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The 90 Day Korean team wants to help YOU learn Korean fast by giving you fun, engaging Korean lessons and content so that studying Korean is easy and enjoyable.

Don't know any Korean yet? No worries, we've got you covered! You can see our teaching methods by downloading our free learn the Korean alphabet guide. If you like that, then you can start on your quest to have a 3 minute conversation in Korean in the first 90 days.

If you're slightly more advanced in your Korean studies, we still make it easy to learn Korean with our intermediate Korean lessons. Tired of commuting to language classes? Your Korean textbook assumes you already know how to read Hangeul? Want to spend more time at home with your friends and family? Looking for detailed explanations that walk you through difficult concepts that most Korean textbooks just expect you to learn yourself?

The keys are to learn Korean from home at your own pace by:

  1. Setting clearly defined goals
  2. Getting someone to hold you accountable
  3. Focusing only on the critical parts of the language that get you to where you want to be.

Oh, and you have to have fun while you do it too!

We believe this is the best way to learn Korean, and we’ve seen it time in and time out amongst our friends, members, visitors, and email subscribers. 

And not to worry, the 90 Day Korean full access membership has it all, so we've got you covered!

What is 90 Day Korean?

90 Day Korean has come a long way since we first released our 90 Minute Challenge to learn the Korean alphabet in late 2013. Many now use our resources to study Korean in the comfort of their own home. We publish regular free content by email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and our blog – plus we have interesting challenges and contests that inspire, educate and engage readers.

Our passion is helping people learn about Korean language and culture, plain and simple.

We bring together principles from psychology, education, coaching and rapid language learning to present content so you can study Korean in a fun, motivating way using the most efficient method possible.

The 90 Day Korean team is made up of both native and non-native Korean speakers with backgrounds in various disciplines including, but not limited to, psychology, education, coaching and writing. 90 Day Korean was born from the simple concept that the traditional materials for studying Korean were outdated and needed an overhaul. We came with one goal in mind: to help you learn Korean fast!

What We Do

The idea behind the company started when we saw too many individuals trying to study Korean without learning Hangeul – and we just couldn’t let that slide. We had to prove to the world that it is easy to learn the Korean alphabet, and we created a fun challenge as evidence.

Since then, we’ve been floored by the response, and we couldn’t be happier. Take a look at some what we’ve heard back as a result:


How Do I Get Started Learning Korean from Your Site?

  1. If you cannot read Korean, you absolutely must download our free downloadable report, the 90 Minute Challenge.
  2. Second, you should sign up for our mailing list. The good news is that if you went through step number one then you’re already finished step number two by association. But there are more reasons to sign up besides learning the Korean alphabet (maybe you already know it)! Stay signed up for regular tips, interesting facts, free lessons, tips for learning Korean and a whole lot of fun content help you learn Korean.

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