 있고 싶어요
I would like to spend more time with you<이름>랑 더 오래 같이 있고 싶어요


Deep From the Heart Expressions

English한국어 (Korean)
I love you with all my heart진심으로 사랑해요
I love you more than you know생각하고 있는 것 이상으로 사랑합니다
I love you more than words can express말로 표현할 수 없을 만큼 사랑해요
I love you more and more everyday시간이 지날수록 더 사랑해요
You don’t know how much I love you내가 얼마나 사랑하는지 모르는 것 같아요


Korean Love Lingo

English한국어 (Korean)
secret crush짝사랑
kiss (quick peck)뽀뽀
blind date소개팅


Korean Romance Calendar

February 14: Valentine’s Day – Women give men chocolate

March 14th: White Day – Men give women non-chocolate candy

April 14th: Black Day – Single people eat 자장면 at a Chinese-Korean restaurant

November 11th: Pepero Day – Couples give each other Pepero snacks. The date “11/11” resembles four Pepero sticks standing up.

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