The Basics of Korean Women’s Fashion

Brown haired woman with a pink shirt holding a coffee

Wondering what type of clothes should you put together into an outfit to add a sprinkle of Korean women’s fashion to your style?

And where do you shop at for these clothes? 

You came to the right place! We’ll tell you about the basics of Korean women’s fashion.

Brown haired woman with a pink shirt holding a coffee

Korean Womens Fashion

Those living outside of Korea might be most familiar with cosmetics when it comes to Korean merchandise. Although Seoul Fashion Week may be a relatively new thing for non-Koreans, don’t be fooled, Korea has had a pretty big fashion scene for a long time. Fashion has steadily been gaining prominence in Korean culture and Korean women’s fashion is thriving here.

These days, more and more Korean fashion brands and shopping malls are offering shipping worldwide. Thus, the worldwide Korean fashion craze has begun. Maybe you too are curious of how to dress if you were a Korean woman. You may be surprised to find out that Korean women’s fashion is quite different from what you see in music videos, though you’ve likely seen glimpses of styles in various Korean dramas.

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Tops and Dresses

This style is both effortless and versatile. All you need is a top and a dress to put over it! The only “no no” usually is having both items be patterned, as it will easily clash. Many street shops, and online malls as well, sell readily made sets that come with both the top and the dress. But you’re entirely free to mix and match however you please! Maybe today you feel like having a basic white long sleeved tee under a basic black tank dress? Maybe tomorrow you want to wear a ruffled flower blouse under your dress?

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Knits Over Dresses

Another popular way to incorporate dresses in a new way is by wearing it under a knit or a sweater. There are multiple ways to achieve this look as well. Either a regular length knit or a sweater, with the dress showing as a skirt. Or, alternatively, a knee length knit with a deep side slit under which the dress will show. One particular trend is also combining the knit look with a transparent dress, sometimes made of lace, with pants under the dress. Now if this isn’t mastering layering, then what is!?

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High-Waisted Bottoms With Tops Tucked In

This is something you will see on the streets of Seoul a lot. With very few exceptions, girls usually tuck their tops and blouses in the waistline of their skirt, shorts, and pants. Also, low waisted bottoms are not popular. Instead, the bottoms will typically reach all the way to the naval button, or even all the way up to the natural waistline.

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Mini 365

Although showing any cleavage is considered a big “no no” in Korea, and off shoulder tops and crop tops are a very recent addition to Korean women’s wardrobe, there’s one type of style that has never gone out of fashion: mini bottoms. Even if it is the coldest day of winter, you’ll still see girls on the streets dressed in mini dresses and mini skirts, not afraid to show off their legs. It’s like they can’t feel the weather at all! And though it may sound odd to a Westerner, showing as much leg as possible is perfectly fine in Korea, especially in Seoul.

Heels, Everywhere

If there has ever been a nation of women that will stick to wearing heels through thick and thin, that would be Korean women. Of course, shoes of all type and color are made, on sale, and used, but chances are that if you ever see a woman conquering a mountain in heels, she would be Korean. Whether they are stilettos, slingbacks, wedges, or chunky boots, Korean women sure love the added height. And why wouldn’t they? Their petiteness makes for perfect company for heels, especially with the right outfit.

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Loose Look

But just because Korean women love their heels and mini skirts, doesn’t mean there aren’t an equal amount of them that prefer a more relaxed, even tomboy-ish look. To every skinny jean loving girl there is one that loves loose pants. For every form hugging dress, there is an outfit consisting of a loose top with a loose bottom. And Korean women know exactly how to make this look work. Even the girly girls are typically very into shirts, blouses and tees that are at least two sizes oversized, combining them beautifully with a tighter bottom.

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Now that we have a few of the key looks down, it’s time to figure out how to actually achieve them. Where is it that Korean women shop at besides the ever loved street shops?


As far as affordable but famous and respected brands go, Stylenanda is at the very top. Though, it is not the cheapest brand around you also won’t have to pay yourself sick to dress in their clothes. Stylenanda offers fashion in all shapes and colors, with their style typically being of the more modern street fashion variety.


This popular brand offers classic and timeless Korean fashion styles in earthy tones. It is a great place to shop for fashionable clothes that are wearable for any occasion. While feminine with a touch of ease and comfort, they’re trendy from season to season.


Ribbontie is the edgier version of Cherrykoko. Though not as quirky as Stylenanda, their clothes are fun, chill, and perfect for your everyday street style look. The brand was formed as a merge of three smaller brands into one.


For those girls who prefer a more cutesy look, Icecream12 is a great choice. Their collection is cute and colorful, and they also have a range of tennis skirts, a clothing item that can be found in every Korean girl’s closet, for sale.

Now that you have the basics of Korean women’s fashion down, share your stylist creations with us in the comments below!

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