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This quiz makes use of psychological techniques which are designed for rapid encoding and memorization of the characters.

Hi, Hangul Hero. Your mission is simple: take these hard-to-memorize shapes and commit them to memory by linking them to a picture in order to create an association!

PRONUNCIATION TIP: The first letter of the English word in the picture has the same sound as the Korean character

Click "Start" to accept your mission and begin learning the characters.

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Korean alphabet quiz

Are you as obsessed as we are over Korea and its language? If so, how about you take our Korean alphabet quiz and find out just how well you know the Korean alphabet! This can be a fun activity as you learn Korean!

If you also love to devour K-pop and K-dramas and K-movies daily, or you simply love learning the Korean language, then you'll enjoy this quiz!

About the quiz

The Korean alphabet quiz is an online quiz that's helpful if you're in the process of familiarizing yourself with Korean vowels and consonants. By taking on our Korean Alphabet Quiz, you'll be met with multiple-choice questions, and you should identify the Korean letters shown. They'll test how your knowledge of basic vocabulary and understanding of the Korean alphabet is so far.

Don't worry if you don't get it 100% correct the first time; you'll be able to take the Korean alphabet quiz many more times if you wish. It can be a great way to memorize the Korean alphabet or a particular Korean character that's tough for you!

How the Korean Alphabet quiz can help you

You might come across this quiz and decide to take it for fun. However, here are some reasons why the Korean alphabet quiz can actually help you learn Korean.

Confirm your Korean language level

Quizzes can be especially helpful if you're not a complete beginner as you learn Korean. For example, you already know all the letters in the Korean alphabet, so identifying them can be easy for you. However, you might not be sure which level your Korean is. After all, you wouldn't want to spend your time starting from scratch or sitting through the same learning material that you already know.

So, you can look at this Korean alphabet quiz as a placement test. You could evaluate your Korean level so you can know which level to continue learning Korean from. In doing so, you won't get bored while learning Korean, and you also won't find yourself frustrated because what you're learning is too tough. It may also showcase some particular topics and lessons you'll want to go over again.

The quiz can teach you more Korean

As was mentioned above, you can take the quiz as many times as you wish. Therefore, as you take it repeatedly to reach that 100% score, you're also learning and memorizing the parts in the quiz that you did not know yet!

The quiz you take can also help you understand the content. In addition, it may show you how much more you know already than you thought you did! Generally, quizzes might not be enjoyable for most people, but indeed these Korean quizzes - and other tests - are for your benefit! They'll help you see what you already know and where you need to build more knowledge.

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Learning more about the Korean alphabet

Finished taking the Korean alphabet quiz? If you enjoyed it and would want to learn more, we have a whole program in store for you!

Inner Circle Course

This is a Korean learning course that is included in the 90 Day Korean membership. The course contains premium lessons focused on the essential parts of the language and is perfect for beginners! The lessons are all explained using psychology and stories, so you can't forget them (even if you tried).

Apart from the courses, there are other features of the program to help you learn the Korean alphabet and everything there is to know about the Korean language. Think of it as the full gear that you can equip as you start to study Korean.

We'd love to have you learn Korean with us! So if you'd like to continue learning what you've started with the quiz, you can check out our Korean language program and see if it's a perfect fit for you!

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