Creating A Korean Name: How to Get Your Very Own Name in Korean

Illustration of boy thinking of how to write his name in Korean

We’re going to show you how to make a Korean name for yourself

There are lots of ways to do this, and we’re going to tell you all about them. Take a look at the 6 methods below, and choose the one that you like best!

Illustration of boy thinking of how to write his name in Korean

If you’re looking for a professionally chosen Korean name that fits your personality then be sure to check out our Korean Naming Service.

Also, we’ve created a free PDF version of this guide to take with you on the go.

All About Korean Names

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What’s in a name? Well, in Korea — quite a bit actually!

Many Korean parents will spend a lot of time and money to come up with the perfect name for their child. They believe that a person’s name can determine their destiny.

With a child’s future on the line, it’s important to come up with a good name.

If you’re not used to pronouncing Korean names it’s best to brush up on that before diving in!

As an expat living or traveling in Korea (or even living in your home country and interacting with Koreans), it’s easy to notice a barrier at times due to cultural differences. 

Having a Korean name is a great way to break the ice with Koreans and get started on the right foot. It adds just a little extra layer of comfort and Koreans will have fun calling you by your Korean name. It sounds familiar to them!

Even if you don’t know where to start, making your name into Korean is very worth it.

While it can be tough to come up with the perfect name, we’re going to help point you in the right direction so that it becomes much easier. 

Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!

How do Korean Names Work?

You may have seen Korean names before. Maybe you have a favorite K-pop star, Korean drama character or athlete. Any of these names ring a bell?

Kim Yuna is a famous Korean name

Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna  (김연아)

Lee Hyo-ri(이효리)

Lee Min-ho (이민호)

Bae Yong-joon (배용준)

As you can see, most Korean names have three syllables.

There are some names with more and some with less, but the large majority of names have three.

You should try to stick with three as well when coming up with a Korean name for yourself. It’ll make it much easier for your Korean friends and acquaintances that way.

In Korean, the surname is written first. So the first syllable you see is the family name. By far the most common Korean surnames are 김 (Kim), 이 (Lee) and 박 (Park).

Korean Name Structure

The second two syllables you see are the given name. The name above is 김 민수 (Kim Min-su).

Here are some more fun facts about Korean names. You can use them to help you choose your Korean name, or to impress your friends with your knowledge of Korea!

  1. Korean family names are usually one syllable. However, sometimes there are two syllable family names, but they are rare. Some examples are 사공 (Sa-gong) and 남궁 (Nam-gung)
  2. There are about 250 family names in Korea. The most common family names 김 (Kim), 최 (Choi), 이 (Lee), 박 (Park) make up over half of all family names here
  3. The same given name is usually not passed down from generation to generation (i.e. from father to son, mother to daughter)
  4. Parents will sometimes name their kids with the same first syllable if the genders are the same, i.e. 지우 (Ji-yoo) and 지훈 (Ji-hoon), 유진 (Yu-jin) and 유림 (Yu-rim)
  5. Although the first names (given names) of Koreans are typically two syllables, it is possible to have one syllable for example 삭 (Park) and three syllable names, like 빛나리 (Bit-nari)

Great Methods for Making a Name

Illustration of a young blonde man in a red shirt shaking hands with a tall black-haired bearded man in a black shirt

We’ve come up with six methods you can use to make your very own Korean name. 

Take a look through, try out the different methods, and hopefully you’ll come out with a Korean name you can start introducing yourself with starting tomorrow! 

It’s going to be lots of fun.

Let’s get started!

Method 1: Write My Name in Korean 

The first method you can use to make a Korean name is not to make one at all! You can simply take your name and write it in Korean based on the way it sounds.

While this isn’t a Korean name per se, it is a first step you can take to make it easier for Koreans to pronounce and read your name. It makes them more comfortable trying to say your name and that means they’re happier to talk with you! 

There are many situations when knowing your name’s spelling in Korean will come in handy so you should always learn to do this first.

If you can’t yet read Korean or don’t know the Korean characters, you can learn them in about an hour by taking our 90 Minute Challenge.

When writing your name in Korean, it all comes down to vowel sounds. It’s important to sound it out just right! 

When you do this, sometimes an English name with only a few letters can have many syllables in Korean. 

Let’s take the English name “Michael” for example. To write it in Korean, we need to sound it out. 

The first thing we could do is break it into two syllables.

Two syllables of Michael

For the first syllable, we need to think which Korean characters could make that ‘long i’ sound. No single Korean character has that sound on its own. 

How about 아 (ah) + 이 (i)? That sounds right. Let’s add in the “m” sound in front of the and we’ll be good to go! 

First part: 마이 (Mai)

Now let’s focus on the second syllable. If you sound it out, it sounds more like “keul.”

As you may have learned from the 90 Minute Challenge, the character that makes the “k” sound is . It looks like a key! Let’s use that one.

The final step is to add in the “eul” sound. That’s easy! The Korean character that makes the “eu” sound is ㅡ and the “l” ending we can make with . Let’s stack them together.

Second part: 클 (keul)

There we have it, we’re all finished! We ended up with three syllables:


This comes out to sounding like “mai-keul” in Korean. Sometimes you’ll have to approximate the closest sound for your name.

Let’s take a look at some more common names in English as examples:

Boys Girls
Joseph (조셉) Jenny (제니)
Peter   (피터) Amanda  (아만다)
Tom  (톰) Sarah (사라)
Steve (스티브) Angela (앤젤라)

Go ahead and give it a try yourself! Write out your name in English and then break it into syllables. Work on deconstructing it piece by piece.

There is a smartphone app  called “Write Your Name In…” and it has a Korean function.

The main problem we have found with it is that it doesn’t have that many names in its database.

However, if you have a common name, this is one way you can check your work once you’re done. 

You can find it here:

Write Your Name In…

Definitely try writing it yourself first though. Not only is it great practice, but it’s a lot of fun!

If you know any native Koreans you can also check your spelling with them. Your name may already have an established way to write it in Korean, even if you don’t know it!

Method 2: Use a Korean Name Generator

5 Adolescents happily using smartphones

There are some applications and websites out there that can help you come up with a Korean name of your own.

Some use your real name to help generate a similar-sounding Korean name, while some use your birthday.  Others seem to come up with a Korean name at random — when you refresh the page, you’ve got a completely different name!

Those are the main reasons we recommend against using this method. It doesn’t necessarily have a deeper meaning to you.

However, you never know — you might just get a great-sounding Korean name that suits you or at the very least, it could be a good starting point if you’re stuck.

For example, maybe you get a first name you like but the surname sounds strange to you. You could simply customize it yourself by swapping out the surname and putting in one of your choice.

Here are a few apps that can be fun to play around with:

AndKPOP’s Get Your Korean Name Facebook Application

Korean Name Generator

Auto Korean Name Generator Application

Random Profile – South Korea

Method 3: Choose My Korean Name From a List

wordcloud of popular Korean names from 2017

Choosing a random name with the click of a button not for you?

When Koreans choose English names, they often choose the names of English-speaking stars that they admire.

Maybe you have a favorite KPOP star or actor. You can start to get name ideas from them!

For example here are the names of the members of the idol groups BTS (male) and BlackPink (female):

BTS male
김석진 Kim Seok-jin
민윤기 (슈가) Min Yoon-gi (Suga)
정호석 (제이홉) Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope)
김남준 Kim Nam-joon
박지민 Park Ji-min
김태형 (뷔) Kim Tae-hyung (V)
전정국 Jeon Jung-kook
BlackPink female
김지수 Kim Ji-soo
김제니 Jennie Kim
박채영 (로제) Park Chae-young (Rosé)
리사 Lisa (Thai)

Of course, you probably don’t want to take their entire name including family name (imagine meeting a Korean who introduced himself as “Tom Cruise!”), but you could easily switch out the surname to one of your choosing. 

Here are some more ideas from the most popular given Korean names from 2017:

Popular Given Korean Names 2017
male   female  
도윤 Do-yun 하윤 Ha-yoon
하준 Ha-joon 서윤 Seo-yun
서준 Seo-jun 서연 Seo-yeon
시우 Si-woo 하은 Ha-eun
민준 Min-jun 지유 Ji-yoo

If you need more inspiration, here are more links to lists of Korean names.

The first is just a list of baby names like you often see on the internet for English names. They are romanized, however, so if you see one you like, you will have to change it into 한글 (Hangeul). That’s the fun part! 

List of Korean Names

The second is a list of popular Korean names like the one above. You can see which names parents choose most often. Maybe you’ll find one that suits you! 

Popular Korean Names

Finally, here is a list of Korean family names. Have a browse through them and give some thought to which might match you best. 

List of Korean Family Names

Method 4: Choose a Korean Name That Sounds Like My Own Name

Another method for choosing a Korean name is finding a Korean name that sounds like your native name.

This may require some help from a Korean, but you can make use of the name lists and other resources to try for yourself. 

For example, maybe your name is “Kimberly Johnson”. Through the name lists or from the help of a Korean friend, you come up with the following name:

korean name example

Some people may wish to choose a last name that sounds similar to their given name in English! One student named Joe chose the surname 조 when making his Korean name. He then just chose a modern and cool-sounding given name in Korean. 

Be creative!

Method 5: Pick A Korean Name With Special Meaning

This method may also require some assistance from a Korean friend but it’s a great way to come up with a Korean name that has a story or meaning behind it, versus an arbitrarily chosen name.

Some names in Korean have special meanings. For example, these common names in Korean have the following meanings:

Girl’s name: 은하 galaxy
Girl’s name: 지혜 grace
Boy’s name: 승리 victory


If you know a Native Korean, try asking them to help you come up with a name that has a special meaning.

Don’t have Korean friends? There are easy ways to make Korean friends whether you’re in Korea or outside Korea.

Many Koreans also care about a name’s meaning in Chinese characters. This means added research, but can help you come up with a great Korean name that is very meaningful.

Remember how we said Korean names usually have three syllables?

Try looking up the meaning of each Korean syllable in Chinese characters or have someone assist you. This would help you have a cool backstory for the meaning of your name and what it represents! 

Method 6: Get A Korean Name Chosen By Professionals

90 Day Korean Naming Service

90 Day Korean has a special paid naming service that will help you get a personalized Korean name that is the best match for you.

If you have any other recommendations for Korean naming services, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to this page. 


I Need Help Writing My Name in Korean!

Please note: We can only reply to comments that follow all three steps below

If you’d like help with your Korean name, our Korean coaches will be happy to help in the comments section below!

Please follow these instructions. Be sure to read each step carefully. After you’ve read all three steps, add your comment below:

1. We’re all here to learn Korean so try your best to sound out and write your name in Korean (한글) first.

If you can’t read Korean, you can learn the Korean alphabet for free in 1 hour using this guide.  You can learn how to type in Korean here. (Example: If your name is Gina, then type “지나” in the comments)

2. Include the English pronunciation of your name, with dashes between syllables (Example: Gina would be “Jeen-uh”)

3. We will reply and make sure you have the correct way of writing your name in Korean

A comment might look something like this:

“My name is Gina (Jeen-uh). Is 지나 the correct way to write it in Korean?”

Wrap Up

Regardless of which method you choose for coming up with your Korean name, it’s important to get feedback. Having a trusted ally on your side can make all the difference in the world to choosing the right-sounding name. 

This guide will help get you off on the right track. Start by writing your English name in Korean characters. Then try coming up with a more Korean sounding name.

This will be a fantastic starting point and you may wish to stop there!

For those of you that want an authentic-sounding Korean name, however, you can continue and try the other methods.

With your Korean name in hand, you’re ready to get fully immersed in your Korean studies.

Illustration of happy children jumping up in the air

Happy naming!


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      Hello! My name is Marziya. Woult it be 마리 지야 or 마 지야?

    • lily

      hello! my name is Lily (lil-ee) would my name be 백합? (the flower translated) or like this 리리 ? thank you for the help!

    • Lauren

      Hello – my name is Lauren (pronounced Loh-rin), would ㄹㅓ른 be all right? Thanks 🙂

    • Bri

      Hi my name is Bri, (pronounced Br-Eye)
      Would my name in Korean be ㅂㄹ아이 because of L being substituted in for R?

    • MJ

      안녕! My innitials are MJ so I just call myself Em Jei, spelt differnet but sounds like MJ. what would my name be? 엠제이? I feel like it doesnt sound like a porper korean name. I want it to have and ㅁ and ㅈ in it so its like my real name.Help please! My first name means Praising, Graceful, Beautiful, Pretty, charming/ well spoken, “woman with happy glowing face”. My surname means handsome.

    • Narzian

      Hello! Actually my name is Exl (Ek-sel)… I think it should be something like 액셀, is it right? I did my best hahaha

    • Myahoo

      Hi! My name is Daria (Darya) Is this name in korean correct?))

    • Gigi

      Hi, I’m not sure what my name would be, it is Georgia. Can you help?

    • Catherine Carr

      Hmmm…. My first name is Catherine so would I just sort of shorten it? Like 캍 린? 캍으린? This wouldn’t be including my surname, which is only one syllable in English anyway and very easy to transcribe.

    • Bartel Royal Ffrhantz

      Wait does that mean I have to literally change my name?
      The letters “F” and “Z” don’t exist right?

      My name is Frantz Ma-ti-llon

    • Sweety

      My name is vennela
      Can someone write it in Korea

    • Luise

      Hey 🙂

      My name is Luise (pronounced something like Loo Ee sae) , would that be 루이세 ? Also I’m trying to find a ‘real’ korean name at least for now since I’m moving there soon, I’ve been thinking about 희영 , 수희 or 민슬 since I’d like at least the vowels to kind of resemble my german name. Would they work? Also, would the surnames 순 or 문 maybe go with those or do you maybe have any suggestions? My understanding of the language isn’t great yet, everything was super short notice…

    • Jarod Austin Goodwin

      My name is Jarod (pronounced Jaered) Goodwin. I of course don’t have a generational name but my brother and I share the same initials JAG (first, middle last) so I was using that as my generational name.

      From what I have learnt in hangul I think that this should be my full name 귿윈 작 젤얻 phonetically it all seems to work. I even tried using 잘얻 but that didn’t sound write to me.

    • Renee Salinas

      My name is Renee (ruh-ney), so that would mean it’s spelled and pronounced like 르네이, right?

    • Aikee Saberon

      Hi! My name is Aikee.. So it will be 아이키 in Korean?? ~~
      Thank you!

    • XiaoLan Li

      Hello. My Chinese name is 利瀟嵐 Li4 Xiao1Lan2. Would you help me to find an equivalent Korean name? (I understand my last name might be 이?)

    • Emanuela

      My name is Emanuela so i dont know my Korean name, can someone help me?😅

      • megan

        hi! your name was a little tricky but i was able to make one for you. it’s “에만누에라” and i think it sounds very similar to your real name!

    • Twalisha

      안녕하세요! My name is very different. It’s Twalisha. Would it be pronounced Tua-lis-ha? Written as 트와 리샤? If I did go with a korean name my friend has said Ji-ho would be perfect fit

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Twalisha! 트와리샤 is right, 지호 would also be good! ^^

    • Audrey

      my name is audrey so would my korean name be 오드리?

    • Nazim Naz

      Anneyong haseyo))
      How to write Nazym in Korean? Thank you)

    • 2abner

      my name in korean means ‘housekeeping’ (Salim:-)
      i’m blessed that it also has good connotations in the other cultures where is more common; jewish & muslim (pacific & lucky or healthy, respectively)..

    • ilheme

      Hi!my name in Arabic is Ilheme(il-hem,but we pronounce hem like Sam and not a like in App) ,it means Inspiration in english ,and it means 영감 in korean,so can I keep it (영감) as my korean name,please?because I really love the meaning of my name.

    • onlyKieran

      How to say and write my name in Korean – Kieran – it is sqid like this Keer-un

    • Ruha Shah

      How to say in Korean shamsa
      삼사 Or 심사 ?

    • Ruha Shah

      It’s my friend name Hajra..
      Which one is better..
      “하즈라” “하즐라” 하자라”

    • Princy

      Hi ! My name is Princy Shalina ,so it would be 프린시 샬린아 right?

    • Valeria Ruzhinskaya

      In contrast to my mind) Valeria. No V, no L at the beginning of syllable and so long. Not to mention my last name) But what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet)) Maybe there’s some name in Korean similar to mine?

    • Valeria Ruzhinskaya

      My name is so far from Korean))

    • Luise

      Hi everyone 🙂 my name is Lila (leeluh), would 리라 be correct?

    • Manu Pun

      안녕하세요. My name is Manu Pun. My name in Korean will be 마누 푼. It is correct or not please tell me. I also notice that the Korean name Lee is written as 이. So why there’s no sound of L? And Park written as 박. There’s also no sound of R. Please clear it. 감사합니다.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Manu! 마누 푼 is correct.
        Lee is ‘리’, but for the convenience of pronunciation, 리 is changed to 이.
        About Park, it’s true that there’s no R sound in Korean. But the word ‘Park’ was made to pronounce 박, so it should be the question of why there is an R in ‘Park’. ^^

    • Bonu S

      Hello. My name is Shahrizoda. It’s like Shah-ri-zo-da. How to write my name? And can someone help me with thinking korean and English name? (Btw I’m not english)

    • Libby

      My name is Libby (Lih-bee). From what I understand the “ih” sound doesn’t exist in Korean (the soft “I” sounds like you find in the words “instance,” “sick,” “ignore”, ect.). I know the “L” sound doesn’t really exist either, so I think the closest I can get is 라비 which doesn’t sound like my name at all anymore. I do have a nickname that only my friends use. Yabbe (Yah-bee). Would that be written as 야비?

    • Marcie Jamaine Macasinag

      Hi! My name is marcie jamaine but the correct pronunciation is mar-si (marcie) and ja-maeyn (jamaine) and for my last name is ma-ka-si-nag (macasinag). So how would it be written in Korean?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Marcie! Your name would be 마르시 저메인 마카시낙. ^^

    • Avery

      안녕! My name is Avery. Is it written as 애베리? Or 애브리?

    • Irene Lee

      My name’s Irene so I literally looked at Red Velvet’s Irene to see how it would be written in Korean.

    • Ena Martinčić

      Hi, my name is Ena. Is 엔아 or 남연 the correct way to write it in Korean? (Btw I did the generator quiz.)

    • Hai Yin Liu

      Hi, my name is Hai Liu so is my Korean name 하이 리우?

    • OrigamiElf~

      My name is Aziah (Asia or Aye-si-ah). My name has more of a (she-uh) sound. Would it be 애시아 or maybe even 애쟈 or 애지아 btw I did the generator quiz and for my last name Blanding it always gave me Hwang so I’m stuck with that surname hahaha

    • Jasper Norris

      My name is jasper, it is written 잣펄 ? I would like a strong male korean name. I also really enjoy the family name 교.

      • eartkj

        I couldn’t tell about your Korean name, but if you want your name to be pronounced better, then 자스퍼 is more correct👌🏼💖

    • Margarida Matos

      Hi, my name is Margarida Matos, it is written as 마토스 말가리다, but I would like to have another shortened name, any suggestions? 감사합니다😊

    • sasakiko

      Hi! I have some questions about the names 시훈 and 시오.
      1. Are these uncommon names?
      2. What genders are associated with these names?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi sasakiko! 시오 is a very rare name and 시훈 is more common than 시오.
        Both names are more like for boys, but 시오 can also be neutral. ^^

        • sasakiko

          Which one would be a much safer/better choice when choosing between the two?

    • Kiarra May

      Hi! My name is Kiarra (key-ar-rah) could I spell it like this ‘키아라’? Also would this be a correct name (it’s my name shortened) (kira may) 매 키라? Thank you!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Kiarra May! 키아라 is correct and Kira May would be 키라 메이 ^^

    • Raifah

      인녕하세요! My name is Raifah and it sounds like ‘ray-fah’ or ‘ray-fa’. Would 래팧 be the correct way to spell it? 감사합니다!

    • Ashleeh Trunks

      인녕하세요! My name is Ashleeh so would this be correct? 앗ㅎ레 I’m not sure as I’m a little beginner! 대단히 감사합니다!

    • Stefanny Couto

      Hi! My name is Elza Stefanny. Is 엘사 스태반니 the correct way to say it in Korean?

    • angelus terrae (May)

      Hi! my name is Maya (Mah-yah) and i like it too much to choose a korean name :(( but I’m not sure how to write it, is 마야 correct?

    • Lovely Tara

      I’m waaaaaaiting

    • Lovely Tara

      My name is Tara
      How can you write it in korean?

    • Jermaine Tricia Sabando

      Hello! My name is Jermaine (Jer-meyn). Is 저메인 the correct way to write in Korean? Also, is 김지민 okay to be Korean name?

    • Lovely Tara

      My name is Tara
      What would it be?

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi again Crea!
      That’s correct ^^

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Crea!
      It would be 윅토리아 ^^

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Paula! That’s correct ^^

    • Crea

      My nickname is Vika (Wi-kah)
      Would be 위카 correct?
      And are there any female names with the meaning victory in korean?

    • Crea

      My name is Viktoria (Wik-toh-ri-ah) and in korean it would be 윜토리아 .
      Am I wrong?

    • Paula

      Hi! My Name is Paula is 폴라 correct?

    • chocolatequeen

      Hi there! My name is Bree which I know to be 브리. However I was wanting a Korean name that has a similar meaning to my own. My last name is Thomson so I though 선 sounded like a nice second first name (like in the Kimberly Johnson example). However I can’t think of anything to go before that. My name can mean ‘strong, noble, brave, hill’, if that helps. I read that 기 can mean “one that is noble” so I thought 기선 but to me this name sounded really old and not like a normal name. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!!

    • Chin Xin Ying

      My name is Xin Ying. Is 신잉 the correct way to write in Korean?

    • Orlaith

      Hi, my name is Orlaith. Is 올레잇흐 the correct way to write it in Korean?

    • Fiel

      my name is Agata (pronounced as a-gah-tah) so i thought it would be 아가타 but i’m not 100% sure. my name also means kind/pure so i would like it too if it was similar to that.

    • bananaboat

      I’ve given this some thought before because I was named after my mom, Kim, who is often mistaken for Korean on the phone when people just see her first name. My middle name is Kimberly and first is Anna, so I thought 김은아 would be a good one. It has a similar meaning to my name’s meaning (my English name means graceful warrior) and is not super far off from the way my own name sounds, so it wouldn’t be too hard to get used to.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi bananaboat!
        은아 and 은기 are both good names. 은아 is more female and 은기 is more neutral ^^

        • bananaboat

          Awesome!! Good to know I’ve got choices ^_^

    • Riyah Daruca

      Mine is Riyah Mae. Is it 리야 매?

      • eartkj


    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Maerie! It would be 미리^^

    • Sharon tlx

      Hi! My name is Sharon.What would it be in Korean?

    • Manu Cassanello

      Hello, my name is Manu (Mah-noo). What would it be in Korean?

    • Irah Athirah

      Hi, I’m Athirah and my Korean Name would sound like this – 아라

    • Ariana

      My name is Arianah (Ar-ia-nah). Is 알야나 the correct way to write it in Korean? And I used the Korean Name Generator and apparently my ‘surname’ there is park (박) would that make my name 박 알야나 ?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Ariana! Your name would be 아리아나 박^^

      • Ariana

        Oh! I thought since ‘ia’ sounded like ‘ya’ it would be 야 ??

    • Mærie

      Hello! Very helpful article!
      My name is Mærie (myrrh-ie), so would I spell it 므리?

    • Daylight Pondang Abas

      Hi! My name is Daylight. What would it be in Korean?

    • Sybil Clarke

      I would like to learn how to write my name in korean.My name is Sybil Clarke.

    • Diamond

      Hello! My name is Diamond
      Would it be 다이어먼드? My last name is Voigt prounounced like voight. The closest I have come to this is 보이트?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Diamond! Your name would be 다이아몬드 보이트^^

    • George

      My name is George what is it in korean

    • George

      My name is George what is it in Korean wrighting

    • Nnn

      My name is Shorouq how to write it

    • Perlita Schubert

      Hello! My name is Perlita . I would like to know what my
      korean name would be.I hope that you are able to tell me,please and
      thank you.

    • River

      Hi my name is Sinéad (shin-aid) and I was wondering how you would write my name in Korean. I do prefer my middle name River though, so is 리벨 correct?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi River! Your name would be 시네이드 리버 ^^

    • River

      Hi my name is Sinéad (shin-aid) and I was wondering how I would write that in Korean. I do prefer my middle name River though, so would I write it like 리벨?

    • Marwa

      Hi ! My name is Marwa, does 마롸 is the correct way to write my name ?

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Silvia! It would be 실비아 ^^

    • Alba Pérez López

      Hello my name is Alba, i’ve been trying to transalte it and i think that would be the right translation 알바
      I wanted to check if i did it right and if you could help me translating the meaning of my name. It means “the first light of the day”
      Thanks =)

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Alba! 알바 is correct and the translation would be “하루의 첫 빛” ^^

        • Alba Pérez López

          Thank you so much for your help =)

    • . ♡Carmen || Hobi day 🌻🌈

      My name is Silvia and wanted to know what it would be in korean please and thank you !

    • Renad Qasem

      my name is renad and surname is alyafi what would it be in korean

      • eartkj

        Renad (레나드)
        Alyafi (알리아피)

    • Stephanie Martinez

      Hello! I’ve recently becoming interested in the Korean language and have been looking for someone to translate my name. The problem is that I believe my name to be very difficult. My name is Stefania [ste-fah-knee-ah] Martinez [Mar-ti-nes]

      • eartkj

        Stefania (스테파니아)

        Martinez (마르티네즈)

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Stephanie! Your name would be 스테파니아 마르티네즈 ^^

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi motohikosano!
      두리 is not an old-fashioned name. Actually it sounds very cute! ^^

    • FireBendingKitten

      Hi there! I have a question. My real name is Faith, which as you know is an absolute arse to flip into the Korean alphabet system. No F sound, no TH sounds! In your opinion, could 믿음 work as my Korean name? I’m mostly using this because it makes it easier on a native’s tongue, hell, even native English speakers get my name wrong a lot (I’m not Faye .___.)
      I’ve also seen 신앙 being used to mean ‘Faith’ but in more the context of religion rather than belief/trust. My English name is yes, still religious, because it took ‘all the faith in God to conceive a child.’ But am I correct in assuming the difference between the two words? Do you think 믿음 is the better option?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi FireBendingKitten!
        You’ve done a lot of studying! Yes, it’s correct to differentiate the two words and 믿음 would be a much better name. ^^

    • motohikosano

      does the name 두리 sound old-fashioned?

    • army4life

      hi my name is lau chia ye. is it 라 차 예 ,로 차 요 or 라 쵸?

    • Alexia Salinas

      My name is Alexia (ah-lek-see-a) Kahori (ka-o-ree). How would my name be written in Korean? I really want to know since I struggle writing it on my own (since there’s no “x” in Korean). Thank you! 🙂

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Alexia!
        Alexia Kahori would be 알렉시아 카오리 ^^

    • Chern Yee-BTS

      Hii! My name is Chern Yee. What would it be in korean? Thankss!

      • eartkj

        Chern (첼느 / 체르느)
        Yee (이)

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Areli! It would be 아렐리 ^^

    • Bangtanforlife

      Hello! My name is Lisete, how do you write it in korean?

    • Areli

      Hi! My name is Areli (Ah-re-lee). Is 에레이 correct?

    • Manue Alejo

      My name is Manuel (mɑnˈwɛl) Is 마느 엘 the correct way to write it?
      My second name is Alejandro (ɑleɪˈjɑndroʊ) Is 아레 한 ㄷ로 the correct way to write it? Though, these are Spanish (latinamerican) names.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Manuel! Your name would be 마누엘 알레한드로 ^^

    • Michelle Ofoegbu

      hello my name is Michelle (Me-shi-elle) what would it look like n Korean? thanks!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Michelle! It would be 미셸 ^^

        • Michelle Ofoegbu

          ah thank you!

    • Kristel Jesha Nuque

      Annyeong! My name is Kristel (Krees-tell) I’m not exactly sure if that was correct but what would it be in Korean? I really want to know as well because I’m heading off to Korea (specifically in Seoul) and I badly want to know. My last name is also Nuque (Nu-keh) btw

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Kristel! Your name would be 크리스텔 누케 ^^

    • skaroru

      Hi! People usually call me Carol (kah-ROHL). Would 카롤 be the correct way of writing it in Korean?
      Also, my surname is just Sa (sah). Should I write my full name as 사카롤 or 카롤사?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Carol!
        Carol would be 캐롤. You can write 사캐롤 (Korean way) or 캐롤 사 (international way) ^^

        • skaroru

          Though… The name is not english. Like… the ‘a’ in Carol sounds like those of ‘car’ or ‘far’ or ‘mahjong’ or ‘hurrah’. Shouldn’t the sound be ‘ka’ 카 instead of ‘kae’ 캐 in that case? >.< I'm confused

    • skaroru

      Hi! People usually call me Carol (kah-ROHL). Would 카롤 be the correct way of writing it in Korean?
      Also, my surname is just Sa (sah). Since it sounds like a Korean surname, could I just write my full name as 사카롤?

    • Fatema

      My name is Fatema Fahmid. How would you write it in Korean?

      • eartkj

        Fatema (파티마)
        Fahmid (파미드)

    • Krina

      Hey there my name is Krina.. what would it be in Korean please!

      • eartkj

        Krina (크리나)

    • Ladybugg

      Hello! My name is Laynee (lay-knee) and I wrote it as 라이네에. Is that correct? Also, I’m having a difficult time writing my last name Marquart (mar-court) in korean.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Laynee! Laynee Marquart would be 레이니 마쿼트 ^^

        • Ladybugg

          Thank you so much!

    • Beth W

      Hey, my name is Bethan (nickname is Beth), how would I write my name in Hangul? Nickname as well please! 🙂

      • Beth W

        The pronounciation is ‘Beh-th-ann’ and ‘Beh-th’ :))

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Beth! Bethan would be 베산, and Beth would be 베스. ^^

        • Beth W

          Thank you so much!! ^-^

    • iisnellnell

      Hi my name is Annelle (ah-nell), i’ve been trying to figure out what my name would be in korean for a long time and i still don’t know what it would be, and my last name is Santin…. does that mean that my name would have four syllables?

    • Kylah

      hey, my name is kylah (kai-luh) lee. would my name in korean be 이 카일라, since that is how it’s pronounced?

    • Aiyuni Amir

      Hi my name is Aiyuni .. 아이유니 is it correct ?!

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Inging! It should be 잉잉 티오 ^^

    • inging

      my name is Ing-Ing and my family name is Teo (ti-o) . how to spell it in korean ? i can read and write korean abit but still didnt sure how to spell it correctly.

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi fateworldrun!
      An interesting name is easier to remember, I think Koreans will like your name. ^^

    • Btstrash

      Hi my name is Afni. What would it be in Korean?

    • Lily Rafton

      아리안티 – Still says Arianti 🙂

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Arianti!
        Lily is right, it would be 아리안티 ^^

    • Lily Rafton

      My name is Lily Rafton and I know how to spell it in Hangul (though I’m a bit stuck on the f.). I’ve been thinking about a real Korean name and the best I could come up with was Ra Li Li. Does it sound alright, if not what changes would make it more ‘authentic’ looking?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Lily! Rafton would be 래프턴.
        Ra Li Li sounds more like a Chinese name, Lily is 백합 in Korean and it can also be called 나리.
        So 나리 would be a good name ^^

        • Lily Rafton

          Thank you!

    • fateworldrun

      I’m choosing a korean name and some of the ones I like were apparently popular with kids in the 1940-1960s, particularly boys. Is it okay to choose one of those as a name or will native koreans think I’m weird?

    • Karla

      Hi my name is Karla, what would it be in Korean? 🙂

      • Lily Rafton

        칼라 – ㄹ is both R and L so sorry if it is not completely accurate. It still says Karla though 🙂

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Karla! It would be 칼라 ^^

    • Fryda Sanz

      what about Shi RiAh (시리아) or Shin RiAh (신리아)?

    • Shyra Ramautar

      Hai my name is Shyra (Shy Ra)what would that be in korean i really want to know !

      • Fryda Sanz

        I guess it’s okay just to use ShiRa (시라)

    • Lyssa Smith

      I am looking for two, if you’re able to help? We are Tae Kwon Do instructors, but can’t find any phonetic equivalents for our last name. Jareth can’t find them for his first name.
      Lyssa Graves LI-suh GRAYVZ
      Jareth Graves JA-rith GRAYVZ

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Lyssa!
        Lyssa would be 리사 or 릿사, Jareth would be 자레스.
        Graves would be 그레이브즈. ^^

    • A.R.M.Y4LIFE

      Hello my name is Kasey (keisi) I’m not sure if the sound is right but I really want to know how to wrote it in korean

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Kasey!
        It would be 케이시 ^^

        • A.R.M.Y4LIFE

          Thank you so much

    • saga

      my name is saga, i know in korean it would be 사가 looking at my native pronounciation, but looking for a brand new korean name as my real one feels strange i dont know where to start. any tips or ideas? ^^

    • olivia

      Hi. I would like to know how to pronounce my friends name. Her name is Shreeya. I found translation of “Shreya” but couldn’t find “Shreeya”

    • Nazlia Afniza

      Hi my name is Nazlia Afniza. What would it be in korean?

    • Arianti Alfian

      hai.. My name is Arianti waht would it be in Korean?

    • Sam

      Hi sorry again for commenting. But i would like to know how to spell a couple of my friends names? My first friend is named Jhene (Jhe-ne). My second His name is Palmer (pal-mer). My third her name is Grace. My fourth friend is Clarissa (Cla-ris-sa). My fifth friend is named Ryan (ry-an). Thank you so much. this is my last request! ❤️

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Sam!
        Jhene would be 제네. Palmer 팔머, Grace 그레이스, Clarissa 클라리사, Ryan 라이언. ^^

        • Sam

          do u know by any chance how to spell sami (sam-i)

          • Lily Rafton

            사미 – it’s Sami exactly 🙂

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Cassandra!
      Cassandra would be 카산드라, Cassie would be 캐시. ^^

    • Maridel Aligan

      ㅡㅁ걍디 is this right.. my name is Maridel

    • Cassandra Girod

      Hey there! My name is Cassandra Girod and I go by Cassie. Here is what I came up with and I hope it is as close as it can get to the way is sounds still using the Hangul l. 찌럳 가산ㄸ라 (Girod, Cassandra) and 갓시

    • yssa

      How about mine? DIORISSA is my real name.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi yssa! It would be 디오리사 ^^

        • yssa

          Amazing. 🙂 Thanks

    • Isabell-Mari / 마리

      I feel lika lucky here. My name is isabell-mari rong so i just shorten it. 롱마리 Rong mari

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Isabell-Mari! That’s a very special name!
        Also, Isabell would be 이사벨.^^

        • Isabell-Mari / 마리

          yeah i know, its just a mouthful, so i prefer to just stick with the shorter version of my name. ^^,

    • Mr Fox.

      What would Rajah Song be? Also wondering is middle names a common thing in Korea?

    • Yeo Chul

      Annyeong! 90day Korean. Yeo Chul is here(i made that name tho)..
      My name is Joseph Bugtong . what is it in Korean? I use some websites . like rummonkey to turn my name into Korean. And the result is this Jung Joong Seung . means Bugtong Jo Seph. Is that right? how is it in hangul form? Thanks.

    • Anjulie

      Hi! my name is Anjulie (pronounced like Anjali) what would my name be in Korean?

    • sumito

      Hi! I enjoyed your post. I have some names in mind and i can’t choose one. Which do you recommend?
      김민수-김 meaning “gold”, 민 meaning “acute” (敏, 민첩할 민), 수
      meaning “exceptional” (秀, 빼어날 수)
      이민수-이 meaning “plum”, 민 meaning “acute” (敏, 민첩할 민), 수
      meaning “exceptional” (秀, 빼어날 수)
      김세한-김 meaning “gold”, 세 meaning “world” (世, 인간 세), 한
      meaning “full” (寒, 찰 한)
      김세찬-김 meaning “gold”, 세 meaning “world” (世, 인간 세), 찬
      meaning “shine” (燦, 빛날 찬)
      이한결-이 meaning “plum”, 한결 meaning “constantly, as ever”
      Thank you in advance!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Sumito!
        It really depends on you. All of the names look fine to me. ^^

    • Alison8787

      Hi my name is Roya what would it be in Korean? And what would be if I wanted to use my middle name as well (Alison)? Would I need two separate names…?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Roya! Roya would be 로야, and Alison would be 앨리슨.
        Koreans don’t use middle names, so it’s better to use 로야 only. ^^

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Maiako! It would be 쿠루미. ^^

    • 박 리희

      Hi my name is bridgette and i wanted to make my korean name based of the way my little brother calls me. He calls me “(BRI-G)- bridgey” so I ended up coming up with the name Park (I chose Park because i love Jimin’s name from BTS) Ri-Hee. now I decided that I liked this name but I’
      m not sure if i’ve been writing it correctly… I write it this way because that’s what google translate gives me- 박 리희 is this correct?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Bridgette! Bridgey would be 브리지, so you can use 박브리지 or 박리지. ^^

    • Sam

      My name is Samantha (Sa-man-tha), what would it be in Korean?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Sam! It would be 사만다. ^^

        • Sam

          thank you so much!!!! sorry to also bother but for it to be shortened to sam what would it be?

        • Sam

          also asking for my boyfriend what would Victor (Vic-tor) be in Korean?

          • 90 Day Korean

            Victor would be 빅터. ^^

            • Sam


    • Sam

      My name is Samantha what would my name be?

    • Chandana S

      Hi my name is chandana (chan-Dana), is 찬다나 the correct way to write it in Korean?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Chandana! Yes, that’s correct. ^^

        • Chandana S

          Oh thank you 🙂

    • Oka Dwi Paramudita

      Hi, my english name is Ocha. Is 오차 the correct way to write it in korean?

    • Alyanna Jocson

      Hello my name is Alyanna. Is 알야나 the correct way to write it in korean?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Alyanna! You can use 알리아나 or 알야나. ^^

    • Maiako

      Hello! My name is ”Kurumii” and I was wondering how it would be in Korean.

    • Stefania George

      Hello! My name is Stefania and it means crowned in victory. My last name is George which means farmer. I wanted to make a name that meant the same thing as my birth name. I did some research and found that 성 can mean victory and 은 can mean silver. So I thought that it would be a pretty name 성은. I was trying to find a last name that meant or had connotations to farmer and found that 황 can mean yellow/gold/red/orange and in one of the branches of that family it has ties to farmers due to where they lived. So I was wondering if the name 황 성은 has that type of meaning, and if it was an outdated name that would sound weird. Thank you!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Stefania! 황성은 would be a perfect name for you. ^^

        • Stefania George

          Thank you!!☺️

    • Laura Lees

      Hi my name is Laura (Law-rah). Is 라우라 the correct way to write it in Korean?

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Kathy!
      It would be 캐시. ^^

      • Kathy

        Oh thank you! Would that ㅅ be pronounced like “s” or “sh”? Also why is ㅅ sometimes sound or pronounced like a “t”! Especially a double ㅆ, this is confusing to me? Thanks

    • sxftikonic

      Hi! My name is Shreya (Shrae-ya). Is 스레야 the correct way to write it in Korean?

    • Leanny

      Hello, my name is Leanny it’s pronounced lee-AH-nee. How would it be written and pronounced in Korean?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Leanny!
        It would be 리아니. ^^

        • Leanny

          Ok thank you!! <3

    • Kathy

      Hi, my name is Kathy, ka-thee, I know there is no “th” sound in Korean, so would it be 카 티? Thank you.

    • 90 Day Korean

      강이슬 would be better than 키이슬. 이슬 is a beautiful name. ^^

    • Ani

      My name is Ani. ㅇㅏ니 but it means no in korea. What to do with my name? :/

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Ani!
        It’s okay to use 아니. If you are worried, you can use 애니 instead. ^^

    • Tashia Johnson

      my name is Latashia, but I go by Tashia. I can’t get the Korean keyboard to work on this laptop.

    • Jensen B

      my name is Jensen. i guess it would be 젠센. does that work / sound good in korean? if not, is there something that would work better?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Jensen! It would be 젠슨. ^^

        • Jensen B

          okay thank you so much!

    • loserville

      my name is Rida (ree-da). would it be spelt like this: 리다?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Rida! That’s correct.^^

        • loserville

          thank you!!!

    • Rachel Hedgman

      My partner was adopted from Seoul to Australia when he was baby so he isn’t sure how to write his family name in Korean can you please help it is

    • hallow[ine] 🕸

      Hi! my name is Ine (Ee-Neh/I-Ne). Is 이네 the correct way to write it in Korean? ^^

    • Cheyanne Totten

      i would also like to know what Inez would be. its Spanish for agnes. I used google translate for Inez and it came up with 이네 즈 but I am unsure whether it is correct or not

    • Cheyanne Totten

      hi my name is cheyanne but I’m unsure of how to write it in Korean. it is pronounced shy-anne

    • Malou

      HI my name is malou and i am really unsure of how to spell my name in korean. so i would really appreciate if you would reply and tell me how to spell my name. Thanks 😉

    • Asia Johnson

      Hi my name is Asia ^_^ I know Asia in Korean is 아시아, however, when I was learning Chinese, the literal translation of my name wouldn’t work. So, my Chinese friend gave me the name Àishā. But in Korean, would 아시아 be appropriate? If so, would I need to go without a Korean surname in order to keep the 3 syllable structure?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Asia!
        아시아 is a pretty Korean name.^^ You can use a surname if you want, you don’t have to keep it 3 syllables.

        • Asia Johnson

          Awesome! 감사합니다!

    • Daniel Dennis

      HI my name is Daniel and I will be traveling to Korea in a few weeks! I’ve been learning Korean and the name I came up with was 다니얼 (dah-nee-uhl). However upon doing a little research I found there are two official ways of spelling Daniel. An official American hangulized version 대니얼 which sounds more like (day-nee-uhl) and a hangulized version for biblical names 다니엘 which I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce (dah-nee-uheel?) It seems like the double vowel is redundant and unnecessary. Which should I use? I prefer the one I came up with because it has the “dah” and the simplified final syllable. Would it be okay to use this?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Daniel!
        I think 다니엘 would be better. 엘 sounds like “L” so I don’t think it’s unnecessary, and it would confuse people if you use 다니얼 for Daniel. ^^

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi, Paulina!
      It would be 폴리나. ^^

      • Paulina

        What would my last name be? My last name is Dau (it’s like saying ow in english and then adding a ‘d’ in front)

    • Porsha Michelle

      My name is Porsha… in Korean, would my name be spelled something similiar to “봀하” or “볼사” ?

    • Nikoleta Nikolova

      Hi, my name is Nikoleta Nikolova and im really curious how to spell it on Korean.
      I researched some links that might help but I always end up with different name.

    • yt.alma

      I want my Korean name to mean golden spirit but I’m not sure if it’s correct. Can anyone help? My English name is very long but basically it’s alma giron but I wanted something meaningful & different. Kim Jeongsin : 김정신

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Alma!
        정신 means spirit. If you want to make it “golden”, it would be better to use “금” instead of “김.” ^^

    • Paulina

      My name is Paulina (Pawl-leen-nah) would it be 팔린나?

    • 90 Day Korean

      Hi Risa,

      Risa or Lisa is 리사 not 리서

      If you want that to be your name it it should be 키이슬, but that’s a very unique name. There isn’t a Korean surname of 키 so it would sound strange to most Koreans.

      • Risa

        I just realized that I spelled it wrong, lol. So instead of 키이슬, would 강이슬 be less awkward? Or is 이슬 also unpopular? Even then, I have an unpopular name in the English Western world so I don’t mind ☺️

    • Tracey

      My name is Tracey… Does 트레이시 sound right?
      I thought of the name 성민준 instead because it came out when I took the test and I liked the sound of it ^^
      But it seems weird to me to just come up with a name and pretend that it’s yours… Is that really normal?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi 트레이시, that’s right!

        You can choose any name you like to introduce yourself to Koreans. ^^

        Keep in mind that 성민준 is a guy’s name though.

        • Tracey

          Ah, really? ㅠㅠ That’s awkward XD
          Is there a special way of telling guys and girls names apart? And do girls names always have to sound cute?

          • 90 Day Korean

            It’s something you get used to as you become more familiar with Korean names ^^

            Girl names don’t always have to be cute but many girls and their parents want them to be cute and successful so cute names are popular

    • Risa

      Hey, my nickname is Risa (리서), which means it’s very similar to Lisa (리서) using Hangul letters, so I prefer to go with something different. I’m thinking Ki Iseul (키이술) because the surname is close to my surname in meaning* “rudder” and Iseul because it means* “dew” which is similar in meaning to one of my two middle names (haha).
      What do you think?
      *= not 100% sure 😛

    • Valerie

      My name is Huang Xian Fei (It’s chinese), but what would it be in Korean? 황신희?

    • leanna

      hi, so i chose the name mun jangma, i was told that the given name means the korean rainy season, is that true? also, would it be 문장마?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Yes, that’s what it means. It’s a bit of an unusual name ^^;

    • Dezső Nóra

      My name is Nora, probably is 노라 , right?

    • kogawa

      Hi! My name sounds very awkward and long when written in Korean. Can I use a Korean name while introducing myself?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Of course! You can choose to call yourself anything you like, many foreigners in Korea use a nickname in Korea but on official documents you may have to use your real name.

        • kogawa

          Thank you! Is 민준 a boy’s name or a girl’s name? I read once that it’s unisex.

          • 90 Day Korean

            민준 is usually named after boys, but can also be used by girls. You can choose a name as you like. ^^

      • kogawa

        Whew, I already selected some names. This is gonna be a bit long haha
        김민수-김 meaning “gold”, 민 meaning “acute” (敏, 민첩할 민), 수
        meaning “exceptional” (秀, 빼어날 수)
        이민수-이 meaning “plum”, 민 meaning “acute” (敏, 민첩할 민), 수
        meaning “exceptional” (秀, 빼어날 수)
        김세한-김 meaning “gold”, 세 meaning “world” (世, 인간 세), 한
        meaning “full” (寒, 찰 한)
        김세찬-김 meaning “gold”, 세 meaning “world” (世, 인간 세), 찬
        meaning “shine” (燦, 빛날 찬)
        이한결-이 meaning “plum”, 한결 meaning “constantly, as ever”
        Which one do you recommend?

      • kogawa

        Finally, I picked out some names. Which one do you recommend?
        김민수-김 meaning “gold”, 민 meaning “acute” (敏, 민첩할 민), 수
        meaning “exceptional” (秀, 빼어날 수)
        이민수-이 meaning “plum”, 민 meaning “acute” (敏, 민첩할 민), 수
        meaning “exceptional” (秀, 빼어날 수)
        김세한-김 meaning “gold”, 세 meaning “world” (世, 인간 세), 한
        meaning “full” (寒, 찰 한)
        김세찬-김 meaning “gold”, 세 meaning “world” (世, 인간 세), 찬
        meaning “shine” (燦, 빛날 찬)
        이한결-이 meaning “plum”, 한결 meaning “constantly, as ever”
        Thank you in advance!

    • Narciso Carig

      Hi! I came up with a Korean name 박지진 and I was wondering what it meant. My Korean fried told me it meant “a person to help others” but just wanted to make sure.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi! It’s really difficult to know the meaning of a name without the Hanja for it (Chinese characters). For example, one of the possible Hanja combinations for “지진” is 地震 which means “earthquake”, this is probably what most Koreans would think when you say that, “Earthquake Park” ^^;;

        • Narciso Carig

          What are other possible Hanja of 지진? Is there one that is close to the meaning of helping others? I know 地震 means earthquake or “to shake the surface” but what other meanings are there?

          • 90 Day Korean

            Using Hanja for a Korean name is a little old-fashioned these days, most people choose names that they like rather than a meaning for them. If you find Hanja you’d like to use for your name we can -give you advice on how it sounds in a Korean name ^^

    • Habiba Hany

      my name is habiba,would it be 하비바??

    • PAPILLON 🦋🦋

      Hi my name is Rayan (Ray-Anne) would my Korean name be 라이안 ?

    • Princess V.

      Hi my name is Princess. Would my Korean name be 브린세스?

    • Mei Pheng

      Hi! My name is Teoh Mei Pheng. How would my name in Korean ?

    • Emmie-Grace Sparks

      My name is Emmie-Grace (E-mmie-gra-ce) Sparks. How would my name be in Korean? I don’t think it would be possible with my name. Would Emmie be 에미?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi 에미!
        Yes that’s right, if you want to do the full name it would be 에미 그레이스 스팍스.

        • Emmie-Grace Sparks

          Thank you! This was really helpful

    • 90 Day Korean

      It depends on how you pronounce your name in English. If it’s like “Jen-i-fer” it should be “제니퍼”

    • Jennifer

      My name is Jennifer, is it spelled 제니블 (Je-ni-beul) ? Did I spell it correctly?

    • PizzaDragon

      Hi OoO/ So I have a character, and his name is: “Ezazuel” <I think it'd sound like this in Korean: "Ae sa seoul" ?? I'm trying to write his name, but I don't know how to keep it in 2 vowels.. and the zuel (seul) part is kinda tricky for me 🙁 Is it written like this: 애자 주엘 ?? Or should I just make it short like only "Ae Sa" or "Seul" ? Thanks for the help anyway and have a good day/night!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi PizzaDragon, it’s better to use “주엘” for your character’s name. The name you wrote before can have a negative meaning.

        • PizzaDragon

          Oh okay, I didn’t know that.. Thank you for the correcting!

    • Lulu Anjanette17

      Hi! my name is Lulu. Is this how you write is in korean? 룰루

    • Leann Wilson

      Hello, my name is 리엔 (Lee-AN) is this the correct way to write it in Korean? I have also considered 리앤 and 이앤 / 이엔 but I believe the closest pronunciation is the one I used first. Supposedly my name means light, or beautiful woman, but my parents didn’t name me with those meanings in mind so I am not sure whether I should use them to choose a true Korean name or not.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi 리엔! That’s the correct way to write your name. ^^
        If you want a Korean name that means “beautiful woman” you can use “가인” which would be a good choice if you’re a fan of the K-Pop group Brown Eyed Girls.

    • Yesenia Torres

      Hi! My Name is Yesenia (Je-Se-Niah). It is 재 새 냐 the correct way?
      Thank you!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Yesenia, it should be 제세니아. If you want a Korean name that means “beautiful flower” then you can use “화영”.

    • Thalita Ar

      Hi my name is Thalita (Ta-Li-Ta) and I’m so confused how to write it on korean😂 터리터 <- is it true???😄

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Thalita, it should be “탈리타”, a second ㄹ is used to emphasize the L-sound in your name. ^^

        • Thalita Ar

          아~ I see, thank you very much😊

    • Martisha Cook

      Hi~ My name is Martisha (Mar-ti-sha) Cook.The way I tried to type it as “맣 팃 하” I believe may be incorrect, and I can’t find out a way to shorten it? I was wondering if there’s anything you know is similar or that is unique? I like names beginning with “m” or “y” if that helps. If not, I’ve decided on another name: Yeo Miyeon 여미연. Thank you!!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Martisha, if you want to turn your name into Korean it would be spelt “마티샤”. If you want to shorten it you could do “마티” or “마샤” but the length of “마티샤” is just fine. ^^
        If you want to use a Korean name then “여미연” is a fine choice, but it’s a little old-fashioned.

    • V Y

      I’m having a bit of trouble with Veronica… perhaps Nica could be used since it’s a nick name, but it may look a bit odd.

    • Regina Grace 🍂

      Thanks for this post! My name is Regina Grace. My friends usually call me Gina but I actually don’t like it so I don’t think I will choose 지나 as a Korean name lol. So, I want to go with my second name, Grace. Does 지혜 really mean Grace and is it romanized as Jihye (Ji Hye)?

      • Regina Grace 🍂

        I’m also finding names that means queen but I can’t find any.

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Grace! Actually 은혜 is the Korean name for “Grace”. It’s a Christian name meaning “Gift” in Korean and is common for girls. Very nice choice! ^^

        • Regina Grace 🍂

          Hi! Thank you for answering!!! Um I’m just wondering, is there a korean name that means queen?

    • Rosemary Ramirez

      Hello, and great post! I am wondering if I should use my full name, Rosemary (rose-ma-ry) or my nickname, Rosa (ro-sa) when creating my Korean name. Thank you!🙂

      • 90 Day Korean

        It depends on what you want your Korean friends to call you. Rosa would definitely be easier.


        1. Do your best to sound out and write your name in Korean in the comments below. (Example: If your name is Gina, then please type “지나” in the comments. )

        2. Include the English pronunciation of your name, with dashes between syllables (Example: “Jeen-uh”)

        3. We will reply and make sure you have the correct way of writing your name in Korean

    • Camille Goyens

      Hello! My name is Camille Goyens, and I’ve been trying to find a Korean name that matches the meaning of my name (so prononciation isn’t important). Camille comes from the flower camomile, which represents energy and strength in adversity. As I’ve been doing research, I came across two names that would match :
      – 채영 (志英) (채 (志) means purpose, will, determination and 영 (英) means flower, petal, leaf).
      – 지영 (智英) (지 (智) means wisdom, intellect and 영 (英) means flower, petal, leaf). Another thing that I like about this one is that it’s gender neutral (Camille is also gender neutral in French).
      As for my surname, I was thinking of taking 고, which is the first syllable my surname (and a real Korean surname).
      Am I doing this right? Which name do you think is the best, 채영 or 지영? Do you have any tips?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Camille, thanks for writing in!

        The names you’ve listed with their Hanja are actually both pronounced as 지영. And actually, it’s not exactly gender neutral. It’s a common girl’s name, but it would be unusual to meet a boy with that name. ^^;

        The meaning of the Hanja 志 (지) has a closer meaning to your name, so maybe that one would be a better choice. If you decide to use 채영, I’d recommend the Hanja 彩 (채) meaning colorful or 綵 (채) meaning silk. Keep in mind that choosing a name with a meaning is a little old-fashioned in Korea, most people just choose the name they think sounds nice these days.

        • Camille Goyens

          Thanks a lot for your answer! I will go with 지영 then 🙂

    • christolhy

      Hey! My name is Christol (pronounced crystal) Henry and I’ve known for a while that my name written in hangul is 크리스탈 헨리 but it has been driving me crazy trying to shorten it to fit within the 3 syllable norm. If i shortened my last name to 헨 would that still make sense? Plus I would rather not change my name entirely so do you have any suggestions to shortening my first name??

      • 90 Day Korean

        HI 크리스탈! It’s probably better to just take a Korean name instead of shortening your western name. Koreans don’t expect foreigners to have 3 syllable names, but if you want a Korean name 수정 is the Korean version of Crystal. ^^

    • Ari Gonzalez

      Hi! My name is Arielle Gonzalez and I’ve read around that Arielle can be written 애리엘, but regarding my lastname: I don’t really know if there’s a way to change it into korean; and even if I do find a way, wouldn’t it be too long then?
      Maybe I should just choose a new korean full name?
      Thank you in advance!

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi 애리엘! It’s ok to translate your full name into Korean. Choosing a Korean name is more of a personal choice, you can do it if you want but you’re not expected to. If you want to translate your family name into Korean just provide us with its phonetic pronunciation and write out how you think it would be spelt in Hangul and we’ll help you. ^^

    • River Zedekiah

      My name is Jessica (JES-i-kə) so I have used this to explain my name to my Korean friends and they usually get it right. (제시카) but I also go by my nickname of “Jess” (JES) which I use (제스). I was told by a Korean friend that I needed a real Korean name not just my English name in Hanguel. My biggest question is about the surname. I don’t understand just picking a surname that doesn’t at least have the same meaning as my English surname. What’s your advice?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi 제스! Yes your name is spelt correctly in Korean. Choosing a Korean name is more of a personal choice but isn’t really necessary, it can just be a fun thing to do. ^^
        The most common Korean surnames are 김, 이, and 박.

    • Annika

      Could you write my name in Korean?- Annika Brandt

    • Zoe

      My name is Zoe. It can be pronounced differently but I pronounce ‘e’ as ‘e’ in bed and ‘z’ as ‘ts’. Is 조애 right? It sounds kinda weird

    • Charlotte

      My name is Charlotte (char-lot-te). The name can be pronounced differently depending on in which country you are staying. I’m not sure if 샬롯 or 샤를로테 would be better.

      • 90 Day Korean

        You can use use 샬롯 or 샤를로테, but 샬롯 is better ^^

    • Gillien Delmonte

      How about my name? My lastname is delmonte and my firstname is gillien hazel how can i pronounced my name in korean and write it in hangul? Thankyou

    • Merry Chris Lugo

      can you please write my name in korean? Merry Chris Lugo (mer-ry ch-ris lu-go) THANKSSS!!

    • Kai

      So my name is Kai, and I was thinking about what my Korean name would be. I was thinking either Jeong Kai Yeong or Jeong Ki Yeong. I know in Hangul, Kai is spelled 카이 (Ka-ee). And if it was Ki it would be pronounced like Kee/Key
      Which one would be better sounding (like naturally), and what would the Hangul be?

      • Aztecable HD

        Personally if i was i would go with Jeong Ki Yeong because of the simple fact that its easier to say. Instead of picking a name that kinda gets stuck in your mouth for a little bit you could choose a name that would just roll off your tongue. I dont really know if that was any help but your welcome anyways.

      • 90 Day Korean

        It’s best to use 정기영 ^^

    • Nova

      My name is Nova. My Chinese name is 女娲. For my Chinese name, I think it’s
      여와? (is that right?) But for “Nova”, I only got 신성 (for my name’s meaning). How would I write and pronounce the English name, “Nova” in Korean phonetically? If I were to converse with a native Korean, what name would make more sense to use? Thanks!

      • 김지현

        No, 여와 is not right for 女娲. Do not trust google translate hahah. Pronunciation in Korean is 누와. “Nova” in phonetics is “노바”. I really suggest that you use “신성”, I think that is a nice name and sounds normal in Korean. 노바 is alright too but I don’t think you should use 누와 as your Korean name, it just doesn’t fit. Hope I helped^^

    • Elissa N Troy Powers

      펴-엿 일-있 (last name powers first elissa ) so hard but fun .. I know its probably not right but curious .. thanks 🙂

      • Jecca :)

        I’m not sure too, but it could be 파워스 (Powers) – 에리싸 (Elissa)

    • Road Blaster

      What about Yu Xing He , My name is in chinese and how to pronounce it?

      • Malabanan Joanna Marie

        I think it’s 유 씽 헤?

        • Malabanan Joanna Marie

          Yu is written like this 유 and I think Xing will be like this 씽 (Ssing in romanized since there is X in korean alphabet; I just based it with Lay’s name from EXO) and He will be like this 헤

      • 90 Day Korean

        It depends on your pronunciation.

        Possibly it can be: 유씽희

        If you write it the way it is pronounced in Chinese it will be different. ^^

    • Malabanan Joanna Marie

      How can I write my friend’s name ‘Maxine’?

    • Malabanan Joanna Marie

      How can I write ‘Pascua’?

    • Malabanan Joanna Marie

      My name is Joanna Marie Malabanan (마리바난 조안나 마리) and I came up with Ahn Na Ri (안 나리) from joAnNa maRie. What do you think?

      • 90 Day Korean

        You were really close with your name! (Depending on your pronunciation)

        You can write:
        말라바난 조안나 마리

        안나리 예뻐요 ^^

    • Sabine Cates

      How would you spell my name, “Shin Ae Chan”?

      • 90 Day Korean

        Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the article for “Writing Your Name in Korean”, and we’ll be happy to help! ^^

      • Malabanan Joanna Marie

        신 애 찬?

    • Marissa Jean Ostia

      Hi.. Thank you for being here.
      Can you write my name? “Diosa Incipedo”

      • 90 Day Korean

        Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the article for “Writing Your Name in Korean”, and we’ll be happy to help! ^^

    • Marissa Jean Ostia

      How to write my name “Diosa”?

    • Baeked

      how can i write my name ” Apexa “.

    • Sah

      I’m Sergei Gusakov. Do I write my name as 세르게이 구사겁?

      • 90 Day Korean

        It depends on your pronunciation, but I think it’s best to write: 세르게이 구사코브

        • Sah

          Thank you! Actually I remembered when I worked at Daewoo, they made me a sticky badge with my name. I’ve found it, and it’s written just as you say, 세르게이 구사코브. Kamsamnida!

        • udara perera

          My name is Udara. It is not a commen name. How do I write it in korean?

          • 90 Day Korean

            Hi Udara! Please follow our instructions: 1. Try to sound out and write your name in Korean (한글). If you can’t read Korean, you can learn the Korean alphabet here, 2. please tell us how to pronounce your name! ^^

    • lee jia

      oooh…what about anakha in korean?

    • Eugene

      Hi, may I recommend to be featured in the list of korean name generators as well?

    • Sophia

      can you write my name please?

    • Bts Cor

      Can you write my korean name too @Jenilyn Ornopia Bulan

    • Diamond

      Can someone do my name?

    • Diamond

      Can someone please write my name?

    • Chaimae

      can you write my name please??
      my name is Chaimae by the way …..

    • Jeverlyn

      can iyou write my korean name

    • Kevser

      Can you write my korean name please?

    • Pankaj

      My name is Ruhi Agarwal
      what would be my korean name??

    • Jill

      can u write for me genelyn

    • Viona

      can you write my name please?

    • Virak

      can you write my korean name???

    • Kin

      My name is complicated to write in korean. Could someone help me out, please?

    • JaspEr

      can you translate CHUCKIE DE GUZMAN

    • Pedriña

      Can anyone write my name in Korea? Lamech Pedriña 🙂

    • Gefflarry

      Can you write my name in hangul gefflary mahicon..

    • Emina

      can anyone help me with my korean name?

    • JM

      I decided on “An” for my family name (Andrews) and “Je See” for my given name (Jesse). I would like to know if Je See means anything. What if I just named myself something weird, like “cow poop”? I tried looking it up on Naver but I’m not that good at using it yet. Can you tell me if it means anything or if it is just random sounds?

    • Cheryl

      i have a one syllable name cheryl im no sure how to write this

    • Alex

      How would you write Afifa in Korean?

      • Mary


    • சுதிப்

      my name is sudip biswas can you write my korean name????

      • Mary

        수디프 빗으와스

    • Bérangère

      Bonjour from Paris ! My name is very French and difficult to adapt to any other language! Who wants to try and translate it into Korean??? 😉
      Here it is :
      Family/Last name : Roche (sounds like Rosh) it means “rock”, like in kai bai bo !
      First name : Bérangère (sounds like Bae ran jael)
      Gamshabnida !

      • Mary

        로즈 배란젤레

        • Bérangère

          김은영 Merci beaucoup ! (thanks a lot in French :))

    • Mariano

      Would you plz write my name in Korean my name is Mohammed

      • Mary


    • Alana

      Nice!! Annyong! ^.^

    • Go Myun

      My name is Aishah . can you write my name in korean

      • Mary

        에이샤 – nice sounding like ‘Asia’ huh. ㅋㅋㅋ

    • 송효진

      how about my name John Louiese Mata?

      • Mary

        전 로위스 마타

    • Julie

      This is so cool! I’ve actually been using the name 지 윤, for awhile now, haven’t decided for sure on a family name, been going between Park and Choi. I would like to know, I have tried to pick a meaing in Hanja awhile back, but am not really sure of my meaning, as I did it online. I’m hoping this means something close to wise and pretty or wise and pleasent.

    • Astrid

      i tried to make my own korean name. I used my first name Victoria
      Victoria -> Victory
      They said that victory was a guy name. Can you make a korean name for me?

    • Talia-Marie

      Can you write my korean name? 🙂

      • Mary

        탈리아 마리 엘르페즈

    • LØvêly JØy

      i understand

    • Sophie

      please can i have help writing my korean name?

      • Len

        Sophie- 소피
        Hepworth- 햅월트
        That’s your name, but written in korean. Check out the lists on this page to find a real korean name.

        • Sophie

          Len Thank you!! x

      • Mary

        소피 햅워트-silent “r”. As in like how it pronounce

    • Fazly

      can anyone help me name the korean… plsss PM me tq…..
      * fazly
      * hidayu
      * mikael

      • Anesa


      • Mary

        *마이클- mikael turns “maikul

    • Jenilyn

      안녕 ! 나는 문 제린 입니다 🙂 gave my Korean Name.
      you can try ask your name on them too but you need to wait in a days before they will give you a korean name with meaning.

      My name is ..
      Hangul Written: 제린
      English Written: Ye Lin
      Read as: Je Lin
      Meaning: Je – Bright and Clever
      Lin – crystal clear pure person

      BTW, based on my research on the web..
      In chinese ‘Lin’ is a surname and the meaning is Forest.
      In Korean names with meaning I’ve found out that the meaning of ‘Je’ is Respect.
      And also gave me the hangul of ‘Je Lin’ as ‘에린’ but I change it as 제린.
      What do you think is better hangul?
      Is it 에린 or 제린?

    • Kent

      Do I have a real korean name or I can make-up my own kroean name?

    • Jayvee

      Can you Write my name?

      • Jenilyn

        Jayvee – 제이비
        Mapote – 마포에

      • Len

        It depends on how you prenounce your name.

        Jey-vee: 제이비
        J-ah-y vee: 자이비

        M-ah-poh*-teh: 마포테
        M-ah-poh*-tee: 마포티
        M-eh-poh*-teh: 메포테
        M-eh-poh*-tee: 메포티
        M-ah-poht: 마폿

        *Poh is meant to show a pronounciacion with a short ‘o’, not an english ‘o’. (An english ‘o’ has the ‘ooh’ sound in it.)

    • Hajar

      Can you write my korean name too 🙂

      • Jenilyn

        Hajar – 하이자르
        Lamine – 라미네

    • Dena

      디나 케이시 (Dena Casey)

      • Jenilyn

        데나 카이시

      • Mary

        데나 케이시

    • Mariz

      can you write my korean name???

      • Jenilyn

        Mariz – 마리스
        Tolentino – 터렌티너
        Koreans called your name as Mariseu or Mari_ssi ..

      • Mary

        Jenilyn Ornopia Bulan Mariz Tolentino = 마리즈 톨렌티노

      • Chai

        Mary Kim can you write my name?

        • Jenilyn

          데나 카이시

        • Mary

          데나 케이시

    • Oxana

      I’d recommend for generating Korean names, as well as addresses and other country specific information.

    • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

      Could you, please, write my name in Korean? Jeanrie – pronouced as Janrey

      • eartkj


    • Laissa Nascente Rodrigues

      Could you, please, write my name in Korean? Laíssa Nascente. “Nascente” means headspring, in English, so then can I use 수원? Does it have a good meaning?

    • choije kyu

      can you please write my name in korean? : maricor mondares

      • eartkj

        마리코르 몬다레스

        • choije kyu

          okay thanks

        • choije kyu

          thank you

    • Kevser Ozdil

      can you please write my name in korean? : Kevser Ozdil

    • Micaiah

      Could you write my name in Korean? Micaiah Skudder

      • 90 Day Korean

        Hi Micaiah, I’m not sure how to pronounce your name, so I’ll do my best guess: 머카야 스커드

        • 1246

          I may be wrong, but I think Micaiah is more like “me-kiyah”?
          In which case it would be 미카야 스커더

          • 90 Day Korean

            Hi 미카야! Yes, if your name is pronounced “Me-Ka-Ya” it would be spelt that way. If it is pronounced “Me-Kee-Ya” it would be 미키야. ^^

    • dhez

      Can you write my name? Please. Here’s my name: Odessa Mae

    • dhez

      Hey, Can ypu write my name please?

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