How to Say ‘Really’ in Korean

The word ‘really’ is an important word in every language. If you have wondered how to say ‘really’ in Korean, then you’re in the right place!

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By learning this important word, you can join in more with conversations and make more interesting sentences.

We’ll explain how and when to use ‘really’ in Korean.

‘Really’ in Korean

There are several ways to use the word ‘really’.

First, it can be used on its own as a question. It can also be used to answer that question.

Second, it can be used in the same way as the word ‘very’.

Really in Korean

There are two different words for ‘really’ in the Korean language:

정말 (jeongmal)

진짜 (jinjja)

 We’ll tell you about them!

Formal ‘Really’ in Korean

1. 정말입니까? (jeongmarimnikka)How to Say Really in Korean formal

As a question

2. 정말입니다 (jeongmarimnida)

As an answer

This word may come up in an interview or presentation.


A: 매일 아침마다 조깅을 하신다면서요. 그게 정말입니까?

(maeil achimmada jogingeul hasindamyeonseoyo.geuge jeongmarimnikka)

I’ve heard that you go jogging every morning. Do you really?

B: 네, 정말입니다. (ne, jeongmarimnida)

Yes, I really do.

Standard ‘Really’ in Korean

1. 정말요 (jeongmallyo)How to Say Really in Korean standard

2. 진짜요 (jinjjayo)

You can use these words when talking to somebody older than you, or somebody that you don’t know too well.

You can also change your intonation so that it sounds like a question.


아니, 정말요? 그럼 그 다음에 무슨 일이 있었어요?

(ani, jeongmallyo geureom geu daeume museun iri isseosseoyo)

No, really? And then what happened?

사랑해요. 정말로요. (saranghaeyo jeongmalloyo)

I love you. Really.

Informal ‘Really’ in Korean

1. 정말 (jeongmal)

2. 진짜 (jinjja)How to Say Really in Korean informal

You can use these words with a close friend of a similar or younger age.


A: 나 예뻐? 진짜? (na yeppeo jinjja)

I’m pretty? Really?

B: 정말. 너무 예뻐! (jeongmal neomu yeppeo)

Really. So pretty!

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This video shows How to Say “Really” in Korean
How to Say "REALLY" in Korean

‘It’s Really Good’ in Korean

To use the word ‘really’ in a sentence, you can just use the word 정말 or 진짜. This word is simple to use and can help you add a lot of emphasis to your feelings.


정말 좋아해요 (jeongmal joahaeyo)

I really like it.

진짜 예뻐요 (jinjja yeppeoyo)

She’s really pretty.

한달은 정말 긴 시간이에요 (handareun jeongmal gin siganieyo)

One month is a really long time.

Top Tip: Word Association to Remember 진짜

Jinjja ninja in Korean

진짜 (jinjja)is easy to remember. Why? Because it sounds like ‘ninja’.

If you see someone who you think is a ninja, ask yourself:

Are they really a ninja?

Are they a jinjja ninja?

A Word of Caution About Romanization

One of the most common reasons people have trouble with learning Korean is with pronunciation. This is mostly because romanization isn’t accurate. It’s a rough estimate of what the Korean words sound like in English letters.

Since it’s often not a precise way of saying the Korean word, students end up mispronouncing the word. It’s equally frustrating for the Korean listeners, because they are trying to follow what the student is saying.

Spending about 1 hour to learn the Korean alphabet can easily solve this problem. It’s a simple alphabet to learn if you have the right tools.

Here’s a free guide that teaches you Hangul (the Korean alphabet) in a simple and fun way.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to say ‘really’ in Korean, use it to spice up your conversations and sound more like a native speaker!

If you need tools to help you with learning Korean, you can find our dictionary and translator app recommendations here!

Want more Korean phrases? Go to our Korean Phrases Page for a complete list!

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  1. Hello! What about 너무, 매의, and 아주? I heard 너무 is generally used in negative sentences but not always, is that true?

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