Best English Teaching Recruiters in Korea

Best English Teaching Recruiters in Korea

If you are thinking of coming to Korea to teach, then the first step towards finding a job is to choose a recruiter. There are loads of recruiters in Korea. Some have plenty of jobs whereas others just have a few. Some are trustworthy and look out for their teachers, whereas others are less so.

While there are job boards where teaching jobs are posted, as a first-timer it is often better to contact the recruiter directly. This is because they will be able to help you through all the steps between looking for a job and actually starting a job in Korea.

Contact recruiters directly in Korea

Before you start to look for a recruiter, there are a few things that you should know.

Firstly, make contact with several different recruiters to give yourself a wide range of job offers. By looking at several recruiters, you have a better chance of finding a recruiter that you trust. Many people who just visit one recruiter assume that all recruiters are the same but this isn’t the case. While they are all businesses at the end of the day, the way they conduct business can be very different indeed. Some recruiters may tell you anything to get you to accept an offer.

When you are offered a job, check that the location matches the recruiter’s description. This is an easy way of weeding out some of the less trustworthy recruiters.

By the time you get to the stage of sending documents, you should be happy with your recruiter. Make sure that they are honest and have your interests in mind before you send any documents.

Although a lot of recruiters in Korea are run solely by Koreans, the vast majority of the recruiters mentioned in this site have native English speaking former-teachers on their staff. While Korean recruiters can obviously speak excellent English, it’s helpful to talk to somebody who has been in a similar position to you in the past. This can really help, as they will be able to answer your questions from experience rather than just listing some guidelines.

Before you apply, it is best to check that you are actually able to obtain an E-2 teaching visa. Take the quiz on ASK-ETO Recruiting’s website in order to check that you are eligible.

We have worked with a lot of businesses in the past, but there are a handful of recruiting companies that we can vouch for!

Without further ado, here are the 10 recruiters we recommend working with if you’re looking for job in Korea (in no particular order):

Footprints Recruiting

footprints recruiting logo

If you want people who can relate to your situation, then you’ll definitely want to contact Footprints Recruiting. Originally founded by two English teachers almost 15 years ago, they have continued to be one of the most well-known recruiting companies for teaching English in South Korea.

We Teach Korea

WTK Logo (1 of 1)

We Teach Korea is a popular ESL job board and blog on teaching and living in South Korea. There are great job opportunities updated frequently from reliable schools all over Korea. On top of that, they write blog posts that aim to inform you of the ins and outs of living and teaching in South Korea.

Adventure Teaching adventure teaching

Adventure Teaching have positions in Korea and China, and try to make sure that prospective teachers know what they are getting themselves in for before they apply. They don’t have their positions listed on their site so you will have to contact them first, but even if you don’t use them, their website is very informative.

Teach ESL KoreateachESLKorea

TeachESLKorea is widely recognized as having some of the best reviews from their applicants, and reliable jobs in all of Korea. After 8 years of helping teachers, this husband and wife team of Dan and Aggie Henrickson still love helping people experience Korea!

They will make sure you can email with a current teacher at your potential school to help you comfort level during this sometimes daunting process. Their no pressure approach will ensure you find the job that works best for you. They also pride themselves on excellent support once you arrive in Korea – with dinners and events around Korea!

Dreamworks Recruitingdreamworks recruiting

Some companies like Dreamworks Recruiting are small but are have native speakers as their placement consultants, which is helps make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Morgan Recruitingmorgan recruiting

The opposite end of the scale when it comes to size is Morgan Recruiting. They are one of the larger recruiters in Korea and as such have a wide variety of jobs. If you are struggling to find a position elsewhere, using a larger company can help you as they will have something that suits your needs and abilities.


Some recruitment consultants such as Gone2Korea show their job listings on their website. This is great if you have your documents ready and have a specific location in mind. However, if you don’t have your documents ready, then some of the current job offers may not be available to you. Don’t worry, as the company will likely have similar positions in similar areas later in the year.

For first timers, Gone2Korea also helps applicants prepare for their interview. This can be hugely helpful as the answers that you think might impress an interviewer back home can have the opposite effect in Korea. A good tip for doing well in a job interview for a teaching job is to focus on your voice, make sure that you speak slowly and clearly and you will already be halfway towards being offered the job.


Most recruitment companies are based in North America, but ESLstarter are a UK based company. This can be really useful for Brits as the visa documents required from each nationality are slightly different. This company can help you through the visa process from a British perspective. ESLstarter also has jobs in a wide range of countries apart from Korea, so it could be a good site to visit if you are thinking about your next step after Korea.


Likewise KorjobCanada will be able to answer any questions from Canadians about the recruitment process. Of course both of these companies have positions for people from all the nationalities that are eligible for an E-2 visa. However,  for UK and Canadian citizens in particular they can have some useful tips and advice.

Say Kimchi Recruitingsay kimchi

Many recruiters don’t care about after-service and will leave you to sink-or-swim on your own once you are in Korea. Therefore, finding a recruiter that looks after you once you have started working is a big plus. Some recruiters such as SayKimchiRecruiting even help you obtain documents such as letters of recommendation for when you are thinking of your next position.

ASK-ETO Recrutingasketo recruiting

ASK-ETO Recruting was a result of an ASK Now and ETO merger. Their site helps you move through the application process by giving you five easy steps to follow and get up to speed. They also offer a chat service every Sunday to answer any questions you have about teaching English in South Korea.


Of course it is possible to look for a job on sites such as Dave’s ESL Cafe or, but using a recruiter in Korea can make your job hunt so much easier.

Now that you have a long list of recruiters that can help you get a job in Korea, take some time to look at each of their sites and then make contact with several of them. Remember, putting in the effort now to find people that you are comfortable working with will pay off when you actually arrive in Korea and have a great time in a job that you enjoy.

What are your favorite recruiting companies?

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