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Welcome to the 90 Day Korean Blog

안녕하세요 (Hello)!

If you’ve arrived on this page, it’s because you have some interest in Korean language, Korean culture, or both.

In either case, we’re happy you’re here! ^^

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just learning about Korean language and culture, we’ve got a bunch of great free resources for you.

Below are the main categories that you can choose from. We suggest you pick the one you’re most interested in, and explore that first. There is no particular order you should go in, just go where your heart takes you.

Anytime you want to return to this page, just click the “Start Here” on the top menu item. You can find it easily on each article and page in the site.

Pick an area to dive into, and get ready to have some fun!

  1. Interested or curious about Korean culture?
  2. Moving, visiting, or living in Korea?
  3. Are you a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas, or Korean movies?
  4. Looking for fun ways to learn the Korean language? (coming soon!)
  5. Need some useful Korean phrases?
  6. Want to see the most common and useful Korean words?

    2 replies to "Start Here"

    • Safiyah

      I just finished the 90 minute challenge and just wanted to say thank you because it was great and helped me a LOT.

      Thank you again

      • 90 Day Korean

        Thank you for the comment, Safiyah! Glad to hear that it was helpful! ^^

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