Fun Movie Theaters in Seoul

In this article, we have listed the fun movie theaters in Seoul that you can visit if you’re in Korea.

People all over the world love to visit the movie theater every so often to see the newest blockbuster or the drama their favorite actor is starring in. Who doesn’t love the thrill that comes from watching a movie on a screen much bigger than the TV at home and with loud sound effects?

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The people in South Korea are no different. In fact, Koreans love going to movies for dates, family outings, and fun with friends, so much so that they’ve taken the experience of watching a movie on the big screen to a whole other level.

South Korea Movie Theaters

Here is a list of the most fun movie theaters in Seoul that you could possibly find. Of course, with how special and luxurious they are, the price tags on the tickets are also much higher. However, don’t let that stop you; the experience is definitely worth every penny.

#1. 4-D Theaters

A few select cinemas of the chain called CGV have 4-D movie theaters in which watching the latest blockbuster becomes an even more entertaining experience than you could have ever imagined. Just like for a 3-D movie, you’ll be given glasses for the best viewing of the movie.

However, the difference between 3-D and 4-D is that in 4-D, the movie watcher becomes even more engaged in the movie as the seats will move and shake, with wind, water, and other effects teasing the watchers during the most exciting parts of the movie. This might not be the most preferred way for everyone to watch a movie, but it’s something everyone should try at least once!

#2. Starium

What makes this seemingly normal-looking movie theater located in CGV Yeongdeungpo so spectacular that it should be on this list? Because the screen in Starium is the biggest movie screen in the world!


There’s a chance you’ll walk out of the movie completely dazed from staring at a screen that huge for two hours, but I bet you’d still have a happy and content feeling running around your tummy.

#3. Sweetbox

So you are out on a date with someone you cherish, and you might want to cuddle up during the movie without disrupting others? Then Sweetbox is the way to go!


The last row of some movie theaters offers these two-seaters where you can comfortably snuggle up to your partner during the scariest or saddest scenes of the movie without cupholders or angry glances from other movie-viewers there to bother you. The price of the tickets isn’t much higher than for regular seats, either.

#4. Gold Class

Looking for an option even more exclusive than Sweetbox? For a heftier sum of money, you can find yourself in a Gold Class theater where all the seats are like couches or beds for two people. They are ridiculously comfortable, too!

And hold on, the fun doesn’t stop there! You can also order beer, coffee, or wine to go with your movie-watching experience, which is perfect for celebrating a special event with your best friend or loved one.

#5. Beats by Dr. Dre Theater

The good news to those who are single is that while a lot of these fun movie theaters in Seoul seem to cater mainly to couples, there are fun options for those without a partner as well! One such option is this movie theater, Beats by Dr. Dre, located in CGV Cheongdam Cine City.

beats by dr dre

You just buy a ticket for a showing in this theater, walk in and sit into your seat, put on the highly admired set of headphones, and enjoy the movie without having to hear that loud pair of people talking behind you the entire movie or that person next to you loudly munching on their popcorn. It will be almost like you’re the only one in the movies!

#6. Cine de Chef

Leveling up even further from the Gold Class movie theater is Cine de Chef. They actually have two seating sections – one with comfortable sofas for two people to share and one with luxurious chairs for those who might prefer that, regardless of if they are enjoying the movie alone or not.

That’s so great! But that’s not the only way Cine de Chef is trying to one-up Gold Class. At Cine de Chef you actually get to indulge in some magnificent Western-style dishes! Sure, sometimes it’s fun to grab a box of popcorn with a soda and a chili cheese hot dog on the side, but sometimes you want to go all fancy, and there’s no better way for that than by visiting Cine de Chef.

#7 Tempur Cinema

Now, there are actually two ways to get the Cine de Chef experience. One was already mentioned above, and the other one we will present now.


At Tempur Cinema, you also have the chance to get your tummy full of yummy with the extravagant dishes offered by Cine de Chef. But what makes Tempur Cinema in itself unique is that it’s the first reclining bed cinema in the world.

That’s right, you don’t actually even have to sit up straight while watching a movie at this theater; you can comfortably lie down instead!

#8 The Private Cinema

This is the most exclusive and perhaps the fanciest option for a fun movie outing on the list. A whole movie theater, just for the use of you and whoever you decide to invite to join you!

Not only do you get a completely private experience for watching a movie on the big screen, but you’ll also get to have your own private lounge for fun before the movie starts. Not only that, but they also offer a catering service! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a better way to celebrate one’s birthday!

Wrap Up

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Korean movies in these theaters? And what’s even better is being able to watch them without subtitles! If that sounds exciting to you, learning Hangul could be your first step. Find out more about learning Korean here!

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  1. Looking forward to Starium. I’ll heading to Korean early next month with my family for the 100th National Korean Sports Festival.

  2. I learned some interesting facts. I learned that the Starium movie theater has the largest movie screen in the world and that the Tempur Cinema is the first reclining bed cinema in the world. When I was watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, I heard that South Korea was a country of innovation. South Korea used drones (i.e. put on a drone performance) during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics for the first time. South Korea seems to be a country of many “firsts” when it comes to technology and entertainment.

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