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Instructions for purchasing a 90 Day Korean Gift Card:

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    Choose the type of membership you would like to give as a gift
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    On the checkout page, choose the number of months you wish for the gift card
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    Complete the purchase
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    Once you made the purchase, you'll get an email in 5-10 minutes with a downloadable gift card. This is a temporary gift card. You can send it to the recipient by email or print out for use. You may wish to write in the recipients information so you have a physical card you can give to someone immediately. 
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    Within 72 hours (3 days), you'll receive the official gift card with the special membership enrollment code. The recipient can use the code to apply your gift to their membership. 

Below is the digital gift card you'll be receiving by email after you make the purchase. You will receive it with a special coupon code for your loved ones that they can use for 90 Day Korean membership.

The Korean gift card allows you to prepay for 90 Day Korean membership. As a 90 Day Korean member, you get full access to the Inner Circle program, a step-by-step proven method to improve your Korean language skills. You get to choose the number of months you wish to get access to the program with a VIP or Standard Membership. 

Both the VIP and Standard Membership gives you access to all the features of the program. The only difference is the coaching access. VIP Membership gives unlimited access to 1:1 private coaching while Standard Membership doesn't have coaching access.

In order to get the most out of the program, members should have someone who can check their homework and answer questions. If the Korean learner has someone like this (a Korean spouse, family member, or tutor), then the Standard membership may be a good choice. Otherwise, we recommend going with the VIP membership.

The Korean gift card can be a great gift for yourself, for a friend, or a loved one who wishes to learn to the Korean language for special events.

The gift card can also be given as a gift for those who are planning to visit or move to South Korea. It'll help them build their Korean language skills to hold and engage in Korean conversations. 

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