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how to learn the Korean alphabet

How to Learn the Korean Alphabet in 1 Hour

The Korean Alphabet Secret Buckle your seatbelts–you’re about to learn Korean at warp speed! By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’re going to be able to: 1. Read the Korean alphabet (Hangul) 2. Read Korean words 3. Remember the Korean alphabet We can’t stress how important #3 is! Some people learn the alphabet, but…

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Amazing resources for learning Korean

Amazing Resources for Learning Korean

Korean Alphabet Use these sites to help you learn the 24 character Korean Alphabet (Hangul) for proper pronunciation. You should be able to learn Hangul in about one hour. 90 Day Korean: Download the 90 Minute Challenge guide for free and learn the Korean alphabet in about 60 minutes. Pictures, stories, and associations make it easy to…

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Learn Korean: How to Choose the Best Course

Learn Korean: How To Choose the Best Course

WARNING: Know all your options before getting started learning Korean! Introduction Wanting to learn Korean, but not sure where to start? It’s definitely understandable! After all, it’s an entirely new language with a unique alphabet (Hangul). There are a a number of ways to started with learning Korean. However, all methods are not created equal! Not…

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learn korean warning

7 Warning Signs You Need to Learn Korean

There are many reasons you may procrastinate starting a big new project, and learning a new language is no different. When you think too much about learning a foreign language – especially an Asian language like Korean – the task can become a real mental monster. There may also be other reasons to avoid learning…

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Learn the Korean Alphabet to Avoid Headaches

Some Korean learners think it’s unnecessary to learn the Korean alphabet (Hangul). It is a whole new alphabet, so it may seem like too big of a burden to learn. This may be especially true if you are only passing through or living in Korea for a short amount of time. However, with many people learning to…

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