Korean alphabet song – Memorizing Hangeul with tunes

Did you know that there’s also a Korean alphabet song?

Since we’ve all been kids once upon a time, we’ve probably all had the experience of singing our language’s ABC song many times enough that we’ve willingly blocked it out of our minds. The Korean language is no different and has its alphabet song as well.

three children singing with musical notes and letters above them

There is more than just one Korean alphabet song! In this article, we will go over what a Korean alphabet song is and introduce you to a few different songs so that you can choose for yourself your favorite Korean alphabet song!

What is the Korean alphabet song?

As the name gives away, the Korean alphabet song is a song where you sing through the alphabet letters. In this case, the Korean alphabet or Hangeul.

Singing these alphabet songs, many of which were similar to a Korean alphabet song, helped us tremendously as children when we were still trying to learn the alphabet. And now it can do the same for us in learning the Korean alphabet, too!

After all, before you have mastered each letter in the Korean alphabet system, it is not possible for you to read any song lyrics or other text in Korean. Even for speaking Korean, you’ll need to have covered some of the language’s basics, including the alphabet!

Why is it helpful to learn the alphabet song in Korean?

Just as listening to a Korean song is helpful in learning vocabulary, using a Korean alphabet song may be helpful in learning the Korean alphabet faster. It can also be a fun additional way to do so!

If you’re going over and over the alphabet, getting bored and frustrated, and still not remembering all of them, why not try an alphabet song instead? Even if you think you have memorized them all, you can go through a Korean alphabet song to make sure that they’re properly stuck in your mind now.

Additionally, with the Korean alphabet song, you can learn to memorize the specific order of each alphabet. This will come in handy in cases like using a dictionary.

There are multiple different Korean alphabet songs you can use to learn. Below we’ve introduced you to a few of the most popular ones.

Korean alphabet song

This is the basic version of the Korean alphabet song. Perhaps you have sung an alphabet song with a similar tune while a kid. Indeed, it is the tune of “Twinkle twinkle, little star,” an incredibly popular nursery rhyme. It simply goes like this:

아 야 어 여 오 요 우 유 으 이 (a ya eo yeo o yo u yu eu i)

Pinkfong ABC word game

This alphabet song, called 핑크퐁 가나다 말놀이 (Pingkeupong GaNaDa Malnori) in Korean, only goes through the Korean consonants. However, it does so in an insanely memorable way. It’s represented as a song to sing along to.

It’s super catchy, and each consonant is repeated many times enough that you wouldn’t be able to forget them even if you wanted to! Here’s a quick snippet of the format of the song:

가재가 가가가 (gajaega gagaga)

춤을 춰요 가가가 (chumeul chwoyo gagaga)

우가가 가가가 (ugaga gagaga)

Crawfish gagaga

Dances gagaga

Woo gagaga

A singing kid holding a comb

Learning Korean: B1A4 – ABC Song

If you are a fan of K-pop, you are in for a treat with this Korean alphabet song, as it’s sung by a K-pop group! This one is presented even more as a poppy song than simply one for learning the alphabet.

It’s got cute choreography and color-coded lyrics presented in Korean alphabet letters and its romanization, and at the bottom, you even have the English translation! Besides being good for memorizing consonants and vowels, you can use this Korean alphabet song to learn vocabulary and grammar structure, too.

Here’s a short snippet of what you can expect of the Ksong:

가 나 다 라 마 아 에 이 오 우 (ga na da ra ma a e i o u)

자음과 모음이 만나서 글자를 만들어요 (jaeumgwa moeumi mannaseo geuljareul mandeureoyo)


The consonants and vowels meet to make letters

Hangeul ga na da ra Song

Besides simply introducing you to the different Korean letters, the alphabet song 한글 가나다라노래 (Hangeul ganadaranorae) can offer you even more fun and learning possibilities.

It’s not the best possible song for those who are complete beginners to the Korean language, as it’s presented entirely in Korean.

However, even if you are pretty new to Korean, in that you already know your alphabet, you can reinforce memorizing them with this song. Not to mention, it’s a stellar way to pick up some new Korean vocabulary!

Here are the lyrics of the song:

신기한 스물네자의 비밀 (singihan seumullejaui bimil)

누구나 지금 배울수 있지 (nuguna jigeum baeulsu itji)

자음과 모음으로 (jaeumgwa moeumeuro)

나눠서 배워 (nanwoseo baewo)

자자자자자자자자 (jajajajajajajaja)

자음 열 네자 (jaeum yeol neja)

가. 가. 가는 (ga. ga. ganeun)

가방이라 하지 (gabangira haji)

나. 나. 나는 (na. na. naneun)

나비라 하지 (nabira haji)

Anyone can right now learn

The secret of these cool twenty-four letters

Learn by dividing into

Consonants and vowels

Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja

Consonants fourteen letters

Ga, ga, ga is

Is called a bag

Na, na, na is

Is called a butterfly

Korean Alphabet Song (with EasyKoreanPH)

This is the same alphabet song as the first one linked in this article. However, this video is directed in particular at foreigners learning Korean. It encourages you to also sing along, so it may work great as a quick practice to memorize each alphabet and how to pronounce them.

The Global Language Network’s Korean alphabet song

Do you think a little bit of movement helps you with learning new things, such as the Korean language learning? Or are you simply perhaps eager to get some moving done after hours in front of the computer learning Korean? Then this Korean alphabet song from the Global Language Network is the perfect solution for you!

This isn’t as much a song as the previous options on this list, but instead, it does get you to move and make the shape of each letter in the alphabet. Even if you don’t memorize them all in one go, this practice could be so much fun that you’ll gladly keep doing it repeatedly until you do!

What should I do after I learn the Korean Alphabet song?

After you have listened to these songs repeatedly, you most likely have memorized the Korean alphabet already. With that hurdle surpassed, it’ll be easier for you to practice reading and writing Korean letters and, eventually, words.

Our blog consists of different articles that you can choose from if you’d like to practice reading different words. In this way, you can also expand your Korean vocabulary. Here are some of them:

Wrap Up

It looks like it’s time to channel your inner child and sing along to a Korean alphabet song! Not only is it fun, but it doubles great in enhancing your Korean learning by memorizing the Korean alphabet and beyond. Let us know in the comments which Korean alphabet song is your favorite!

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