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Sarcasm in Korean

Today we'll teach you how to say "sarcasm" in Korean. We'll give you the correct vocabulary, as well as some example sentences. We'll also introduce you to how Koreans use the
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Animals in Korean

Do you know how to talk about animals in Korean? It's fun to talk about your favorite wildlife when you learn Korean. So let's boost our Korean vocabulary and learn the
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How To Say “Hope” In Korean

It’s time to buckle down again and learn another word in Korean. In today’s lesson, we'll go over the options for how to say "hope" in Korean. We sure hope
Happy ghost

How To Say ‘Ghost’ In Korean

Boo! Want to hear something spooky? Well then, if you join us for today’s lesson of how to say ‘ghost’ in Korean, you just might! Better keep your lights on
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How To Say “Dream” In Korean

Do you like to dream about the future? Or maybe talk about your dreams at night to friends? What about telling the difference between the two? Well, today your dreams will
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How To Say ‘Monster’ In Korean

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Let’s face our fears and learn how to say ‘monster’ in Korean today!  ‘Monster’ in Korean The word for how to say