Korean Vocabulary Words for Christmas 2024

Ho ho ho!

We are counting down the days ’till Christmas and we’re feeling festive!

Down below, we’ve got a list of the most common Korean Christmas words, along with some sample sentences so you can see how they’re used.

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In the Christmas spirit, we’re giving away a free lesson today from our Inner Circle online course. This lesson features a set of Korean vocabulary you can use at Christmas time.

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We hope you’re able to commit these to memory to have a very festive holiday!

We’ve also got some Korean Christmas words plus a few sample sentences for you so you can get a feel for how to use them in context.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Korean Christmas Vocabulary Words List

English한국어 (Korean)
Snow눈 (nun)
Present선물 (seonmul)
Christmas크리스마스 (keuriseumaseu)
Chimney굴뚝 (gulttuk)
Fireplace벽난로 (byeongnanno)
North Pole북극 (bukgeuk)
Mistletoe겨우살이 (gyeousari)
Turkey칠면조 고기 (chilmyeonjo gogi)
Holly호랑가시나무 (horanggasinamu)
Stocking크리스마스 양말 (keuriseumaseu yangmal)
Candy Cane사탕 지팡이 (satang jipangi)
Bell종 (jong)
Christmas Tree크리스마스 트리 (keuriseumaseu teuri)
Wreath화환 (hwahwan)
Santa Claus산타클로스 (santakeulloseu)
Carol캐롤 (kaerol)
Elf요정 (yojeong)
Rudolph루돌프 (rudolpeu)
Card카드 (kadeu)
Reindeer순록 (sunnok)

What is Romanization?

Romanization is the spelling of Korean words using English letters. On this page, we give the words in both English and 한글 (hangeul | Korean Alphabet).

However, in our experience and that of our students, it is much better to just skip romanization entirely and learn the Korean alphabet. Romanization has too many methods and often times leaves learners feeling confused – plus it cannot be used to communicate with Koreans since Koreans cannot understand it!

If you find it helps you, write down the romanized version of the word next to the Korean after printing out the lesson.

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Sample Korean Christmas Sentences

Here are some sample sentences to get you speaking Korean this Christmas! Can you make some of your own?

merry christmas and happy new year

루돌프는 세상에서 가장 유명한 순록입니다. Rudolph is the most famous reindeer in the world.

(rudolpeuneun sesangeseo gajang yumyeonghan sunnogimnida)

선물(을) 사줘서 감사합나다. Thank you for buying me a present.

(seonmul(eul) sajwoseo gamsahamnada)

아버지가 칠면조 고기를 얇게 써셨어요. Dad thinly sliced the turkey.

(abeojiga chilmyeonjo gogireul yalge sseosyeosseoyo)

크리스마스 양말은 왜 거는 걸까요? Why do we hang Christmas stockings?

(keuriseumaseu yangmareun wae geoneun geolkkayo)

그 방은 호랑가시나무와 겨우살이로 꾸며져 있었어요. The room was decorated with holly and mistletoe.

(geu bangeun horanggasinamuwa gyeousariro kkumyeojyeo isseosseoyo)

나는 거실에서 크리스마스 트리 장식하고 있어요. I am decorating the Christmas tree in the living room.

(naneun geosireseo keuriseumaseu teuri jangsikago isseoyo)

크리스마스는 산타클로스에게 가장 바쁜 날입니다. Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Santa Clause.

(keuriseumaseuneun santakeulloseuege gajang bappeun narimnida)

Leave your Christmas sentences in the comments section and have a great holiday season! The special Christmas Korean vocabulary download is available by clicking the red button up above.

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