Korean Worksheets – Exercises for your language skills

In this article, we will provide you with different Korean worksheets that can help you study Korean.

When you are studying a new language, practice really does make you perfect. Thus, you will want to utilize as many resources as possible, be it language apps, watching K-Dramas, listening to Korean songs, or taking quizzes. Besides our membership program, we have so many wonderful and educational articles available in our free blog.

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The tips we share can make learning the Korean language as fun and efficient as possible. Using these resources is an efficient way in which you can enhance your Korean language studying. And luckily, we have a couple of them for you to get started on immediately!

Different Korean Worksheets

Below, we will introduce you to our compilation of helpful resources and Korean learning worksheets, which you can get started by filling out right at this moment.

These free resources will be especially useful as you learn Korean in terms of beginner-level grammar patterns, common Korean vocabulary, and, of course, the Korean alphabet. You can also find resources for practicing reading and writing specifically.

We’ve added their links to each section. If you’d like to have your copy of the worksheet, simply click on the red button for the PDF.

Korean alphabet worksheets for beginners

In this section are resources on the Korean alphabet (Hangul) that are perfect for beginner-level learners. Its worksheets will be especially helpful to those still at the starting stage of learning the Korean alphabet.

Korean Alphabet Worksheet

Our Korean Alphabet worksheet is perfect for when you are just getting started on studying Korean and need to get a firm grasp of its alphabet (Hangul).

Korean Alphabet -worksheet

Utilizing this worksheet, you can learn not only the letters but also how each character sounds. Besides total beginners, this Korean worksheet works as a great refreshment if you’re struggling to remember each character or are returning to your Korean studies after a break.

Korean Vowels Worksheet

Learning Korean alphabet can be overwhelming for some. This Korean alphabet worksheet focuses solely on familiarizing you with the different vowels in the Korean language.

You’ll find a list of Korean vowels that you can refer to for practicing. As Korean vowels are also categorized into basic and double vowels, this worksheet can help you focus on these lessons.

Korean Vowels -worksheet

Korean Consonants Worksheet

In a similar fashion to the abovementioned vowels worksheet, this one is dedicated to consonants thoroughly.

In this Korean consonants worksheet, you’ll have a list of the Korean consonants alongside the simple activities that will help you practice and remember the letters.

Korean Consonants -worksheet

Beginner Korean Worksheets on Vocabulary

In this section are resources that will help you build a strong and diverse Korean vocabulary.

This is an excellent worksheet to start familiarizing yourself with common Korean words and vocabulary. Do this first before moving on to other Korean worksheets on vocabulary so that you’ll have the best basic skills and understanding.

Korean Words and Basic Vocabulary to Learn First -worksheet

Korean number worksheets

In this section, you can find resources that are focused on Korean numbers. Get acquainted with Korea’s two number systems and counters with these Korean worksheets.

Korean Numbers Worksheet

This worksheet makes knowing all the different Korean numbers and how to count in Korean so easy and convenient.

You’ll get to learn and practice using the Sino-Korean and the Native Korean Numbers System. By having knowledge of numbers in Korean, you’ll also be able to learn about other essential things easier, like a person’s age, Korean phone numbers, or the Korean currency.

Korean Numbers (Step by Step Guide for Counting in Hangul) -worksheet

Korean Counters Worksheet

With the help of this worksheet, you can expand on what you’ve learned about Korean numbers. It’ll make counting anything and everything in Korean super easy.

Having prior knowledge of Korean words for people, objects, date, time, and measurement can help as you would pair these words with their respective counters. There’s a long list of words that are used as Korean counters, and this worksheet can greatly help you to be more familiar with using them.

Korean Counters (Essential Words to Use with Numbers) -worksheet

woman writing on a worksheet

Korean Grammar Worksheets

In this section, you can find numerous useful resources that will help you understand and utilize Korean grammar. Specifically, this covers Korean verbs, conjunctions, conjugations, and particles.

Whether you are a beginner-level learner looking for anything helpful or a more advanced one looking to prep up specific grammar, you’ll find a fitting worksheet in this section.

Korean Grammar Worksheet

This worksheet is perfect for any beginners who want to get an efficient grammar study. This briefly covers the different parts of grammar and how they are used together in sentences.

Korean Grammar for Beginners -worksheet

Korean Verbs Worksheet

This worksheet gets you familiar with all the most common Korean verbs. It’s a must-do if you want to expand your vocabulary as much as possible. Having knowledge of Korean verbs will make learning about Korean adjectives and adverbs a lot easier.

Korean verbs -worksheet

Korean Conjugation Worksheet

If you want to practice conjugating in the Korean language, there’s no better way to do so than with the help of a worksheet like this. Knowing how to conjugate correctly can help you with forming adjectives, too.

Korean Conjugation -worksheet

Korean Conjunctions Worksheet

Learning all the different sentence connectors in Korean is a must if you want to be able to speak and write Korean like a pro. This resource is a quick way to master the different basic conjunctions popularly used in the Korean language.

Korean Conjunctions (Basic Sentence Connectors) -worksheet

Korean Particles Worksheet

Another important aspect of Korean grammar is its particles. These serve as markers in the sentence to help the reader identify what a certain word’s role is. There are different types of particles, but the most common ones are the topic, subject, and object particles.

Korean Particles – worksheet

Korean Reading Worksheet

In this section, you can find worksheets that can help you read Korean. This will be mighty useful in practicing your reading skills and speed. You’ll soon be able to read different vocabulary, phrases, and sentences.

Korean Reading Worksheet

Korean Writing Worksheet

On the other hand, if improving how you write in Hangul is your priority, the free resources below can help you take them to a higher level.

These Korean worksheets below go hand-in-hand in helping you practice writing Korean letters. The Korean writing worksheet contains pages that you can print out and write on for practice.

The Hangul stroke order worksheet, on the other hand, provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to write each Korean letter. With enough practice, you’ll surely see improvements in your Korean handwriting!

Korean Writing Worksheet

Hangul Stroke Order

man holding a worksheet book

How to Study Korean (Free Resources)

Lastly, you can find free resources on tips for studying the Korean language for free and efficiently under this section.

A Step-by-step Guide in Learning the Korean Language

This resource offers you a quick but educational guide on many different aspects of learning Korean. It includes but is not limited to offering some amazing resources with which you can master Korean.

Following this guide can help you determine the order of studying specific topics.

Learn Korean Online: How-To Guide for Language Study

Tips on how to learn Korean fast

To build on the other resources, with the aid of this one, you can masterfully quicken the pace with which you can learn Korean.

It’s a really handy guide to have as you learn a language. You can think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint, where you also don’t want to waste your time if there are faster ways to learn.

18 Fantastic Tips to Learn Korean Fast

Wrap Up

With these lessons and resources, you have now been equipped with some amazing resources you can use to learn and practice Korean. How many of our worksheets have you already finished? What kind of resources would you like to see more of?

Are worksheets the preferred way of studying for you? If you prefer learning Korean through textbooks, we have a list of recommendations in a separate article. Let us know what you think of these resources and learn from them by leaving a comment below! If this isn’t quite enough for you to learn from today, do sign up for our membership program or check out more articles on the blog.

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