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Stellar Services in Korea

We thought it would be helpful to create a resources page that you can refer to for all of your various needs in Korea. We'll add more as we come across more great services for expats. We use all of these services personally and have experience with all of these companies! If you try any of them out, let us know what you think of them.

Our Most Recommended

Find a Great Apartment in Korea

Your Ultimate Apartment: If you’ve been limiting your housing rental search to Craigslist, you are only looking at a tiny fraction of your options. Great housing deals often never make it to the internet. If you’ve ever searched for an airplane ticket online, then you know how much of a difference comparisons can make. The same goes for housing. Most people want to have more options, but don’t know where to look. Use this service to get the best deal on your next Korean apartment!

Items For Your Arrival in Korea

The Arrival Store: If you have ever traveled or lived abroad for a prolonged period of time, you have probably experienced the maddening challenges of getting life set up in a foreign country. After living in several different countries and going through these humbling experiences one too many times, the concept for the TheArrivalStore.com was born. Competitive prices, great products, personal service, and innovative delivery, all fully backed by guarantees. The bedding and cell phone plans get our highest recommendation. Click here to check it out! 

Ride in Style in Seoul

Uber: Tap a button, get picked up in minutes in Seoul. Request a car with your mobile phone, arrive in style, and be on your way without even having to carry cash! You can even get an estimate of the fare before you ride. Step it up for a big day in a luxury car with an Equus, Mercedes, BMW or Maserati or use UberX to find a car that matches your budget. Split your fare with others and give feedback on your drivers. Enter promotion code 90DKUBER to get 20,000 won off your first ride!

Get Natural Health Products Delivered

iHerb: The whole 90 Day Korean Team orders all their supplements, vitamins, health foods, spices and iHerb. Why? Because it's extremely fast, cheaper than anything you can find in Korea, delivered right to your door and they have great customer service. Plus you can save 5% and get free shipping if your order is over $40 - every time! As a bonus, first-time users can use our Coupon Code at checkout to save an additional $5. Use Coupon Code VWS634 to get your discount! 

Find a Great New Teaching Job in Korea

ESL101: We highly recommend this website for finding your new job in Korea (or elsewhere in the world). Ever considered teaching in the Middle East? There are lots of great jobs available with really great salaries. How about South America? This website is a LinkedIn-type resource for teaching jobs, and you can get direct custom notifications for the types of jobs you want in the salary ranges you are looking for. There's a whole lot more to explore as well, so head on over to ESL101.com.

Stay Up to Date With All Korea-Related News

SeoulSync: SeoulSync is a unique web publication which acts as interactive and balanced source of news for Korea. It's your source for everything Seoul - whether it be travel, entertainment, fashion, culture, food or everyday life in Korea. Oh, and they have fun events, too! Read more over to SeoulSync.com.

Find Non-Teaching Job Opportunities in Korea

JobSeekr: Looking for a new opportunity in Korea? JobSeekr is used by thousands of active job seekers who apply for some of the best quality opportunities in Korea but often Korean language ability is a requirement. Take a look through and browse some of the latest job opportunities and create a profile for hiring companies to find you. Get started today!