About the Author – Joseph Gerocs




Joseph Gerocs is an author, educator, and co-founder of 90 Day Korean. He believes that the language learning process should be fun and easy.

Joseph has resided and worked in South Korea for more than ten years. Here, he has gained a deep understanding of its language and culture. His adventure began as a personal mission to learn Korean and improve his quality of life in South Korea. This led him to experience the challenges of traditional education.

Through this, Joseph realized that language learning should be easy and enjoyable. He used the 80/20 rule to develop a unique, personalized study plan that focuses on the essential and practical aspects of Korean.

Joseph's passion and insight led to the beginning of 90 Day Korean. This is a collaborative venture with both native Korean speaking teachers and Korean learners who shared his vision. Today, it's a thriving language-learning platform with a team of native Korean speakers and Korean language enthusiasts. Their mission is clear: to show the world that learning Korean can be easy and fun!